Cowardly Clyde #2020

Cowardly Clyde By Bill Peet Cowardly Clyde For a war horse Clyde is an abysmal coward but he finally decides that even if he isn t brave he can at least act bravely
  • Title: Cowardly Clyde
  • Author: Bill Peet
  • ISBN: 9780395361719
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cowardly Clyde By Bill Peet For a war horse, Clyde is an abysmal coward, but he finally decides that even if he isn t brave, he can at least act bravely.
    Cowardly Clyde By Bill Peet
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    1. Bill Peet

      Bill Peet was an American children s book illustrator and a story writer for Disney Studios He joined Disney in 1937 and worked on The Jungle Book, Song of the South, Cinderella, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Sword in the Stone, Goliath II, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Fantasia, The Three Caballeros, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other stories.After successes developing short stories for Disney, Peet had his first book published, Hubert s Hair Raising Adventure.

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    1. Cowardly Clyde is another classic story from the mind of Bill Peet This is the story of a cowardly horse named Clyde who must put aside his fears to save his master from a ferocious ogre Cowardly Clyde is one of the greatest stories ever told about conquering your fears to save the people you love Bill Peet s illustrations are beautiful, especially of the scenes in the forest having all kinds of shades of green and the trees always looking so smooth The illustration of Clyde himself is also beau [...]

    2. I can t believe that since I was 7 years old I ve been trying to find this book again It was one of my very favorite as a young boy, about a brave knight and his fearful war horse who eventually had to face his fears becoming a hero against the great monster to save the day I could never remember the name, only the main story line and what the cover looked liked It was so influential on me as a kid it made me want to be a knight when I grew up so when I was old enough I became an United States M [...]

    3. This is Bill Peet at the top of his game We have a sympathetic horse, a gripping story, a scary monster, a satisfying conclusion Along the way we have the pleasure of his art great facial expressions and body language on people and animals both, scruffy dogs, bearded peasants, a spooky forest, and of course Bill Peet can never resist including a collapsed barn, which he always captures with a stunning blend of emotional and architectural truth Okay, these are adult pleasures, but it s a great st [...]

    4. I love Bill Peet I adore this book It s my very favorite children s book and the first I remember reading entirely on my own It s a great story of a cowardly horse who is forced to face an ogre that is terrorizing the surrounding countryside Sir Gallivant, Clyde s knight, goes on a quest to defeat the ogre and, in the end, Clyde must take a stand or risk losing his closest friend Wonderful story Fun, fantastic illustrations

    5. Clyde the war horse thinks that it s pretending to be brave, because it doesn t feel brave as it decides to make the right choice anyway But that s exactly what bravery courage is doing the right thing despite the threat of pain or the temptation of pleasure So Clyde wasn t simply pretending to be brave He was brave 3.5 stars.

    6. This is The Book from my childhood it s the first one I remember reading Maybe not the typical girl picture book it s about a knight and his cowardly steed who go off to a deep, dark forrest to battle an evil ogre And a fairly evil looking sun makes an appearance.

    7. The illustrations in this book are wonderful As a child, I loved Clyde and all his cowardly ways It makes you feel brave to read of his adventures and empowered to face your own fears Excellent children reading

    8. This is a fun story with great descriptive words to stretch a preschooler s vocabulary, but I don t like that the knight was honored for lying about the ogre It was still a fun story to share with my youngest child.

    9. This hilarious book was probably my favorite as a child It is so funny that reading to your kids may actually be something you look forward to

    10. Peet, B 1979 Cowardly clyde New York, NY Houghton Mifflin Company.Sir Galavant is ready to fight any giant, ogre, or troll that crosses his path Unfortunately, his horse Clyde is quite the coward As hundreds of townspeople flee from a monster, Galavant claims he can finish it off before tea time Clyde balks as they near the woods but doesn t want to look like a chicken Upon finding the ogre, a fight ensues, but Clyde takes off trying to save both their hides When he reaches the edge of the fores [...]

    11. Clyde, the war horse, is terrified of just about everything When his knight vows to slay the town ogre that is driving people to leave, Clyde isn t so sure Into the forest they venture, Clyde keeping a lookout for creepy creatures After awhile they happen across the sleeping ogre Clyde would just as soon walk away and leave the ogre to his nap But his knight has other intentions The knight spurs him on and wakes the ogre Clyde takes off running and the knight falls off his back When Clyde realiz [...]

    12. We ve recently discovered Bill Peet s books and have been steadily borrowing them from our local library as we find them This is an entertaining story about a cowardly horse view spoiler who redeems himself when his partner is in danger hide spoiler The illustrations are terrific, as we have come to expect from the author s books and his career as a Disney story writer Overall, it was an entertaining tale and we will certainly look for of his books at our local library.

    13. This is a creative about a brave knight and his cowardly horse that are asked to defeat a creature that lives in the woods The story revolves around the cowardly horse that makes the transition into being a brave horse in order to save his knight This is a great transition book to use for students who are making the change from picture books to heavy reading that is pictures and text or strictly text.

    14. About a horse The kids I read it to thought it was weird that it was about the horse and not about the knight but very well done I think they both really liked it in the end I did A little hard for the kids I work with in 1st grade, but they understood everything when I read it to them, so maybe 1st grade but later in the year or 2nd grade

    15. My husband s favorite as a kiddo, and so fun now to share with our son He has just turned 2 but is fascinated and asks for it before every nap and at bedtime I m a fan of the writing great adjectives perfectly placed alliteration The characters are endearing Fun read for both kiddos the adults who read to them I ll check out Bill Peet works having read this fun adventure.

    16. Clyde is the supposedly brave steed of Sir Galavant, a knight determined to slay dragons and free people from oppression When Sir Galavant attempt to help some villagers having an ogre problem, Clyde must face his fears and learns a valuable lesson Fake it till you make it Very nice, colorful illustrations.

    17. Life is hard for Clyde, the horse of a brave knight But when the time comes, will he show true courage This is a predictable but extremely fun picture book that kids and their parents will enjoy.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    18. Another delightful Bill Peet book Clyde always puts on a good show, but he s actually very cowardly But when his knight needs help, what will Clyde do I loved this one, just as I love all of Bill Peet s books Absolutely fantastic re read His seem to be the some of the few children s books that stand the test of time and are just as good to read as an adult as they were when read as a child.

    19. Cowardly Clyde is the story of a brave knight and the cowardly horse that he rides upon When the knight is faced with a terrifying ogre, the horse would rather just turn and run the other way Unfortunately, the knight gets into a spot of trouble and it is the horse that has to set aside his fears and save the day.Good pictures, good read aloud.

    20. GR Level OElementary E PEEClyde, the cowardly war horse, doesn t want to have anything to do with finding the ogre in the kingdom and destroy it When things don t turn out the way he wants he discovers that even cowardly souls can make brave decisions that can make all the difference.

    21. This is one of my favorite children s books All of Bill Pete s books are marvelous though I don t understand why they had to lie about how the monster was killed in the end It seems like an odd thing to throw in at the last minute But the lessons about being brave are good ones It s excellent for preschool aged and up.

    22. Clyde, the cowardly war horse, doesn t want to have anything to do with finding the ogre in the kingdom and destroy it When things don t turn out the way he wants he discovers that even cowardly souls can make brave decisions that can make all the difference.

    23. I don t remember a lot of Bill Pete as a child, but he was a standard in my husband s childhood He was thrilled when our kids were old enough to sit through these longer stories I m glad, too These books are clever, witty, and always make for some good laughs.

    24. A brave knight sets off on a cowardly horse looking for adventure When the pair finds a ferocious ogre, Clyde runs However, once Clyde realizes he left his knight behind he finds the meaning of courage and goes back to save the knight and learns that he too can be brave.

    25. A knight s cowardly horse becomes a brave steed after defeating an ogre.Love the illustrations The ogre definitely shares traits with Mad Madame Mim.

    26. My four year old loved it It rhymed Lesson be brave when people need you or fake it till you make it in that regard

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