The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy #2020

The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy By Elizabeth Kendall The Phantom Prince My Life with Ted Bundy None
  • Title: The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy
  • Author: Elizabeth Kendall
  • ISBN: 9780914842705
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy By Elizabeth Kendall None
    The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy By Elizabeth Kendall
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      173 Elizabeth Kendall
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      Elizabeth Kendall Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Kendall author readers around the world.

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    1. I found this book at my parents used book store in a pile of books they found at a yard sale I read through it in a weekend This book is super creepy If you want a book that you can t put down and will scare you to death for the next ten years, then read this.

    2. I was 14 when I read this book That s too young My mom had a unique philosophy regarding censorship so far as I remember, she didn t censor anything I watched Holocaust movies when I was six And I watched Mark Harmon portray Ted Bundy in The Deliberate Stranger on TV when I was just a kid.I was a freshman in high school, doing an overly ambitious research project on Ted Bundy He had captured my imagination in the movie, and his recent execution left him lingering in my thoughts As I was research [...]

    3. When I first read Ann Rule s The Stranger Beside Me , I was intrigued by the fact that Ted Bundy was first reported to the police by his girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall not her real name Kendall felt that the sketch put out by the police in the papers resembled her boyfriend and he even drove a Volkswagen, the car reported to be used by the killer according to people who might have seen him But by then, the police had already checked Bundy out twice and ruled him out as the killer kidnapper of the [...]

    4. Thin, but fascinating This and Ann Rule s book are the best two about Bundy of all of them Good luck finding this one My hubby bought it off ebay for entirely too much.

    5. When I recently learned that Liz had written a book about her life with Ted Bundy, I knew I had to track down this book The Phantom Prince is a well written, engrossing book that details how she met Ted, their rocky relationship, the anxiety, obsession, and self doubt she faced as she suspected his involvement in the crimes, and their contact following his arrest and imprisonment For those interested in the Ted Bundy case, this book will offer you a very unique perspective I highly recommend thi [...]

    6. I m surprised this book got so many good reviews Personally I was disappointed It gives you another perspective on the many faces of Theodore Bundy but it ended up being like diary entries from a 14 year old girl Why won t he love me Why won t he marry me Why am I so miserable Why is he so distant I wanted to hear facts and stories of her time with Ted but instead all I heard was her damsel in distress act.

    7. This book is out of print and I needed an interlibrary loan to get my hands on a copy It is an account of Ted Bundy from his girlfriend fianc of five years.Liz is a 25 year old divorcee and Mother of a young daughter She meets Ted, a charming law student, falls in love, and thinks she s on track towards a marriage and a nice life.Unfortunately lies, thefts, and evidence of other woman hurt her though surprisingly no violence When descriptions of a murderer named Ted that fit her Ted start fillin [...]

    8. Here s a must read for those interested in learning what sort of boyfriend lover Ted Bundy was as revealed by his former girlfriend of seven years, Elizabeth Kendall, who was a single mom struggling to make ends meet in the late sixties and early seventies Right away, Elizabeth refers to herself as a failure following her divorce She leaves Utah for Washington in hopes of a new start for herself and her young daughter, Tina Once settled in Seattle, Elizabeth admits her loneliness and throughout [...]

    9. It s hard to imagine this book is out of print I loved this story all the way through It s about a woman s love for a man, a man she never would have thought who was capable of the crimes he was being tried for This book is chilling in the aspect that Ted finally opened up to her about what he had done Granted this took a long time years he still admitted that he was sick He constantly had to keep fighting this battle inside of himself that he was finding harder and harder to control What s , he [...]

    10. A quick addictive read I got this out of print book in a PDF attached to a discussion thread in one of my murderinos groups on face book As interested as I am in the psychology of everyone, it was extremely interesting peering into the mind of Ted Buddy s long time girlfriend I feel like I understand her He sounds like he was your average avoidant manipulative asshole to her and she didn t want to believe that he was truly a monster He really was a frightening monster and a confusing one Makes y [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book,which i bought off Abebooks for 180.00 dollars, quite expensive i know but the book is out of print and much sought after by true crime enthusiastsThe book is about Elizabeth Kendall,s not her real name relationship with Ted Bundy before and during the time of disappearences of young women in Washington and Utah Elizabeth comes across as a very troubled young women with problems of insecurity and alcoholism,but she is honest and respectful of her relationship with Ted [...]

    12. I have mixed feelings about this book It was really interesting to see this story play out from a different point if view I learned a lot of things about Ted Bundy that I hadn t heard before It was weird and fascinating to find out what he was like when he wasn t killing people I think the author wrote this book to try to make herself seem less flaky than the media portrayed her The problem is I came away from this book thinking she was of a nitwit than I did to begin with If there is one thing [...]

    13. A rare book about a horrible person While I usually love reading these, this one left me with a bad taste it sets up a woman he knew loved as the victim and tries to turn him into a tragic hero Other than that, the story is intriguing.

    14. Elizabeth Kendall was Ted Bundy s girlfriend from 1969 1975 She was present in Utah in 1975 when he was convicted of kidnapping Carol DeRonch at a Utah shopping mall Kendall met Bundy at a club where they drank beer and within days they were a romantic couple Liz and Ted had excellent chemistry He was capable of a normal, intimate relationship They met each others parents and all was well in the land of Teddy and Lizzy Marriage was a constant topic but Bundy put it off, insisting on waiting for [...]

    15. ay I can finally say I m satisfied and got what I wanted when I first started looking for books about ted Bundy i do not know why I picked Ann Rules book over this if anyone wants to first start somewhere with Ted Bundy, id recommend this book Ted s relationship with Liz provided a great deal of insight of the man he was but what I truly loved about this book, and perhaps what makes it most different from that Ann Rules is that the author recounts his confession to her for the crimes he did conf [...]

    16. Ich finde es ziemlich schwer diese Art von B chern zu bewerten Immerhin beruht es auf wahren Tatsachen Ist es gut geschrieben Find ich schon Ist es spannend Ja, an manchen Stellen mehr an manchen weniger Kann man jeden Schritt der Person nachvollziehen Nein absolut nicht Manche Schritte und Handlungen sind f r mich sicherlich nicht logisch, aber ich wei auch wer Ted Bundy war Ich wei was er getan hat, ich kenne die ganze offizielle Story Elizabeth Kendall befindet sich IN der Geschichte Sie denk [...]

    17. This book was a certainly an interesting read I think Elizabeth is very brave for sharing her story and hardships so honestly I never imagined reading a book about Ted Bundy and hating him for being a insecure playboy prick with serious commitment issues But that s the character Elizabeth portrays and he s a world apart from the murderous monster he was revealed to be Her humanisation of him can be hard to stomach But she is being truthful she s loved Bundy and he was a major part of her life He [...]

    18. I read this book pretty quickly it s less than 200 pages I ve been trying to track down this book for years, and although I m glad I found a copy, I don t know that I ll read it again I can sympathize with her alcoholism and self esteem issues, but so much is left out I ve never had much respect for Ted Bundy s girlfriend after reading other books and articles, and this honestly made me think less of her than before This would be a good book to read if you have an interest in serial killers, but [...]

    19. This was good for an insight to a whole other side of Ted Bundy, but I felt the back and forth of Liz with her loves him, loves him not got very annoying I understand her conflicting feelings for him but the whole thing was that Anyways, a good read if you want to learn about Bundy.

    20. Very morbidly fascinating Well written, simple language but genuine Lot of self insight, perceptive Rea evokes empathy you really feel like you could be her Read the whole thing in one sitting

    21. I enjoyed this novel I believe sometimes it is hard to understand why another person could love someone so evil, that you forget that Bundy was a psychopath who was able to manipulate people I believe that Kendall was his ultimate achievement He held onto her even when she turned him in She stayed by him even when she doubted him This novel is intriguing I don t think you will walk away with a hard answer as to why she stayed with him for so long, but I do think that their story is not one that [...]

    22. Another that I think is a must read This really lets you see who he actually was and confirms the belief that he was a total pos and that it s a justice to mankind that they fried him Also interesting because you can feel yourself be manipulated simply through copies of his letters My only regret is that they didn t electrify him much sooner.

    23. The book is interesting to read but instead of feeling sad for her I lost respect for her I don t know anything about her before reading the book I just feel she is stupid and selfish.

    24. This is the 2nd time I read this book I couldn t find it anywhere but the library It s out of print, and very expensive It fascinates me because Ted Bundy fascinates me, and this is the only person this close to him who has written about her life with him The other is Anne Rule, and she wrote the best book on this subject, The Stranger Beside Me She actually worked with Ted at a crisis intervention line, believe it or not Elizabeth not her real name lived with Ted for many years, and slowly came [...]

    25. A must for any true crime reader or those interested in the Bundy saga I read it in two days, totally invested in what the author had to say She provides an emotional account of the intimate time she spent next to Bundy, and as a woman, it is so easy to relate to her The amount of introspection and vulnerability is impressive and enthralling I ve been wanting to read this for years, but it s impossible to find I finally found a digital copy on a public Dropbox that I read it from I don t typical [...]

    26. I read this book on a facebook page, but it was a well written book and it was hard to believe that this was all real, the sun does also shine on the wicked Kloefer was a very stupid person and was annoying This book was creepy and insightful very scary stuff At the beginning he was this chill person who fit into her life perfectly and then over time it just got worse and worse then it just got abusive, very strange and evil person indeed I wondered what ted s relationship was with Tina She neve [...]

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