Pearl in a Cage #2020

Pearl in a Cage By Joy Dettman Pearl in a Cage On a balmy midsummer s evening in a young woman foreign dishevelled and heavily pregnant is found unconscious just off the railway tracks in the tiny logging community of Woody Creek The town m
  • Title: Pearl in a Cage
  • Author: Joy Dettman
  • ISBN: 9781742144979
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Pearl in a Cage By Joy Dettman On a balmy midsummer s evening in 1923, a young woman foreign, dishevelled and heavily pregnant is found unconscious just off the railway tracks in the tiny logging community of Woody Creek The town midwife, Gertrude Foote, is roused from her bed when the woman is brought to her door Try as she might, Gertrude is unable to save her, but the baby lives Gertrude s daughteOn a balmy midsummer s evening in 1923, a young woman foreign, dishevelled and heavily pregnant is found unconscious just off the railway tracks in the tiny logging community of Woody Creek The town midwife, Gertrude Foote, is roused from her bed when the woman is brought to her door Try as she might, Gertrude is unable to save her, but the baby lives Gertrude s daughter Amber who has recently lost a son in childbirth and her husband Norman take the child in.
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    About "Joy Dettman"

    1. Joy Dettman

      Joy Dettman was born in country Victoria and spent her early years in towns on either side of the Murray River She is an award winning writer of short stories, the complete collection of which, Diamonds in the Mud, was published in 2007, as well as the highly acclaimed novels Mallawindy, Jacaranda Blue, Goose Girl, Yesterday s Dust, The Seventh Day, Henry s Daughter, One Sunday, Pearl in a Cage, Thorn on the Rose, Moth to the Flame and Wind in the Wires Ripples on a Pond is Joy s fifth novel in her Woody Creek series.

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    1. This book follows the lives of the residents of Woody Creek, a fictional small rural town in Victoria, Australia, from 1923 until the late 30s.It mostly focuses on Gertrude, the town midwife who lives on the outskirts and her family who live in town Namely, her daughter Amber, son in law Norman and their children Cecilia and Jennifer The latter who, as the book synopsis tells you, they adopted from an unknown mother.I quite liked the descriptions of country life in Australia in this time period, [...]

    2. Oh wow This was such a surprise I never thought this would be the best book I d read all year, but it HAS been Couldn t put it down Such a knockout story, and so beautifully told This is a very fine weepie Joy Dettman suffers from the curse of spectacular commercial success, I think I m ashamed to admit that this was the reason I had unaccountably avoided her More fool me Pearl in a Cage poops on just about every other novel I ve read this year, for the simple reason that it engages so immediate [...]

    3. I highly recommend listening to this story on audiobook the reader does an excellent job of conveying the personalities of the characters.I was riveted to the story and hope to get hold of the sequel in order to learn the the outcomes of the unanswered questions in this book.The plot lines are richly described and interwoven and I enjoyed the great writing and character development However, it was sometimes difficult to continue reading simply due to the never ending abuse Jenny was subjected to [...]

    4. At first I wasn t sure sounded a little gossipy but then when I got further into it I really enjoyed it and liked the era and the Australian setting I was eager to read onto the next in the series.

    5. Not a bad book Didn t like many of the characters in the story Not sure if I would read the others in this series

    6. This is a story set in a small country town in Victoria, Australia, in the early 1900s As such it appealed to me in an historical sense Sadly, I almost gave up on the book a few times I found it had too many characters for me to keep track of, too many side stories that interrupted the main story most of them tragic No doubt in a small country town there are many interesting characters with fascinating stories, but in a novel I found it overwhelming I also found the POV very difficult It was mai [...]

    7. I really persisted with this book But I just could not keep going I made it through 340 of 576 pages I wanted to love it, especially given that it was Book 1 in a series of 6 But there were too many characters just not enough happening I just didn t really care what happened to anyone I wasn t connected to them And like another reviewer has said, I felt like I was hovering over the characters, rather than immersed in their world.

    8. DNF I hate doing that but I had to I was loathe to pick the book up because no matter how well written, or how lovely some of the descriptions were, I didn t care what happened to the characters I got halfway and I don t really know where it s going and I don t really care at all Too many other books to read.

    9. Dumped it No idea why the waitlist to read it Listened to the first half a dozen chapters and found it very annoying Too many characters straight up and they are all unlikeable It s like a story about a town of hillbillies, don t bother

    10. This book would be one of my most loathed reads I hated it all the way through, and was so annoyed with the end I threw the book I felt it was a waste of my time getting to know all the characters, not to mention trying to keep up with the all over the place writing.

    11. The start of the best Australian book series I ve ever read I d advise that you have all the books in the series before starting as you ll want scratch that NEED, to keep reading So, so good I wish I had never read them so I could be reading them all again for the first time.

    12. Pluses Beautifully descriptive insight into small village life in Australia in the early years Rich characterisation Minuses A cast of thousands it seemed Long winded and unnecessary descriptions of what I felt to be minor characters Found myself skimming large sections due to boredom.

    13. I Learned that a miserable life will stay a miserable life This book got worse in sorrow as it read No happy beginning or ending, I was waiting for turn of events but the turn just circled into misery

    14. This was a story I found this old fashioned, charming, even though it seems like the wrong word given some of the plot, however the characters were rich, intense, with a small town atmosphere The story was complex, lots of different story lines, lots of different characters There was a strong streak of abuse that runs through one of the major plot lines, that one of the main characters Jenny has to endure, from a number of sources However it was engaging, easy to follow, and gave a real sense of [...]

    15. I have read a few of Joy Dettman s books I didn t enjoy this book as much as some of the others.The book seemed to repeat itself a few times I also didn t like that everyone covered up for Amber There are a lot of characters so it is a bit hard to keep a track of.

    16. Or Is It GIRL IN A RAGE Until that December morning, Gertrude Foote had found little good to say for Vern Hooper s new motor car It was noisy, it stunk to high hell, and she d ridden comfortably on a camel s back.So opens The Cage And in that opening we get the promise of this book the period cars are in their infancy it will be badly edited stunk should be stank , it will be understated, there will be a beautiful ironic humour in it, and it will be exquisitely written The question is does it f [...]

    17. What a great story, sad at times but there are lighter moments There were some real tradegies in Woody Creek The only down part is the hold that Amber has over her mother and husband, even though Amber cant s stand them and shows them no love they are so loyal to her she is a most hatefuly person, I just can t believe what they take from her and how they protect her.Jenny Morrison s mother died at the time of her birth and at the same time Amber and Norman Morrison lost their child so Noraman de [...]

    18. This was a real page turner Totally engrossing with genuine, believable characters and events which created strong feelings emotions in me, as reader I m now looking forward to reading the Woody Creek series, hoping that each book lives up to the quality if this first Very highly recommended.

    19. I listened to this entire series on Audible and loved it The is an Australian author who doesn t seem to have a big readership within the Audible world in the U.S but I m writing this in hopes of encouraging interest and, ultimately, audio versions of her novels I was completely engrossed in all 6 of these lengthy books and quite sad to finish them If you like multi generational family sagas that you can sink your teeth then I highly recommend this series, which takes place in a small town in [...]

    20. Interesting period of timber getting in rural Victoria spanning the great wars and Great Depression Has many things going for it role of men and women, education, lack of sex education and contraception, mental illness, Great Depression and homelessness, racism, rape, child abuse and murder Gertrude is the strong lady, Vern her soulmate, Archie her unstable husband, Amber her daughter and Jenny the foundling with so much genetically in common There is no drivelling sentimentality about the Austr [...]

    21. This book speaks of an era before children were given the rights and protection of the law that we enjoy today It is set in a small timber mill town in Victoria during the early 1900s A beautiful young woman is found near death in childbirth and subsequently her daughter is adopted into the local community.This is a tale of plenty versus poverty, love and hate, crime often with no punishment, and mostly perseverance over injustice Turning a blind eye was the accepted method of dealing with troub [...]

    22. Kept changing my mind on this book Would love it then hate it The story had a lot of characters in it so it was hard to remember who was who There were a lot of characters I didn t like and just found really frustrating Like Amber and Sissy I just wanted to give them a good slap across the face and knock some sense into them And Norman was just a total push over and was hoping through out the entire book that he would just man up, which never happened I felt that he should have stood up for Jenn [...]

    23. I loved and hated this book The writing was fantastic and really had me feeling like I was in Australia in the 1930s I felt the characters were well written and really liked quite a few of them The audio version is fabulously told and really pulls you in However, it was seriously too dark for my taste and I for some reason did not notice that it was the first in the series with at least five published It was long enough and dark enough seriously nothing good happens EVERd it just kept getting d [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book Great characters and the author describes living in outback Australia beautifully My problem with it was the ending I felt cheated as hardly any of the books main plots and secrets were answered I was sad too for Jenny, I really wanted her to get a break in life but it just kept getting worse.To whoever has read it, please answer the following Did Amber murder the little girls Why was Jenny never told about her mother I m also guessing Elsie raised the baby at the end. [...]

    25. Overall, the story was well laid with multidimensional characters I am not an avid reader of short stories because I need to become invested in the characters for the story to have any lasting impact on my person This is a story the certainly brings the characters to life However, I honesty feel this book was 3.5 stars, but that rating isn t an option As I approached the end, saw how few pages were left, I was worried the story would end abruptly, like too many well laid out novels do today Sure [...]

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