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Dragon Streets By JeffPearce Dragon Streets After Dale Burnett s abusive common law wife and innocent son are killed in a car accident he finds the courage at last to express his bisexuality And London is a city of hope and potential for a you
  • Title: Dragon Streets
  • Author: JeffPearce
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  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dragon Streets By JeffPearce After Dale Burnett s abusive common law wife and innocent son are killed in a car accident, he finds the courage at last to express his bisexuality And London is a city of hope and potential for a young American But when a blind date goes horribly wrong, Dale is rescued by Phirun, a British Cambodian who has the astonishing ability to manipulate water Dragons walk the sAfter Dale Burnett s abusive common law wife and innocent son are killed in a car accident, he finds the courage at last to express his bisexuality And London is a city of hope and potential for a young American But when a blind date goes horribly wrong, Dale is rescued by Phirun, a British Cambodian who has the astonishing ability to manipulate water Dragons walk the streets, and they ve taken human form to live in the world of Man As two kinds of dragon wage a secret and vicious war, Phirun needs Dale s help for his side to win, and the stakes include the very survival of the human race But one dragon crime boss won t stop until he gets his hands on the American, who has a mysterious yet vital role to play As Dale investigates, he grows closer to Phirun, but also to a compassionate female detective of the London police If the battle is won, Dale must choose between a beautiful female cop who offers stability, affection, and a chance at a new family, or a gorgeous, unpredictable being who is than man, who has given him ecstasy he has never known before.
    Dragon Streets By JeffPearce
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    1. THIS BOOK IS AWESOME It breaks all the rules All the tired cliches of m m that are enforced by a vocal minority of whiners who value porn over good storytelling Save this book and read it when you re feeling burned out on the slop that gets passed off as romance, because this book was amazing Is this a perfect book No, there are a couple of major minor issues the prologue probably should have been cut It seemed to me to be slapped on to reassure the whiners that yes this is a m m book, yes you w [...]

    2. It was a neat idea, but the writing was a little too heavy handed and dramatic It sort of read like a Sci Fy Channel movie, which caused it to be visual and choppy, not allowing, in my opinion, much depth to characters or plot I didn t feel all that invested in the characters, and their relationship was one of those, Oh hey, we re in love now I m a slow build up kinda gal, so having them suddenly in love, especially with all the hang ups the main character had, didn t jive for me But if you re [...]

    3. Dragon Streets is a well written fascinating novel It works incredibly well as a mystery and urban fiction setting and less so as a romance I found this story surprising coming out of DSP since the romance and sex involved feels suited to a mainstream novel and would be in line with something out of say Lethe Press or even Tor Books The urban fiction setting of London is gritty, vivid, and well crafted The characters are interesting and storyline of dragon vs dragon war feels fresh and differen [...]

    4. A story that had potential but didn t in the end quite fit it all together neatly.Dale, an American living in London, is just coming to terms with his sexual identity after the death of his wife and young son With a background that only adds to his uncertainty about himself, he finally gathers the courage to make a date with a guy from a social dating site Meeting at a night club, Dale s life suddenly goes upside down, forcing him to not only deal with his sexual identity, but with a whole new s [...]

    5. 4.5 starsThis story surprised me, its an unusual, fascinating and gritty story of rival dragons at war in London Edgy and exciting an excellent paranormal story The only negative Dale s bisexual so there s a small m f scene its not graphic but totally unnecessary in my opinion Recommended

    6. Interesting, and while there were flaws the unique plot, and sensitive handling of the issues of male victims of domestic violence compensated for those A truly unique look at Dragons.

    7. This book was exceptional in many ways A really gripping read, and an enticing approach at dragon myths set in modern, but somewhat steampunky London.The suspense storyline reminded me of a computer game sometimes, with the protagonist walking surreal worlds, making unlikely allies and forced to find tools and weapons along the way in order to defeat gruesome enemies With the fast pace and the action show shenanigans the heroes did, this was very entertaining The fantasy, although admirably imag [...]

    8. While Buddha on the Road was thematically much, much to my personal taste, Dragon Streets is a coherent book There was no terrible head hopping that pulled me constantly out of Buddha and made it a lesser book that it should have been.The strong sense of place and interesting twist to dragon world were wonderful, but it is character of Dale that really shines and makes this book exceptional Dale is an abused spouse dealing with the death of his son, his sexuality, gender identity, boring job a [...]

    9. 3.75Before I get to the review of the book itself, I have to say that maybe the biggest problem for this book was that I ve read it after reading one of the best fantasy sci fi series ever And although I try not to, I can t help comparing in my mind, and almost EVERY book would fall short in that comparison, I can tell you.This was an entertaining, enjoyable and well written book, that worked way better as an urban fantasy mystery than as a romance Still, I m having mixed feelings about this sto [...]

    10. I have this love hate relationship with Dale I would want to hug him only to turn the page and want to cuff him I love hate that at times he could be completely clueless or completely brilliant I love hate that he goes from denial to obsessed in day I love hate that he struggles with not just his sexual identity I love hated that he is flawed and made poor and good decisions I loved that he wasn t as vulnerable as he thought he was and he making the conscious decision to not be a victim.Okay, ye [...]

    11. I would give the story a solid 5 stars It was unique with dragons and action Dale was a very complex and interesting MC and I thought his about was really neat I found it very easy to follow along with the race wars between the dragons and the sex scenes were really hot

    12. 2.5I ve recently read the wonderful Buddha on the Road, which I absolutely recommend, although it is difficult to find it Now I reread this book, six years after the first time, and I rounded up my rating the writing is good, the story imaginative, I liked the presence of bisexuality and the fact that Dale is still questioning his sexuality, the sensitive take on a male victim of abuse, the setting in London Negative points lots of tell don t show bits, which show pun intended that the author di [...]

    13. Dragon Streets really did exceed all my expectations The book blurb caught my attention right away I m not much of a fantasy reader, so what drew me in was the contemporary, real world setting of the novel This was one of the rare books that had me shutting out everything else until I reached the end.I must admit the prologue threw me off It was very much like those movies and tv shows that start in the middle or the end of the chaos and then flash 36 hours ago across a black screen Sometimes i [...]

    14. Great book all around, with a little of everythingWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 9 10PROS I like Pearce s writing style It s almost stream of consciousness at times, with fragments and random musings thrown in that give it a conversational tone but still manage to keep it from being too confusing to follow The plot is different, complex, and intriguing, and the author provides enough enticing little nuggets of information early on that I was absolutel [...]

    15. Ok, this book did not do it for me I felt like it tried to take on a lot in one story by combining what is a very interesting all be it stressful situation for anyone, and then throwing a whole paranormal type of story on top of it To me while I was reading it I felt like I was reading a movie script, or accurately, one of those books written based on a movie The story also reads like it was very personal to the author At times so much so that it pulled me out of the story.Dale is an American l [...]

    16. First off, I think the idea is original and the book is well written and I enjoyed the beginning a lot, but overall it just didn t work for me Maybe it was the way too much seemed to be crammed into one book, or the way they seemed to instantly fall for each other, or the way the characters had long sections of exposition that no one could get out in a real conversation.And I know I m being fussy but little things bugged me I would be getting into the story and then something like this would cro [...]

    17. This book is honestly awful The opening of the book wasn t too bad, but from there it just got worse I found myself flipping through the pages until I finally said I just can t and put the book down I rarely do that, and it frustrates me because I do want to know what happened I felt like I was reading a book meant for a 7th grader though.The biggest problem with this book for me is probably from pure opinion but the scenes just seemed to disintegrate after the first chapter Everything honestly [...]

    18. 3.75 StarsI was originally drawn to this book by its amazing cover.The book is well written and the premise of a Dragon war was a unique plot The characters were interesting, especially Dale who was trying to deal with the aftermath of an abusive relationship, the death of his child and accepting his bisexuality Unfortunately, Phirun was not as transparent for me And although I don t normally like girly bits in my M M fiction, I really liked the dynamic between Vivian and Dale.

    19. I m sorry to say, I didn t like it at all Not the writing Not the story.However,it s just my personal opinion Still, it was quite difficult, for me, get to the end of this book.

    20. good book, different way to a species mutating in order to adapt The only issue I have is towards the end and how the antogonist loses his power.

    21. Got to 30% and then no further, but can t remember right now why I didn t finish May pick this up again at a later date.

    22. Dragons live among us and some are good and some not so This is a good story with M M romance, battles, and dreams Enjoy.

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