All the Trouble in the World #2020

All the Trouble in the World By P.J. O'Rourke All the Trouble in the World Attacking fashionable worries all those terrible problems that are constantly on our minds and in the news but about which most of us have no real clue the bestselling author of Parliament of Whores
  • Title: All the Trouble in the World
  • Author: P.J. O'Rourke
  • ISBN: 9780871136114
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • All the Trouble in the World By P.J. O'Rourke Attacking fashionable worries all those terrible problems that are constantly on our minds and in the news, but about which most of us have no real clue the bestselling author of Parliament of Whores crisscrosses the globe in search of answers to today s most vexing dilemmas, and, in the process, ensures that political correctness will never be the same again.
    All the Trouble in the World By P.J. O'Rourke
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      315 P.J. O'Rourke
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    1. P.J. O'Rourke

      Patrick Jake P J O Rourke is an American political satirist, journalist, writer, and author O Rourke is the H L Mencken Research Fellow at the Cato Institute and is a regular correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, The American Spectator, and The Weekly Standard, and frequent panelist on National Public Radio s game show Wait Wait Don t Tell Me Since 2011 O Rourke has been a columnist at The Daily Beast In the United Kingdom, he is known as the face of a long running series of television advertisements for British Airways in the 1990s.He is the author of 20 books, of which his latest, The Baby Boom How It Got That Way And It Wasn t My Fault And I ll Never Do It Again , was released January 2014 This was preceded on September 21, 2010, by Don t Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards, and on September 1, 2009, Driving Like Crazy with a reprint edition published on May 11, 2010 According to a 60 Minutes profile, he is also the most quoted living man in The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Humorous Quotations.

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    1. His subtitles to the chapters are excellent Overpopulation Just enough of me, way too much of you He helps you realize it s not population density that s a problem, it s lack of freedom and rule of law And people who claim to worry about overpopulation are really just disguising their racism Too many brown people.Famine All guns, no butter Somalia is the case study for how you can actually have a lot of food around and people will still starve due to political repression It was so absurd it was [...]

    2. Kind of weird to read a what is admittedly a well written, for the form right wing screed from the mid 90 s today LOTS of stuff that would go over like a fart in church, i.e constantly tying abortion to black people Fun fact, actually worked at an abortion clinic, VERY high percentage of white people there Solid majority throwing the homeless under the bus as a bunch of crack addicts, and a wierd, overwhelming obsession with Gore and Hillary I guess it s nice to be reassured that the inability o [...]

    3. Congratulations, PJ O Rourke, you were partly responsible for the morons on America s ultra right fringe today who have no use for science, government, and civility Teabaggers today don t have the slightest idea of what happened during our 2008 financial meltdown and thus were easily talked into blaming it all on home owners drowning in debt on variable rate mortgages they didn t understand, school teachers who have the temerity to earn a middle class wage, and Mexican immigrants who actually pa [...]

    4. We are no longer in grave danger of the atomic war which, for nearly fifty years, threatened to annihilate humanity and otherwise upset everyone s weekend plans The nasty, powerful and belligerent empire that was the Soviet Union has fallen apart It s nothing now but a space on the map full of quarreling nationalities with too many k s and z s in their names armed scrabble contestants It was a world in which nigger was not a taboo name, but the second half of Beavis and Butt head would have been [...]

    5. It is political incorrect to say the great majority of all people in the the U S if not the whole world are stupid, apathetic,brainwashed zombies or sleepwalkers.Proof No need to look further than the fact the pea size brain cowboy G.W.Bush Jr was elected not just one time, but also the second time as the Prez of the Evil Empire.Under the Emperor Bush ruling , everywhere you went , you hear blatant lies, self serving rhetoric, arrogant accusations and threats, and nonsensical blabbing.They were [...]

    6. A sobering, entertaining, and occasionally irritating read The subtitle is a pretty accurate description The lighter side of overpopulation, famine, ecological disaster, ethnic hatred, plague, and poverty Writing with humor about the kinds of troubles that keep people up at night is something that is not at all easy to do, but O Rourke manages to pull it off, sometimes brilliantly With biting wit, careful research, and lots of on the ground experience plus a few too many simplistic and uncharita [...]

    7. Review All The trouble In The World by P J O 19Rourke.I should have read this book a few years ago The context is old news but still interesting O 19Rourke 19s addresses serious issues with a sense of humor while being established as a good journalist O 19Rourke was on a world wide journey doing research and looking for solutions on the world 19s most vexing issues in the late 1990 19s He invested his time on overpopulation, environmental living, economy, famine, plague, and multiculturalism, po [...]

    8. Let me say this up front, I am a PJ O Rourke fan If you find his particular brand of Libertarian tinged conservatism offensive, you probably will not enjoy this book On the other hand, if it doesn t bother you, this is a funny and informed look at a lot of issues that worry modern Americans His personal take on famine and pestilence is not exactly gentle, but its fun This is my second favorite of his books after the immortal parliament of Whores While neither as rapier sharp nor as spot on as th [...]

    9. Funny O Rourke pulls no punches in going after the fashionable worries, those that appear constantly in the news but about which most of us are rally ignorant about O Rourke travels the world to explore real problems overpopulation, famine, plague, and multiculturalism While reading this, I felt that we in America have it pretty good compared to many in India, South America and the like The author does the job of informing us with humor and not by whining which many books of this type will do.

    10. I think P.J O Rourke is really funny He travels around the world trying to discover the causes of why some places suck and others do not He s irreverent, he notices and appreciates absurdities and his facts are well researched Learning about bureaucracy, economics, disasters, famine, etc has never been so much fun.

    11. This book wqas very influential in disturbing my innocent liberal view of the world I especially liked the chapter comparing the population density of Fremont California to Bangladesh While this book didn t turn me into a reagan republican it did puncture some of my liberal assumption of the world.

    12. Very enjoyable and informative with particular eloquence on the subject of famines and overpopulation.Worth reading once, and worth referring to after that Sorry Al Gore , for calling you a fascist twinkie and intellectual dolt It s nothing personal I just think you have repulsive totalitarian inclinations and the brains of a king charles spaniel.

    13. Rhetorically fun in teensy tiny doses Easily gets old and hard to care about, but worth picking up just for the commonplaces in the first 10 pages His message exposes folly without answering in hope.

    14. I didn t enjoy this one as much as Holidays in Hell, but O Rourke has a great storytelling style even when his politics and mine don t exactly agree He makes a lot of good points, and is funny enough that even where I don t agree with him, his stories are great reading.

    15. I d been meaning to read some of P J O Rourke s work for a while now finally I made time to and it was worth the wait Knowing his credentials as a political humourist I knew or less what to expect In this book he investigates fashionable worries such as over population, famine, plague, multi culturalism, ecology, the environment and economics On the way he takes a swipe at the political classes who seem unwilling to deal with these problems, who cannot seem to devise any solutions to help resol [...]

    16. I have recommended All the Trouble in the World to many people One year, i even gave out copies as Christmas gifts First off, Ii read a few reviews and I don t think they got what this book is about P.J O Rourke takes a careful examination of several Big problem Famine, Ecological Disaster, Ethnic Hatred, Plague, and Poverty of our modern society He explains a bit about their history and what is was being done to solve these problems He then shows that these problems were created by governments [...]

    17. You have to have some thick skin to really be able to read this book There are some really obnoxious things that are written that are nowhere near pc you have to be prepared for it You sometimes can t help but laugh at what P.J writes At the same time you can view things differently in how he comes up w the stuff which will make you roll your eyes sometimes as well Although this book is written at the height of the 90 s there is a multitude of things happening during that time he goes through mo [...]

    18. This is a very old book which I first read years ago I have reread it several times since Parts of it are extremely dated but some of it is quite funny, sad and clever all at the same time Stories of the Ministry of Jute and the pathos of a government s frozen focus on a former cash cow is still relevant today Also his some what flippant and probably now inaccurate comparisons of population densities strike quite keenly at my own smug first world assumptions To many of them, not enough of us Thi [...]

    19. Although I applaud anyone who maintains a chapter long analogy between Fremont, CA and Bangladesh, this book feels overreaching, in terms of both its scope and its contrarianism It s overly long, and sometimes O Rourke sounds like he has run out of steam and has resorted to playing the character of himself Like Peace Kills, I preferred the first chapter, a summary of his general sentiments I have to conclude that O Rourke works best when he s covering everything that s wrong with the human race [...]

    20. I am a vegetarian I disapprove of the death penalty I am a feminist You could even say I am a liberal Yet, I defy all stereotyping, because I love the writing of P J O Rourke Yes, his writing is biased show me writing that isn t Yes, he can be bombastic But if you want an informed and entertaining read on the important issues facing the world today, you could not go past this man as a great starting point Love or loathe the individual, you have to admire the writer Well done again, Mr O Rourke

    21. Of all the O Rourke titles I ve ever bought, this has to be my all time favourite P J takes his sarcastic scalpel to all sorts of political sacred cows and finds himself answering the question Where s the beef My current copy goes everywhere with me as a kind of dip into read for all those moments when the world seems a little crazier than usual Down to Earth in a screaming re entry trajectory kind of way.

    22. My boss pulled this book off a shelf in his rather extensive collection, highlighting it as a really funny book And indeed it was I found myself laughing out loud many a time, and yes, the subtitles are so, so hilarious Also quite amazed that the Problems of the 1990s still seem current today Or maybe that should be tragic,

    23. Outrageously funny He slaughters so many sacred cows that the book looks like a butcher s shop He truly is very funny about serious issues His combination of comedy and conservatism is refreshing and enlightening He is one of my favorites.

    24. O rourke is a drunken Irishmen with some out of whack bullshit typical rich white man ideals That being said for whatever reason i find his books a sad yet brilliant commentary on the state of things.

    25. I read this a long time ago, and I wonder if my opinion of it would change if I read it again today I remember this book being funny, and that he s a clever guy and a good writer I don t recall agreeing with a lot of it though.

    26. P.J.O Rourke always gets me thinking I like his wit, and his conclusions are so interesting The section on Famine was especially eye opening.Just watch out for language There can be quite a few cusses in his books.

    27. Not great Probably the book that begins his progression from Amusing Libertarian Writer to That Bore At The Bar Who Thinks He s Funnier Than He Really Is Cringe inducing commentary on the environment Worth it only for the reportage from the then new Czech Republic and the Balkans.

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