Henry & The Kite Dragon #2020

Henry & The Kite Dragon By Bruce Edward Hall William Low Henry The Kite Dragon Everyone knows that kids from Chinatown don t go to the park when the kids from Little Italy are there They re rough they re big and they don t like Chinese kids That s okay Henry doesn t like them
  • Title: Henry & The Kite Dragon
  • Author: Bruce Edward Hall William Low
  • ISBN: 9780399237270
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Henry & The Kite Dragon By Bruce Edward Hall William Low Everyone knows that kids from Chinatown don t go to the park when the kids from Little Italy are there They re rough, they re big, and they don t like Chinese kids That s okay Henry doesn t like them, either But what Henry does like are kites He loves them Even , he loves to help his friend Grandfather Chin make them, and fly them over Chinatown and the park ButEveryone knows that kids from Chinatown don t go to the park when the kids from Little Italy are there They re rough, they re big, and they don t like Chinese kids That s okay Henry doesn t like them, either But what Henry does like are kites He loves them Even , he loves to help his friend Grandfather Chin make them, and fly them over Chinatown and the park But when Tony Guglione and his friends from Little Italy keep throwing rocks and destroying their beautiful creations, Henry and his friends decide enough is enough In this touching story based on true 1920 s events, two rival groups of children representing two different cultures come face to face, and when they do, they find they share much than just the same sky.
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    1. Very good children s picture book set in 1920 s Chinatown and Little Italy in NYC Two groups of neighborhood children, two perspectives Chinese kite flying and making and the keeping of homing pigeons on city rooftops come into play.Well written with fine illustrations.

    2. This was a good one At first I thought little Tony Gugglione was gonna go Tony Soprano on the Chinese kids for stepping on his turfen I remembered it was a children s book

    3. Henry and the Kite Dragon is based on true events in New York City s Chinatown area during the 1920s The book opens with incredibly detailed illustration of Doyers Street, the smallest, busiest, and most crooked street in Chinatown The story focuses on a rivalry between the children who live in Chinatown and Little Italy, highlighting the lack of understanding of between the two cultures and their traditions The major feud between the two groups was centered around the kites the Chinese children [...]

    4. kite Chinese Italian NewYork YoungReaders PictureBook BookReview ChildrensBooks amreading When Henry flies the kite, it is always ripped out by the Italian kids Henry finally figures out how to fly the kite

    5. I read this book aloud to my Kindergarteners, and they absolutely loved it It sparked great discussions about bullying, assumptions, conflict resolution, and new friendships Some of the vocabulary used in this book was a bit over their level of comprehension, but we talked about unknown words and the important issues in the book were discussed during and after reading.Summary This story is told from the point of view of Henry Chu, an 8 year old boy, who lives in Chinatown He tells about the litt [...]

    6. Plot Henry a Chinese boy living in Chinatown, New York is great friends with an old man in his building called Mr Chin or Grandfather Henry enjoyed helping Mr Chin make all sorts of beautiful kites to fly over Chinatown and Little Italy, but Tony a boy that lives in Little Italy and his friends kept throwing rocks and destroying the kites that they had made This became a problem so Henry and his friends went to the park to confront Tony and his friends, and tell them to stop tearing up their kit [...]

    7. Henry the Kite Dragon is a beautifully illustrated picture book that relates a tale of compromise, diversity, and cultural relativism in 1920 s downtown Manhattan A group of boys from Chinatown enjoy making kites with an older man, Grandfather Chen, that lives in their building Grandfather Chen paints on the faces of beautiful animals on the gigantic kites that the boys make When flying the kites, he can make them appear alive, and even frighten the pigeons that often fly near their building Ton [...]

    8. Henry and the Kite Dragon by Bruce Edward Hall is a story about two differing cultures in Chinatown and Little Italy, and overcoming their differences This story includes a young Chinese boy named Henry that is fascinated with kites Henry makes kites with Grandfather Chin, then flies them off the roof of their apartment building Each time they fly a kite, the Italian kids from Little Italy throw rocks at the kites and after they have fallen, they stomp on them and destroy them After this happens [...]

    9. Henry Chu lives in Chinatown in the 1920s, in New York City He loves to get dumplings, go to the city s smallest post office and play with his friends But his favorite thing to do is help Grandfather Chin create and fly beautiful kites But Tony Guglione and his friends from Little Italy the next neighborhood over keep throwing rocks at the kites and then tearing them to pieces Henry gets angry, so angry, but Grandfather Chin sets about to make an even impressive dragon kite.Finally, Henry storm [...]

    10. This book kind of deceived me the first read through Originally, when I was reading this book, and the main character came in contact with the Italian American group, I thought that this book was going to be simply about racism and discrimination However, I was pleasantly surprised with the ending of this story When we found out that the bullies were merely defending their pigeons, it put a giant twist in the plot I think that this was very interesting It has a good moral to the book, which is t [...]

    11. Henry and the Kite Dragon takes place in New York City in the 1920 s Henry is an 8 year old boy who is telling about his life in Chinatown He describes what Chinatown is like at that time and what he does to have fun His favorite thing to do is join Mr Chin on the roof of his building to make kites They use many materials including rice paste and rice paper to make huge beautiful kites Not only is Mr Chin an expert kite maker, he is also a skilled kite flier He can make the kites swirl and dip a [...]

    12. Grade level 5th Lexile 810 Main character Henry Setting Chinatown, 1920 s POV 3rd Person Genre Contemporary Realistic Fiction Summary This story is about a young boy who lives in Chinatown who enjoys flying kites with his neighbor, Grandpa Chin He spends his time flying oriental kites until one day his neighbors from nearby Little Italy start throwing rocks at their kites after one of them starts chasing a flying pigeon This creates turmoil between the two cultures The young boy from Chinatown i [...]

    13. Henry lives in Chinatown in the 1920s and loves everything about his life, especially Grandfather Chin, the kitemaker He makes the biggest, most beautiful kites and Henry loves to help make and fly them But there is trouble Little Italy is right next to Chinatown, and Tony is always causing trouble, especially for the Chinese After two kites are destroyed by Tony and his friends throwing rocks, Henry decides it s time to get even Grandfather Chin says they must make a really big dragon kite, for [...]

    14. Date August 30, 2014Author Bruce Edward Hall Illustrated by William LowTitle Henry and the Kite Dragon Plot Henry Chu is an eight year old boy who lives in Chinatown who enjoys flying kites with his friend Thelma, as well as making them with Mr Chin, who creates the most exquisite kites shaped like butterflies, caterpillars and dragons Henry, Thelma and Mr Chin enjoy flying these beautiful kites until a group of young boys start destroying the beautiful kites How will Henry manage to protect the [...]

    15. Set in the 1920 s in New York City s Chinatown, Henry Chu enjoys spending afternoons with Grandfather Chin who flies beautiful kites made from scrap material One day, neighborhood boys from Little Italy start throwing rocks at their beautiful kite Grandfather Chin says it s OK, they will just build another, but when the new kite is also destroyed, Henry wants revenge All the kids of Chinatown come together to make a giant dragon kite, but the boys from Little Italy are ready to fight the dragon [...]

    16. I didn t know what to make of this It s a little longer than what Julia and I normally read together right now, with the exception of the few chapter books we read I figured it d be a happy go lucky kind of story and instead it has an intense lesson.I guess what s bugging me is the Chinese Italian thing Why not just leave that part out Even just to say Henry lives in Chinatown and Tony lives in Little Italy That s enough to give an impression but leave it open for other opinions right But to add [...]

    17. Henry and the Kite Dragon is about a boy Henry who lives in Chinatown In the beginning of the story Henry tells about what life is like in Chinatown, New York He explains that his favorite part is flying kites on the top of the roof with Grandfather Chin They make very beautiful and intricate kites Although a boy from Little Italy, a few blocks over continuously throws rocks at the kites which ruins them Once Tony begins throwing rocks at the gigantic dragon kite, Henry and his friends decide to [...]

    18. My view on Social Studies I believe that social studies is the study of humans, their interactions with each other and the world around them As teachers, we must open the eyes of our students to the diverse cultures around us Every individual is unique and can offer something to the world Summary and integration of book This book is about a boy who lives in Chinatown New York He admires and helps make kites with Grandfather A boy from Little Italy threw rocks at the kites and destroyed them The [...]

    19. This book created mixed feelings about it for me There were times I was happy, sad and mad When the children in the book were happy flying their kites and playing I felt happy too, but when they got sad because of their bullies I felt sad too because I do not like bullying and I was bullied a lot myself growing up, particularly in High School When the children got mad, I too got mad by the way their emotions were being expressed in the book upon what was causing them to be mad and when the child [...]

    20. Personal reaction I enjoyed reading this book because the story was fresh and interesting I haven t read about a group of boys from Chinatown in the 1920s feuding with a group of boys from Little Italy before Henry and the Kite Dragon provides examples of historical cultural values for Italian boys and Chinese boys The boys from China town call an elderly man Grandfather and respect him and his kite making skills Tony and his friends from Little Italy train homing pidgins The book also has oppor [...]

    21. The book Henry and the Kite Dragon is a story about a young boy from Chinatown that enjoys making kites with the old man that lives in his building After numerous times of the boys from Little Italy breaking their kites, the Chinatown boys confront the boys from Little Italy Once the Little Italy boys communicated that they broke the kites because they scared away their birds, the boys laughed it off and came to an agreement and all problems were fixed The book uses an integral setting because t [...]

    22. Sometimes we do not even know how or actions are affecting those around us Henry and his Chinese friends do not like the kids that live in Little Italy But they do like making all sorts of exotic kites with Grandfather Chin Once they finish making a beautiful kite shaped like a butterfly or caterpillar, they fly it all over Chinatown for everyone to enjoy Grandfather even makes the kite chase a pigeon in the sky, but he does not realize how special those birds are to someone else Henry and the K [...]

    23. In this book, an 8 year old named Henry Chu talks about living in Chinatown in New York City One of his favorite activities is making kites with an old Chinese man he refers to as Grandfather Grandfather, Henry, and his friend Thelma Fung make beautiful kites and fly them over the park They have problems with some of the Italian boys in the park, which makes Henry angry Henry and the boys learn about one another and have a deeper understanding of why they act the way they do The illustrator, Wi [...]

    24. Based on real 1920 events, Henry and the Kite Dragon is based in New York city Henry s favorite thing to do is to fly kites with his grandfather However, the boys from Little Italy make things difficult for Henry when they start ruining his kites This story represents two cultures coming together in the melting pot that is the United States This tale is quite heart warming and reveals ideas of perspective, acceptance, and friendship.I would recommend this book to a younger audience, however I do [...]

    25. Henry The Kite Dragon was written by Bruce Edward Hall tells the tale of an eight year old boy named Henry Chu, who lives Chinatown in New York City during the 1920s, and who loved to fly kites from the rooftop of his building A second character by the name of Tony Guglione, is a young rival boy living a bordering neighborhood known as Little Italy.The book reflects on cultural difference between the youth and conflict The illustrations are vibrant and the author s descriptions take the reader t [...]

    26. I really enjoyed and liked this book quite a bit I thought that the storyline was great The book teaches readers a little History through out I absolutely loved all of the pictures and all of the beautiful use of colors the author used throughout the book The author does a good of making the pictures look life like and how they look like they were painted One of my favorite things in this book had to be all of the different amazing looking kites They were all gorgeous This a a great book for you [...]

    27. This is a great book to share with a child dealing with confrontation In this story a group of kids from Chinatown are dealing with another group of kids in Little Italy destroying their beautiful kites This goes on through a few kites until finally the Chinatown kids confront the other group of kids When they do they find out that they other kids were trying to protect their pigeons which the kites were scaring away From this the kids come to understand that some conflicts are based on simple m [...]

    28. A picture by Bruce Edward Hall that highlights the ethnic differences and humanity that was present in 1920 s New York Many different groups of people were immigrating to the United States from all over the world and New York was a melting pot for these people This story demonstrates the cultural differences between the Chinese and Irish, but also ends on a high note by showing a gesture of kindness by both factions I think this would be a great story for an elementary audience and can open disc [...]

    29. Interesting look at different cultures living together, in this case in NYC, Chinese and Italian immigrants Children can be cruel no matter where they are from if someone is different than they are The kites are beautiful and eventually bring the children of these two different ethnic groups together as they realize that each has an interest hobby and neither is better or important They learn to share and compromise.

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