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Eleven Twenty-Three By Jason S. Hornsby Eleven Twenty Three Layne Prescot a former high school teacher returning to America after months of living abroad meets a strange man in a Shanghai airport and ends up carrying a mysterious briefcase with an attached w
  • Title: Eleven Twenty-Three
  • Author: Jason S. Hornsby
  • ISBN: 9781934861349
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleven Twenty-Three By Jason S. Hornsby Layne Prescot, a former high school teacher returning to America after months of living abroad, meets a strange man in a Shanghai airport and ends up carrying a mysterious briefcase with an attached wrist shackle home with him Back in the small town of Lilly s End, Layne must cope with than just the effects of his past indiscretions and his recently deceased father sLayne Prescot, a former high school teacher returning to America after months of living abroad, meets a strange man in a Shanghai airport and ends up carrying a mysterious briefcase with an attached wrist shackle home with him Back in the small town of Lilly s End, Layne must cope with than just the effects of his past indiscretions and his recently deceased father s funeral Each day at precisely 11 23, the small town of Lilly s End sinks into violent chaos, and people are dying Cut off from the rest of the world by a strict military quarantine and with the population in rapid decline, Layne and his friends wait with dread as the clock ticks downward.
    Eleven Twenty-Three By Jason S. Hornsby
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    About "Jason S. Hornsby"

    1. Jason S. Hornsby

      Jason S Hornsby is the author of the horror novels Every Sigh, The End and Eleven Twenty Three, as well as several short stories and articles for time travel and zombie anthologies His work has been highly lauded for its originality, dark humor, themes of paranoia, and extreme horror.His latest novel, Desert Bleeds Red, has already proven a huge critical success, and is widely considered his best work yet Several early readers have commented on certain passages of the novel actually causing physical discomfort, hallucinatory sensations, and an overwhelming sense of despair Audiences who are new to Hornsby s work are advised to approach Desert Bleeds Red with caution.Originally from Lakeland, Florida, Hornsby is an honors graduate of University of South Florida, with degrees in Literature and American Studies His first major release, Every Sigh, The End was written in his first year following graduation.The author moved from his hometown to Beijing in 2008, where he remained for nearly four years After the release of Eleven Twenty Three in 2010, Hornsby began traveling to some of the most remote areas of China in preparation for Desert Bleeds Red He was present when the 2009 Urumqi riots began, as well as political insurrections in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia He was witness and even party to stabbings, brawls, and routine sidewalk bloodshed, and spent a month recuperating from surgery in a Beijing hospital He was a regular in the expat nightlife scene, frequenting dive bars and concert halls and hidden hutong hangouts Fortunately, Hornsby was able to somehow balance work and play, teaching several creative writing courses to hopeful young authors, as well as tutoring several adult pupils in his off time from regular lessons.He has traveled and dodged trouble in over fourteen provinces in China thus far, as well as backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.When not teaching English literature or traversing the globe, he also contributes to several travel and expat lifestyle magazines in Southeast Asia and China Since 2012, Hornsby and his family have lived in rural Malaysia, getting lost in jungles while searching for spiritual enlightenment His daughter, Taraniya Tian, was born in July 2013, and he considers her his proudest achievement, by far.He has no current plans for a permanent return to America.

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    1. There are so many things that are right with this book, it s almost strange to give it less than rave review But here it is And here s why Hornsby is a talented writer, there is no denying that, strong and competent narrative with realistic dialogues and a clever, but inordinately overused knack for referring to the dead as past tense And apocalyptic scenarios are ever so much fun Yet somehow reading this book felt like work, it might have been the longest 318 page book I ve read in ages and I r [...]

    2. This book should have been a quick, enjoyable read, but it ended up feeling like work Hornsby takes an interesting horror concept and fills it with overwritten prose that bogs down the narrative To be fair, I should sprinkle my review with examples such as mendacious hazel eyes and ice that crinkles and collapes into the melted abyss But in reality, I was probably not predisposed to like this horror novel I enjoy a good tale of terror as much as the next reader, but I also appreciate a well writ [...]

    3. Layne Prescott is an Ex Patriot returning home to Lilly s End, Florida from his teaching post in China for the funeral of his father As he and his girlfriend Tara sit waiting in the airport for their plane that will take them across the Pacific, they meet up with a Mr Scott, who has a briefcase attached to his wrist by a handcuff in an airport bar After they land in Florida and meet up with old friends, Layne discovers the same briefcase stuffed inside his luggage From there, things get dangerou [...]

    4. A stranger sneaks a briefcase into Layne Prescott s luggage at an airport in Shanghai Layne s heading back to his small home town of Lilly s End, Florida, to attend his father s funeral he currently resides in China as an English teacher When he gets home, not only does his past begin to haunt him, but a bizarre occurence goes down at his father s funeral service during his message at the gravesite, the pastor starts to freak out and stabs the nearest mourner with a pocket knife Others in attend [...]

    5. An American teaching English in China returns home with his girl friend to attend his fathers funeral His career in on the downward slide to failure and disappointment, his girlfriend is pushing for marrage his mother is a sad alcoholic still grieving over being abandoned by her now deceased husband for a younger woman A small town like any other, where it s sleepy days seem set in the comfort of the unchanging habits of small town life Then at the funeral for his father, the family and friends [...]

    6. The story idea was great The execution of the plot was good The book was dragged down by the heavy writing The scene descriptions, internal monologs and character dialogs are all written so heavy I would not expect people to have art house philosophical discussions immediately after a horrific event Some people will enjoy the writing style with literary, social and musical name drops Some will like the conspiracy horror aspects of the story Others will not like the book Give the first few chapte [...]

    7. Excellent, well written story that follows a young man named Layne Prescott through the most harrowing, traumatic experience of his life After returning home from China, where he teaches English as a second language,for his father s funeral he must survive weeks of a mystery illness that is causing him and his loved ones to temporarily go insane and try to kill each other and themselves Once he and his friends realize that they have been completely cut off from the outside world they realize tha [...]

    8. I wish I could give half stars because I liked a lot about this book but there were some parts that just didn t work Some parts of the ending explanation didn t make sense or weren t explained so that they worked with what happened before not wanting to spoil for anyone else so I won t explain It was an interesting idea and it kept me reading so 2 1 2 stars would be fitting.

    9. Really liked it, but hate the fact that the five sentences of German in the book were not correct It s not so hard to find a German native speaker to help you translate at least those five sentences

    10. En route to his tiny Florida hometown for his father s funeral, English teacher Layne Prescott is approached by a stranger with a briefcase attached to his arm After a brief and cryptic encounter, Layne continues his journey only to find that the briefcase is in his luggage when he arrives home Things get even stranger when for no apparent reason the mourners at his father s funeral go crazy and start viciously attacking each other From that point on, another outbreak occurs every 12 hours at pr [...]

    11. Huh.This is a long book and it is not a quick read And it is very strange Very quirky Kind of interesting I wish I was well versed in Chinese culture and demonology That may have helped The look into the dark and gritty part of China is well written, the characters are bizarre but mostly compelling And the storyline bounces all over the place I d like to sit down and have the author or someone else explain it all to me because I feel like I m really missing something here some ah ha moment whic [...]

    12. I do this thing where I download tons of free e books, then, by the time I get around to reading them, I have no idea what the premise of the story is So after getting a bit into the story, I still had no idea what was going on, but it was intriguing enough to keep me going And once the action started, I really wanted to keep reading to figure out what exactly was going on with this conspiracy The ending left me feeling kind of blase I wasn t really dissatisfied, but I think there were things I [...]

    13. I don t know that there s much that I liked about this book The characters all seemed to be different shades of the same one and not one of them was remotely likeable There were whole sections that seemed to be nothing but filler I kept waiting for something to happen but it never quite did.

    14. This book started out strong, and is highly addictive I would have given this book a 5 star rating except the last 2 or 3 chapters felt less genuine, rushed and tacked on Otherwise this was a great story

    15. Great book I picked this up for free several months ago, and I m really glad I did sure, there are minor things one could gripe about, but getting to read about a bunch of hipsters literally being torn limb from limb makes it all worth it

    16. This is a chaotic and convoluted book with a theme that is paranoid at best It is the be all and end all of conspiracy theory based novels that is not very well written and leaves the reader what will happen next.

    17. Book was good Kept me wanting to read it Gave it 3 stars because the ending was lacking lots Not sure what happened and left me asking TONS of questions Too many holes left in the end.

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