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Eighth Grade Bites By Heather Brewer Eighth Grade Bites Junior high really sucks for thirteen year old Vladimir Tod Bullies harass him the principal is dogging him and the girl he likes prefers his best friend Oh and Vlad has a secret his mother was hum
  • Title: Eighth Grade Bites
  • Author: Heather Brewer
  • ISBN: 9780525478119
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eighth Grade Bites By Heather Brewer Junior high really sucks for thirteen year old Vladimir Tod Bullies harass him, the principal is dogging him, and the girl he likes prefers his best friend Oh, and Vlad has a secret his mother was human, but his father was a vampire With no idea of the extent of his powers, Vlad struggles daily with his blood cravings and his enlarged fangs When a substitute teacher bJunior high really sucks for thirteen year old Vladimir Tod Bullies harass him, the principal is dogging him, and the girl he likes prefers his best friend Oh, and Vlad has a secret his mother was human, but his father was a vampire With no idea of the extent of his powers, Vlad struggles daily with his blood cravings and his enlarged fangs When a substitute teacher begins to question him a little too closely, Vlad worries that his cover is about to be blown But then he faces a much bigger problem he s being hunted by a vampire killer.Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.
    Eighth Grade Bites By Heather Brewer
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    1. Heather Brewer

      Heather Brewer is the pseudonym of Zac Brewer but you can call him Z.Zac is the NYT bestselling author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, as well as The Slayer Chronicles series, Soulbound, The Cemetery Boys, The Blood Between Us, and short stories than he can recall.He grew up on a diet of Twilight Zone and books by Stephen King He chased them down with every drop of horror he could find in books, movie theaters, on television The most delicious parts of his banquet, however, he found lurking in the shadowed corners of his dark imagination When he s not writing books, he s skittering down your wall and lurking underneath your bed Zac doesn t believe in happy endings unless they involve blood.He lives in Missouri with his husband, two children, and four furry overlords that some people refer to as cats.

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    1. I m sure Heather Brewer thought she was pretty damn clever when she named her main vampire character Vladimir as in The Impaler or when she named another pretty much non existent character Edgar Poe or when she named the big, scary, dressed all in black, bad guy D Ablo And then, of course, she just had to throw in that the street that the vampire family lived on was Lugosi Trail the only street name, or spacial reference in the whole book The plot and build of the story was rather threadbare and [...]

    2. This has got to be the best out of the whole series, I remember buying and reading these at the start of year 8, I loved them then, sped through all the books and bought and read the last one the day it came out I recently read them and I was a little disappointed I thought they were amazing in my mind, not so much in real life image error But in saying that, I still found them slightly entertaining, and after re reading them all I again concluded that the first one was the best This is why 1 8t [...]

    3. Vladimir Tod is no ordinary 8th grader Like most 8th graders, he is trying to negotiate the trials and tribulations of middle school, including a pair of bullies, an unrequited crush, teachers and homework, and oh yeah, the fact that he is a vampire On top of all this, his English teacher is missing and they get a bizarre new substitute His mother was human and his father was a vampire but they died in a tragic and mysterious fire when Vlad was 10, therefore he has little guidance to help him na [...]

    4. Whoever had decided that school should start so early in the morning and last all day long needed to be hunted down and forced to watch hours of educational television without the aid of caffeine I met this author at a movie convention and bought this book, had it signed, planned to read it soon but then it sat on my shelves for years for some reason That s the story of my life with books.The writing style is simple and humorous, which should be enjoyable for the middle school age It was a littl [...]

    5. A quick read, but a surprisingly good one, even for an adult Typical of a kid s book, the plot is a bit simplistic, but it was a good story with believable characters A lot of background had to be covered it was well done This is mostly Vlad figuring out what he is, which fits rather well with his age, too One of the interesting points is the characterization of the various people They re not as simple as in most books of this type even the bad guys have redeeming qualities, while the good guys [...]

    6. It s unfortunate that this enticing book cover and concept an 8th grade vampire were wasted in this way I didn t think I d make it through, and only did so out of sheer determination, but the ending turned out to be suspenseful and exciting, causing me to bump my 1 star to a two The first 120 pages, however, were like having to read an 8th grade student s first draft of a book Not only did the writing fail to engage, but it actually grossed me out Imagine an 8th grade vampire who eats french fri [...]

    7. I m a complete sucker for vampire stories and Eighth Grade Bites did not disappoint me The story is about a boy named Vladimir Tod an eighth grader with a deep dark secret he s a vampire After his parents died mysteriously and tragically in a flash fire, Vlad was taken in by his aunt Nelly, his mother s best friend As far as Vlad is concerned, he s the only vampire in the world, aside from his now deceased father We follow Vladimir through the mysterious disappearance of his English teacher, and [...]

    8. Vladimir Tod doesn t have much to look forward to in school As a skinny pale boy in eighth grade, he is often subject to taunts and bullying To make matters worse, the principal probably hates him and his crush probably likes his popular best friend Henry But puberty and teen angst aren t all Vlad has to worry about in fact, those are the lesser of his problems because Vlad is only half human the other half is vampire The disappearance of a well liked teacher and the appearance of not only a st [...]

    9. Vladimir Tod is an eighth grade vampire born of a human mother His parents died when he was ten, so he lives with his Aunt Nelly, a human who knows his secret His best friend Henry also knows, but Vlad hides his bloodthirsty ways from the general public It s bad enough that he gets picked on by two jerky guys in his grade and can barely work up the courage to say hi to the girl he s crushing on just imagine if they also knew he was a vampire But when Vlad s favorite teacher goes missing, a subst [...]

    10. A fun, fast, and fluffy read with lots of humor I liked Vlad s voice, but the story was a little simplistic for my taste Hoping to see plot development in future novels

    11. Book ReviewBook Title Eighth Grade Bites Vladimir Todd 1 Book Author Heather Brewer now Zac Brewer This is a throwback review, since I read this book way back when I was in grade eight which feels like a lifetime ago At the time this was one of my favourite books, and it goes me into many YA novels and into my current reading obsession I even called one of my cats Meredith many years later This book was a great way to get me into reading, and I applaud Zac Brewer for all of his wonderful writin [...]

    12. I wanted so desperately to like this book I work with books for a living and I m always on the look out for good reads for younger teens, especially ones that appeal to boys So after hearing so many good things about this series I decided to give this a shot The premise and characters all sounded so fun and the book started out with a definite bang but sadly that s all it really has going for it I wish I could give this book two reviews one for how I think it should be viewed in the eyes of pare [...]

    13. 5 Stars A classic tale of coming of age with a supernatural bite that even the guys will secretly love.Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed, interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniquely well developed plot The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amount [...]

    14. Several students recommended this book for me to read The vampire genre has regained popularity, with Stephenie Meyer s Twilight saga and now Heather Brewer s The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Vlad is a middle schooler born to a vampire father and a human mother He is not your typical vampire from legends, feasting on bags of blood his aunt gets from a hospital instead of killing humans to feed At school, Vlad has trouble with his principal, teacher and bullies It seems life couldn t get complicat [...]

    15. Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadTooThirteen year old Vladimir Tod is being raised by Aunt Nelly, his mother s best friend His human mother and vampire father were both killed in a fire, leaving their young vampire son an orphan Life is not easy for Vlade school bullies harass him, the principal seems to have it in for him, and the girl he likes best and wants to ask to the dance seems to prefer his friend, Henry Aunt Nelly understands his problems and helps him to hide the fact that he is a [...]

    16. All I have to say is two things One TCVT is better than Twilight First, vampires dont flippin sparkle in sunlight, mmkay They burst into flames and end in a pile of ashes, never to return to the face of the earth ever again Lesson learned from D Ablo in theThird book P Two I wishhhh the characters were REALLLLL Wait, what am I talking about, in my world, I go out and kidnap my favorite characters from books and have them live with me so far my house is full of kidnapped presences that are unknow [...]

    17. I picked this book up on a whim It looked alright, even if it was another YA vampire novel There was no female first person, and no one was in love with hot sexy vampire hunk It was a story about a vampire kid going through vampire stuff Well, there is a teensy bit of romance, but it takes up like 5 10% of the book This is still set in the teenage world, so it s bound to happen.I managed to finish it in less than two days, and I must say, I was most impressed It wasn t mind blowing ly good or an [...]

    18. I love me some vampire stories I own every one of Charlaine Harris s rather mediocre Southern Vampire Mysteries series In high school, I was in the Lestat crowd I own most of the Buffy and Angel DVD collections I even watched Daybreakers Vampires are serious business in my house, and part of the charm of any new vampire series is how the vampires function in the new world What is true, and what is laughable myth in this particular portrayal So then, there s EIGHTH GRADE BITES the first book in H [...]

    19. If I concentrate, I can make my body float, and sometimes I can read people s thoughts But for the most part, being a vampire bites Adorable This was such a cute storyOMG I read some not so kind reviews and I think people s expectations were too high If you re looking for an earth shattering readip this It s not going to rock your world But s damn cute It s exactly what I expected it to be Vlad is adorable and super sweet.hing on a girl, hanging with his BFF Henry Romper Room Rambo and just livi [...]

    20. As if eighth grade isn t hard enough when your human, try being a vampire As is the life story of Vladimir Todd Vladimir Todd half human half vampire, orphaned nearly three years ago, only two humans now his is secret his best friend Henry and his guardian, Nelly.Vlad is disturbed by the disappearance of his teacher Mr Craig, and something is defiantly a little strange about the new substitute teacher Mr Otis Vlad discovers about he mysterious death of his parents, through his father s journal [...]

    21. The book I have read,is about a boy named Vladimir Tod and he is a vampire His parrents died in a car crash or so they thought His best Freind is named Henry and he knows Vlad d secret ever sence he was seven They both go to the same high school and they are both bullied by bullies, nagged by his teachers, and the girl he likes would rather be his friend Vlad struggles each day with blood, he lives with his aunt Nelly who also knows his secret Each day Nelly gives him blood bags which is easy be [...]

    22. I really liked the sense of humor in this book and all of the references It served as a good introduction to Vlad s world, as well, but at points I thought it got a little too predictable concerning Mr Otis despite all the twists and turns I was confused as to why the mark was given near the end regardless of the sense of community family it offers because wasn t that what the father needed to get rid of if he didn t want to be found Anyway, I look forward to plot development and cultural backg [...]

    23. The first book of a series that you can really sink your teeth into and read quickly I m looking forward to learning about the first ever born vampire Vlad.

    24. It s been a long time since I ve read a real life, paper and ink book but since this series has been sitting on my bookshelf for years it s about time I read them.

    25. Primo capitolo della nuovissima saga urban fantasy per giovanissimi 10 14 anni dedicata all affiscinante figura del vampiro , elemento fantasy ormai decisamente inflazionato e che sembra non aver pi nulla da raccontare ai lettori Heather Brewer, invece, riesce a fornirci un romanzo etto, visto che conta meno di 200 pagine in grado di affascinare i giovani lettori grazie alla sua fresca ironia Qualcosa di divertente e innovativo che potremmo affiancare, quasi, al lavoro di James Patterson con il [...]

    26. Two confessions I love a good vampire story that doesn t take itself seriously And I had to wrestle this book away from my 6th Grade son You see, my son s school requires him to read a book and complete a four page report on it every two weeks Generally, I try to read his selections first I m one of those mamas who wants to make sure I know what my children are reading at all times But I didn t pre read Eight Grade Bites so there was a bit of a tug of war and many exclamations ending with, Mama, [...]

    27. This review is by my brother, Gregory.8th Grade Bites The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod tells the story ofwell8th Grader Vladimir Tod He has his typical junior high problems getting picked on by bullies, pining over cute popular girls, making sure he s gotten enough blood to eat for lunch, and turning in that English assignment.Oh yeah He s also a vampire Well, half His mother was human but his father was a vampire He doesn t know the extent of his powers, he has a craving for blood and his fangs a [...]

    28. Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer is such fun First book in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, we see our hero through eighth grade And middle school isn t easy on anybody It s such an awkward year and everyone s unsure of themselves, no one so that Vlad Tod He has reason to be, as a he s half vampire.Vlad is such a great character, he s a very different vampire than I ve read before Uncomfortable with himself and unsure of where he belongs No moodiness or angstiness Instead I could relate to h [...]

    29. To start your journey with one of the best authors to ever live, begin here, with this magnificent debut novel Vladimir Tod, thirteen year old vampire, is without a doubt one of the best kidlit heroes you ve probably never heard of, and now, ten years after he was first introduced and six years after I first read all his Chronicles all in a row , I m happy to return to his world and rediscover, in bite sized form, this first piece of literary wonder with with Z Brewer blessed us Sure, it s a tin [...]

    30. More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages This is probably 3.5 This book follows a 13 year old boy, Vladimir Tod, a vampire, through his first year of high school Vlad is a human vampire hybrid with a human mother and a vampire father Vlad deals with the usual dilemmas in highschool like crushing on the pretty girl at school, putting up with bullies and having your aunty hide your blood fix in your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Vlad has to deal with a creepy subsitiute [...]

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