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Choosing to SEE By Mary Beth Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman Ellen Vaughn Choosing to SEE Mary Beth Chapman wife of Grammy award winning recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman shows how she wrestles with God both during times of happiness and those of tragedy Readers will hear first hand
  • Title: Choosing to SEE
  • Author: Mary Beth Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman Ellen Vaughn
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  • Page: 402
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  • Choosing to SEE By Mary Beth Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman Ellen Vaughn Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Grammy award winning recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman, shows how she wrestles with God both during times of happiness and those of tragedy Readers will hear first hand about the loss of her daughter, the struggle to heal and the unexpected path God has placed her on.
    Choosing to SEE By Mary Beth Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman Ellen Vaughn
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      402 Mary Beth Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman Ellen Vaughn
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    1. Mary Beth Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman Ellen Vaughn

      Mary Beth Chapman is the wife of Grammy and Dove Award winning recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman Steven and Mary Beth have six children, including three little girls adopted from China.

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    1. Last October, my church had the Chapmans Steven Curtis and his wife and kids for an outreach event I didn t buy tickets because I wasn t sure I would be able to handle the grief of this family not far removed from the death of their 5 year old daughter in a horrific accident in which her brother ran over her with a car I can t stand the sugary sweet God is in control and we were instantly happy that he had taken our daughter to be with him schlock that is so common in Christian books speaking ev [...]

    2. I remember hearing when the daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman was killed in a tragic accident I knew of Steven s music, but wasn t really familiar with him or his family I remember thinking at the time what a difficult thing to go through Steven s wife Mary Beth writes of the experience here in her book, Choosing to SEE She shares their early life their young marriage, Steven s perseverance in moving his career forward, the birth of their three children and the adoption of three daughters from C [...]

    3. This book was recommended by a variety of people, so I thought it was time to read it I feel very hard hearted admitting it didn t live up to my expectations Mary Beth Chapman is working through the grief of losing her daughter who was hit accidentally by her son The book is not well written, although I appreciated the quotes and song lyrics at the beginning of each chapter I identified with two particular quotes In talking about her past, Mary Beth writes, I m not sure whether it was the church [...]

    4. What I loved most about this book was Mary Beth s honesty about her struggles with depression, adoption, the loss of her daughter, and trusting in God and His word Her journey of faith is easy to relate to She admits to being a flawed human being, desperately clinging to Jesus She s not a perfect Christian wife and mother because NO ONE is , yet she is living out the journey God has placed her on I can definitely relate to her as she talks about telling God her plans and then having to admit tha [...]

    5. I marked five stars, but I really needed This is an awesome book about walking your faith even through the dark days Mary Beth did a beautiful job of sharing this family s story in a way that is so powerful you can feel God s presence in all of it I am in awe of the light this family has been able to share even while they carry such a heavy load of grief and loss Remarkable I want to remember from this book, Maria s message to SEE the touching image of Will s brother, Caleb, holding him in thos [...]

    6. This book has been sitting on my book shelf for close to two years I have not dared to open its pages because it is too scary to immerse yourself into a memoir that is based on God allowed my child to be hit by a car and die, that has driven by my son Makes no sense Shakes you to the core But what a good book Mary Beth starts the book, just skimming The Day Then she backs it up, goes into a wonderful narrative about her own childhood, faith, brushes with The church, some crappy, some good Her un [...]

    7. Anyone who kept track of the Christian music industry in 2008 and many who didn t heard about the loss of five year old Maria Chapman to a tragic accident in the driveway of the Chapman family s home This book feels like two shorter books the first half being a general biography of Mary Beth s journey as Christian, wife to a CCM superstar, and mother the second half being her journey of sorrow and anger and hope after her daughter s death My reading diet of primarily fiction may have shaped my [...]

    8. I remember my sister telling me Did you hear Steven Chapman lost his daughter I watched the heart breaking story unfold like so many people, and was impressed with how public, open, and honest the Chapman s were while still honoring God.I enjoyed reading about the Chapman s, their faith, and their journey toward healing I didn t understand the need to share a couple of the awkward stories that she shared in the book, however, I think it also is part of why people can relate to MaryBeth.I recomm [...]

    9. Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman and Ellen Vaughn is a heart rending account of a mother s loss and trusting in God I remember the day I heard about the death of Maria Chapman, the daughter of popular Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman and wife Mary Beth She was tragically killed when her elder brother Will s car hit and killed her in the family driveway I sympathized with their pain because I had a son just Will s age and a daughter Maria s Our son had recently gotten his license, and I [...]

    10. What did I think I THOUGHT it was only an okay written book, skipped and rushed at certain points, but I FELT powerfully touched as a result of reading it I read it straight through in 24 hours, even catching moments in the car Tears came just reading the opening dedication from Mary Beth to her daughter, Maria, and I closed the book with wet tears as well.I am deeply thankful for Mary Beth s honesty She writes of the pain and ache up to the end She doesn t try to wrap her family s loss and woun [...]

    11. Title CHOOSING TO SEE A Journey of Struggle and HopeAuthor Mary Beth Chapman with Ellen VaughnPublisher RevellAugust 2010ISBN 978 0 8007 1991 3Genre Inspirational memoirAll of us in the Christian internet world remember the day that the news broke that Steve Curtis Chapman lost his five year old daughter, Maria, in a tragic accident Some of us flocked over to their blog, reading the terrible story and crying tears of symphathy for this family I remember telling my husband that I thought a book w [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading the story of Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman s life, and my heart grieved along with her in the loss of her precious child I must say though, that her theology in places disturbed me Having lost a child of my own to cancer at age 14 , I thought I might relate to her, but I did not To me, she came across as ungrounded and mystical in places I do appreciate her writing the book though I m sure it took a lot of courage I have always loved the theology of Steven s music but did [...]

    13. It s not often you can say you accidentally read a book, but I d say that s a pretty apt description I picked this up at the house where we were staying on vacation, thinking, oh, maybe I ll get a quick look at what happened Next thing I knew it was 1 a.m I d read the whole darn thing, and my eyes were in a pretty bad state I typically don t care for what I d call Christian Bookstore writing, but the Chapmans story is very compelling, and I thought Mary Beth was incredibly brave to bear her hear [...]

    14. I can t even imagine The pain of not only losing a child, but also comforting the family member who was the inadvertent cause, plus being in the very public eye during this very personal time heart break for this family, even though this tragic event is now very nearly ten years in the past I doubt that pain diminishes much in that amount of time.Mrs Chapman is brutally, gut wrenching honest about her struggles, not only with her family s tragedy, but all her insecurities growing up, her battle [...]

    15. Choosing to SeeBy Mary Beth Chapman with Ellen Vaughnc 2010 ISBN 978 0 8007 1991 3 21.99, Revell Review by Lisa J LickelYou gotta love a woman who admits to peeing on her future husband before they ve even had their first date I don t tend to read much non fiction I picked up this book because I thought it would be another nice Bible study themed guide I could share with a ladies group And I like SCC music I prefer fictional people doing fictional things to escape from the reality of all the den [...]

    16. Mary Beth Chapman with Ellen Vaughn in her new book, Choosing To See published by Revell brings us into the life of her family.What do we expect of those individuals who have the spotlight of the Gospel Do we hold them on a high pedestal where we can show them off and say that is hos God treats His elite Are those whose names we hear practically every day different from the rest of us Steven Curtis Chapman is a multi Grammy award and Dove award winning artist He has played at The White House and [...]

    17. Choosing to SEE was recommended by a trusted friend It s about God is how the author, Mary Beth Chapman, describes the book, in her own words It s about how her family s faith in God is questioned and challenged How they find God s will, in signs they choose to see, like bread crumbs of grace , left during those times when the path is darkest While most would consider the Chapmans a devoted Christian family, their story holds great meaning for non Christians too.Mary Beth s book covers raising h [...]

    18. The subtitle of this book is A Journey of Struggle and Hope , and as I read this honest, raw, genuine story of the heartbreak a family experienced, I went on my own journey emotionally and spiritually Mary Beth Chapman is an unbelievable writer who doesn t try to fit a mold or make herself seem perfect or together I was so encouraged as she shared her faith struggles and the lessons learned as she walked, and continues to walk through desperate grief About halfway through the book, I started cry [...]

    19. I remember hearing about this book almost as soon as it came out and have been eagerly anticipating reading it ever since Having heard of the tragic accidental death of the Chapman s little adopted Chinese daughter when it happened, I knew the Mary Beth s story would be heartfelt and insightful I was not disappointed on either count Mary Beth s style of writing is very real and personable It has you laughing one minute, gasping the next, and then wiping tears from your eyes But in it all, she po [...]

    20. While this book wouldn t get 4 stars for writing quality, I give it 4 stars for the truth and encouragement in it and the bravery it took to write this book Some of the big takeaways for me were either all of Christianity is true or ALL lie after lie Because it is all true, we have so much hope ahead of us salvation through Christ is such a gift not just personally but because of the comfort of knowing Christian loved ones who ve passed away are safe and pain free in heaven Mary Beth talked abou [...]

    21. Love, love, LOVED this book I am a big fan of Steven Curtis Chapman s Christian music and remember hearing about the tragedy of his daughter being killed when his son accidentally hit her with the car This book is by his wife, Mary Beth Just from the dedication to her husband, I knew I was going to love Mary Beth s sense of humor The first half of the book talks about her early life, her struggles with depression, and her faith journey The second half of the book deals with the sudden death of l [...]

    22. I truly enjoyed reading this book I love how honestly it was told MaryBeth talks about all the emotions she went through including being angry with God Yes, she s married to a Gospel singer and they are a religious family, but she was not afraid to say she was mad at God for taking her child It seemed like this book was her way of dealing with the grief In the end she holds onto her belief in God, and there is no fault in that Every single person deals with grief and their religion in different [...]

    23. I had to stop reading this book for a little while, as it had my emotions all tangled almost from the beginning As my husband and I are on the adoption journey, the descriptions of how the three Chinese princesses came in to the Chapman s lives had me very emotional This is where I had to put the book down for a bit I knew that the book was not only about adoption, but about the Chapman s youngest dying in a car accident I had to gather myself before I moved on in the book.I much admire Mary Bet [...]

    24. I ve followed the singing career of Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman since I was a little girl My heart was broken for his family when his daughter was killed in an accident a few years backhis wife wrote this book about the heartbreak and wrenching grief that she and the family has undergone, and how faithfully the Lord has kept them through it all And it is amazing to see what ministry opportunities their family now has through their personal tragedy I read this book with tears literally [...]

    25. I have been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman for a very long time I remember when I heard the news that their 5 year old daughter had died after being hit with a car I have had this book on my list for a while but it took a while to start reading it I knew it would be hard My worst fear is losing one of my children so I knew it would be very hard to read about it happening to the Chapman family.I was glad she included much of her life story I didn t know she was going to talk about it but it was g [...]

    26. Part autobiography, part grief memoir, the Chapmans story is deeply moving Mary Beth s story is raw and relatable I imagine this book would be a difficult but good read for those dealing with loss I read it quickly and felt the end both too early and too late The blog entries used as later chapters bring the reader into the experience, but they don t add much to the book itself While I m imagine the writing process was helpful, I think readers might have benefited if it had been published a few [...]

    27. The CD Stephen Curtis chapman made from this tragic accident was a lifeline for me during a very difficult time to learn the whole story behind the music was even inspiring Mary beth s willingness to share all of her emotions gives such hope to those going through painful losses and sufferings in their lives This is a book of hope and encouragement that calls on believers to trust and have faith in the sovereignty of God.

    28. Mary Beth wrote this book following the tragic loss of her precious daughter Maria It documents hers and Steven s life in their youth and early marriage, her battle with depression, their journey to adoption, and then their family s grief after losing Maria I appreciate Mary Beth s transparency, and reading this encouraged me to continue praying for this family as they continue to cope with their loss.

    29. This was a very emotional read for me My greatest fear in this life is this family s reality Having two young children of my own made this all the difficult to get through, but I was glad I read it It was so honest and heartbreaking I hope Mary Beth was able to find comfort and some healing in knowing their story will touch everyone who reads it.

    30. This is a true story of Mary Beth s life She takes you through all her thoughts and feelings through major obstacles in her and her family s life The major part of this story is her youngest adopted daughter, Maria s death Mary Beth takes you through every step that happened before, during and afterwards You will cry, and laugh and want to learn about this family Good and easy to read.

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