Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek #2020

Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek By Roald Dahl Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek De Gouden Toegangskaart vervult de diepste wens van Sjakie een rondleiding door de geheimzinnige chocoladefabriek van meneer Willie Wonka de ongelofelijkste geweldigste meest verbazingwekkende choc
  • Title: Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek
  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • ISBN: 9789026110290
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek By Roald Dahl De Gouden Toegangskaart vervult de diepste wens van Sjakie een rondleiding door de geheimzinnige chocoladefabriek van meneer Willie Wonka, de ongelofelijkste, geweldigste, meest verbazingwekkende chocoladefabrikant die ooit geleefd heeft En wie zou niet willen rondwandelen op de plek waar ze opstijglimonade met prik, holle kiezen vullende caramels, aardbeiensap waterpistDe Gouden Toegangskaart vervult de diepste wens van Sjakie een rondleiding door de geheimzinnige chocoladefabriek van meneer Willie Wonka, de ongelofelijkste, geweldigste, meest verbazingwekkende chocoladefabrikant die ooit geleefd heeft En wie zou niet willen rondwandelen op de plek waar ze opstijglimonade met prik, holle kiezen vullende caramels, aardbeiensap waterpistolen of aflikbaar behand voor kinderkamers maken Maar er schuilen ook grote gevaren, in het bijzonder voor kinderen zoals Veruca Peper, die in het grote vuilnisgat verdwijnt, en Caspar Slok, die door een rivier van hete chocolade wordt meegezogen, en Violet Beaudrest, die maar het staat allemaal in dit fantastische boek van de meester kinderboekenschrijver Roald Dahl.
    Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek By Roald Dahl
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    1. Roald Dahl

      Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer and screenwriter of Norwegian descent, who rose to prominence in the 1940 s with works for both children and adults, and became one of the world s bestselling authors.Dahl s first published work, inspired by a meeting with C S Forester, was Shot Down Over Libya Today the story is published as A Piece of Cake The story, about his wartime adventures, was bought by the Saturday Evening Post for 900, and propelled him into a career as a writer Its title was inspired by a highly inaccurate and sensationalized article about the crash that blinded him, which claimed he had been shot down instead of simply having to land because of low fuel.His first children s book was The Gremlins, about mischievous little creatures that were part of RAF folklore The book was commissioned by Walt Disney for a film that was never made, and published in 1943 Dahl went on to create some of the best loved children s stories of the 20th century, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and James and the Giant Peach.He also had a successful parallel career as the writer of macabre adult short stories, usually with a dark sense of humour and a surprise ending Many were originally written for American magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Harper s, Playboy and The New Yorker, then subsequently collected by Dahl into anthologies, gaining world wide acclaim Dahl wrote than 60 short stories and they have appeared in numerous collections, some only being published in book form after his death His stories also brought him three Edgar Awards in 1954, for the collection Someone Like You in 1959, for the story The Landlady and in 1980, for the episode of Tales of the Unexpected based on Skin.

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    1. Tonight I just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory with my son This is the first chapter book I ve read all the way through with him And it was a ton of fun First off, I ll admit that I love the movie I grew up with it I m talking about the Gene Wilder version, of course I ll even admit to liking the movie better than the book Which is something that doesn t happen very often with me That said, the book is really, really good It held my four year old s attention It s silly, and it [...]

    2. Jess, my 7 year old little girl, gives it 5 stars.Comments while reading How come someone is called Gloop And Salt Isn t that the thing that we use for cooking What is spoiled Oh, okay, I m NOT spoiled Huh, Grandpa Joe is 96 years old How come that he s even older than my grandpa How come Charlie s dad can t work at the toothpaste factory any What does bankrupt mean Will Charlie ever get the golden ticket Yes Charlie found it Mr Wonka looks like a clown How come Oompa Loompas only eat mashed up [...]

    3. Gene Wilder June 11, 1933 August 29, 2016 Goodbye Gene, you ll always be Willy Wonka to me.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl first published in 1964 was an immediate children s classic and has inspired two film versions.I was surprised to see that neither of the films came close to Dahl s text Dahl s Willy Wonka is a dark creature who killed children, crushed their bones and baked them into the candy bars.Just kidding.This is of course a delightful children s young adult fantasy fe [...]

    4. I was planning on writing an extremely argumentative review explaining how sadistically vile Willie Wonka is, and how his god like complex ruined the lives of four flawed children But that seems insensitive at the moment Instead I shall simply say that Gene Wilder dominated his performance as Willie Wonka He carried all the outward charm, the charisma and the playfulness, but still managed to portray the suggestions of darkness that permeate this character s heart Wonka is far from a good man, t [...]

    5. Slightly odd story of virtuous poverty rewarded by evil capitalist who caused the poverty by firing all his workers in favour of employing non human immigrants.Unemployment from the chocolate factory, apparently the only consumer of labour in the otherwise stagnant economy of Charlie s home town, proving I suppose that an excess of chocolate is really bad for you both economically and physically requires that all of his grandparents have to live and sleep in one bed while the family slowly starv [...]

    6. Everything in this room is edible Even I m edible But, that would be called canibalism It is looked down upon in most societies.Everyone knows this story Little Charlie Bucket lives with his parents and both sets of grandparents They all depend on his father for money and he just lost his job They re running out of food, fuel and money when just in time Charlie find a golden ticket This golden ticket allows him and two guardians into Willy Wonka s Chocolate Factory for a tour Charlie and Grandpa [...]

    7. One of the first books I ever read I wanted to watch the movie, but wasn t allowed to until I read the book And so I did And now, every few years, I want to again It s been a long time But who doesn t love chocolate and dreams and wishes and gifts I think I may read this series only looked at the first one.

    8. I m sitting here on the couch watching Violet turn violet and fill up with juice before being sent off to the de juicing room The sun is going down, and it s almost bedtime out here, at least for the kids My night is just beginning I ve been halfway following along with the movie and thinking about how awesome it was to be a kid to dream of chocolate factories and eating a lifetime supply of chocolate with no fear of diabetes or a heart attack This was the first book I read all the way through w [...]

    9. I was ten years old and already the magic was gone from the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, leprechauns, Santa Claus and his buddy the Krampus All was stripped of its power to enthrall Heck, even sex had been demystified years prior Then along came Charlie and the Chocolate Factory It gloried in candy, my number one passion of the day But not only that, eating candy was the means to getting even MORE candy Ah, the golden ticket How, oh, how I longed for it to be a real thing I would ve traded in [...]

    10. The movie always fascinated me both as a kid and adult so I was really eager to jump into this and see if I could figure it out But dude, i m still stumped I m not sure if Willy Wonka is supposed to be mad, a genius, or a mad genius There s just so many priceless lines of dialogue that the movies also captured so well, and this book is so whimsical and wholesome, yet dark with sort of a fable esque message about greed and whatnot from the Oompa Loompa s songs poems I took a star off because of s [...]

    11. Before there were amorous zombies, sleuthing twelve year olds, or even a teacher who traipsed around in his underwear, children turned to Roald Dahl for their literary entertainment I thought it the perfect time to zip through time and relive one of my childhood favourites, in hopes that I might soon introduce my son to the wonders of Willy Wonka and his glorious factory Dahl opens by presenting the reader with Charlie Bucket and his family, confined to a small cottage on the outskirts of town a [...]

    12. And now, said Willy Wonka, we re going to see something extra special my Metaphorical Candy Room He flung open the doors, and the five children peeked inside Augustus Gloop beamed with delight That s the BIGGEST BOWL OF SKITTLES I VE EVER SEEN he yelled Indeed it is, indeed it is, said Willy Wonka proudly Three point three million of them One for every Muslim in the United States But, before you eat any, I must warn you some of them are POISONED How many asked Violet Beauregarde Only three, said [...]

    13. If you ever want to cheer yourself up, go back and read a book you loved and read over and over as a child For me, this is one book that will always be better than any movie they make from it Nothing Hollywood does with special effects will ever be as magical as what Roald Dahl did with just plain old words It has been MANY long years since I last looked at this book, but it all came back to me as soon as I turned to the first page and saw the illustrations I was immediately carried away by the [...]

    14. Since the Swiss make the best chocolate figures in the world, I thought I would pick up a few to take with me to England I was originally only intending to buy a couple of chocolate rabbits, engagingly goofy looking with big buck teeth and natty bow ties, but the selection was so enticing that I eventually walked out with four rabbits, a chicken with a marzipan waistcoat and a chocolate chalet I explained to the nice assistant that they would be accompanying me to London later that day, and she [...]

    15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie Bucket 1 , Roald DahlCharlie and the Chocolate Factory is a 1964 children s novel by British author Roald Dahl The story features the adventures of young Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was first published in the United States by Alfred A Knopf, Inc in 1964 and in the United Kingdom by George Allen Unwin, 11 months later The book has been adapted into two major motion pict [...]

    16. If you don t already know that Charlie inherits Willy Wonka s chocolate factory, then this review contains a spoiler The meek shall inherit the earth That biblical phrase certainly applies to this story Charlie Bucket is the epitome of meek But he is also serious, polite, kind, andwell, he is just the perfect kid In this story he doesn t inherit the earth but he does inherit Willy Wonka s Chocolate Factory Ah What a chocolate factory The inside kind of reminded me of the Land of Oz Being in the [...]

    17. Having just finished a book on Hieronymus Bosch, I couldn t help thinking about the painter s hellish pictures when reading this children s book The tale starts with little Charlie, living in utter misery in something like a hermit s hut, with four elderly people laying all day in the same bed A blend of St Anthony and Death and the Miser This is quite dreadful in itself, but hold on, it s just an aperitif.Next, little Charlie and a bunch of other children win a devilish marketing sweepstake and [...]

    18. THIS WAS GREAT I ve never read any Roald Dahl before, but of course I ve heard of the legend and so when I was assigned to read this for my Children s Lit class I was super pumped And best of all, I enjoyed it There s always the fear that books won t live up to the hype, but I think this did.I loved Charlie and his Grandpa as the main protagonists they were humble, and sweet, and smart I loved Willy Wonka he was energetic and excited and brilliant and sarcastic as all hell And I loved how the po [...]

    19. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is an obvious classic in my book Besides the fact its been around for awhile already, it definitely has that magic factor that pulls you in Anyone with even a remnant left of their kid s heart in them, will love this book I believe this story, not the book, but at least the story has a huge following, due in part to the movie starring Gene Wilder I love Johnny Depp, but he lacks the whimsical weirdness of the previous Wonka and is just weird Howeve [...]

    20. When I read this book as a child I was so immersed in the story my imagination was broadened How exciting to find a golden ticket and gain access as a VIP in Willy Wanka s mysterious chocolate factory Brilliant The original film with Gene Wilder is a classic In my opinion far better than the remake with Johnny Depp I like Johnny Depp he is an amazing actor but Gene Wilder was Willy Wanka in my book I often wonder about the names of these characters Did Roald Dahl have a twinkle in his eye when h [...]

    21. Dei bastante pra pegar esse livro pra ler achando que, por j ter visto os filmes e o musical muitas vezes, eu n o encontraria nada de novo nessa hist ria Mas como eu estava enganado Nenhuma adapta o, por mais fiel que ela seja, poderia substituir a escrita gostosa e brilhante do Roald Dahl Mesmo sabendo tudo que ia acontecer na hist ria, cada cap tulo era uma surpresa muito gostosa O livro me deu uma vis o muito diferente a respeito do Charlie e do Willy Wonka Descobri um Charlie muito mais doce [...]

    22. A per il cioccolato Il permissivismo sempre pi dilagante da parte dei genitori costruisce veri e propri mostri, difettati nella sensibilit e scarsi di comprendonio l umilt e la generosit pagano sempre.L idea della fabbrica un pretesto, incredibilmente suggestivo, sulla quale l autore costruisce la semplice e importante morale di fondo.

    23. This book was quite disturbing I mean Augustus Gloop, who apparently had a nasty cold, completely contaminated the entire chocolate river, and then Wonka scoops out cup fulls for Charlie and Grandpa Joe to drink, and they do Nasty You just know that Augustus peed himself from fear when he fell in, too I really enjoyed this, with the exception of the insanely long Oompa Loompa songs I just don t like reading verse, no matter how clever it is, so I skimmed these sections Sometimes pages of them Ot [...]

    24. The latest in my recent teaching of Dahl booksYes I get that it s a beloved children s novel, and the whole weird Roald Dahl thing And much has already been said of the problematic Oompah Loompah problematic African pygmies thing really it s much offensive in the books about them being shipped in crates from their land, unlike the film adaptations where they re just unexplained magical creatures But what really bothered me is the lesson that the way to get out of poverty is to win the lottery I [...]

    25. I can t decide what to rate this It seems odd rating it, because even though I didn t read it as a child I still know the story so well since the movies well, the first one is adapted so nicely It s a great story Really dark, actually, darker when you read it, but it still feels weird rating a story I already know so well It didn t feel new, just nice and comforting because it was familiar I had this as 3 stars when I was writing but now I m changing to 4, I don t know why, they aren t that impo [...]

    26. This one has to be one of my favorite stories Such a fun, quick and easy read Roald Dahl s writing style is super entertaining Can t wait to read by him.

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