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Trying Sophie By Rebecca Norinne Trying Sophie This is an alternate cover edition for B N IR CM She doesn t date players Sophie Newport loves her life she s travelled the world and lived by her own rules But when her grandfather has a heart attac
  • Title: Trying Sophie
  • Author: Rebecca Norinne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trying Sophie By Rebecca Norinne This is an alternate cover edition for B01N0IR0CM She doesn t date players Sophie Newport loves her life she s travelled the world and lived by her own rules But when her grandfather has a heart attack, she drops everything and boards a plane to Ireland Two weeks, that s the plan Until one look at her childhood nemesis has her rethinking everything She s sworn offThis is an alternate cover edition for B01N0IR0CM She doesn t date players Sophie Newport loves her life she s travelled the world and lived by her own rules But when her grandfather has a heart attack, she drops everything and boards a plane to Ireland Two weeks, that s the plan Until one look at her childhood nemesis has her rethinking everything She s sworn off athletes, but she might just give him a try.He s the biggest player of all.Sex and rugby were the only things Declan O Shaughnessy cared about, right up until his first love waltzed back into his life Even as he slept his way through Dublin, he never stopped thinking about her Never stopped wondering if she thought about him, too So even though he s never gone after a woman the way he chases down opponents on the pitch, this time he won t give up Sophie was his first love he s determined to be her last.
    Trying Sophie By Rebecca Norinne
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    1. Rebecca Norinne

      USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Norinne writes steamy contemporary romance featuring strong, determined heroines and sexy, dominant heroes If you enjoy stories filled with heart, a whole lotta heat, and guaranteed happily ever afters, she s got a book for you Originally from California, she lives in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband When not writing, Rebecca is watching her favorite rugby team, drinking craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next story For information, please visit rebeccanorinne.

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    1. DNF 20%I have a rule if I get an urge to start skimming I just drop the book From experience, it doesn t get better Unfortunately this book couldn t keep my attention It was too slow paced and was lacking in anticipation and contained too many lengthy descriptions that I personally could have lived without I did like the characters, I just don t want to skim through boring parts to get to the good onesn t love them all The hero is a yummy rugby player though so if you re into sports romances you [...]

    2. On hold 44% which basically means that I ve stopped reading the book I don t feel a connection with the characters and it is slow going peeps Very few can do slow romance I lost interest in the end It is so ME and NOT the book.

    3. Well, I said after I read Break Down that I was going to rewind and catch up with the rest of the Dublin Rugby series, so what better way to brighten up a long boring train journey And it mattered not one jot that I d read the fourth book before getting up close and personal with Declan and Sophieis beautiful fucking piece of man flesh standing before me was my childhood nemesis Declan The Turd O Shaughnessy The reformed rake is one of my favourite tropes, especially when we have a stubborn lady [...]

    4. Sophie is a travel writer, she has been to some amazing places around the world but one place that she has never forgotten about is Ireland Her mother is Irish and when Sophie was a young girl, they moved there for a couple of years The worst two years of her life Why Declan O Shaughnessy.You know how sometimes you get teased by a boy at school and people often say it s because he likes you Well that was a big fat lie Declan seem to take great delight in teasing Sophie as much as he could She ca [...]

    5. I received 2 signs that lead me to read this book 1 My friend Kate Phoenix had this book on her To Read shelf w the comment, Irish and rugby, can t pass that up me too I love books about Ireland Irish characters 2 The Irish National Rugby team recently beat NZ s All Blacks rugby team OMG The Prologue starts off with 18 years in the past The H, Declan and the h, Sophie are 8 years old Sophie is an awkward shy, half American half Irish little girl Declan is her nemesis He s the popular boy who can [...]

    6. Trying Sophie, by Rebecca NorinneDublin Rugby 1Publication Date December 6, 2016Genres Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Rugby, Sports RomanceSYNOPSIS She doesn t date playersSophie loves her life she s traveled the world and lived by her own rules But when she finds out about her grandfather s heart attack, she drops everything and boards a plane to Ireland Two weeks, that s the plan Until one look at her childhood nemesis has her rethinking everything She s sworn off athletes, but she might just g [...]

    7. This is my book, so of course I love it Since I watched my first Irish rugby match during the 2015 Rugby World Cup, I knew I had to write a story about this sport I hope you enjoy reading Declan and Sophie s story as much as I did writing it Now if you ll excuse me, rugby season has started back up and I m off to watch my local team.

    8. This is a ME NOT YOU review This sounds so good And it is in POV whoop whoop Can you tell I m exited DAs you can tell I was very exited to start this one it had everything I wanted ButWith this one I ve come to realize I m ruined for other authors Because with everything I thought Oh that s like with that book, that s like that oneThe blurb spoke to me and I set my expectations to highI will not get into it to much, because this is a me not you issue.There are lot s of awesome reviews and great [...]

    9. This is the first book I ve ever read by Rebecca Norinne, and I absolutely loved it I m a big fan of sports romance so when I saw a book about an Irish rugby player, I knew I had to read it It also helps that I m strangely drawn to the name Declan I have no idea why haha I ve had a serious case of wanderlust lately and this book really helped me satisfy that or made it even worse haha with the way that the author goes into descriptive detail about the scenery, culture, and accents.In the prologu [...]

    10. I had the great honor of reading Trying Sophie by Rebecca Norrine and immediately fell in love not only with the characters and setting, but Norrine s writing The book is sweet, funny, and sexy not an easy combination to pull off Trying Sophie is a fantastic first book in a Dublin Rugby series and I m genuinely looking forward to reading the rest

    11. From the moment I read the synopsis for this book it started to weave its magical spell over me With its delicious Irish hero and its strong willed heroine theirs is a romance that crackled from the moment they were children to the eroticism of adulthood as they morphed from childhood enemies to adult friends to lovers Theirs is a romance that had moments of fun and flirtation but had surprising heart and soul that kept me fully immersed in their HEA from the first page to the last.The moment De [...]

    12. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs Trying Sophie is the first book in the adult contemporary sports romance, Dubline Rugby series by author Rebecca Norinne I have never read any of Rebecca s books, but I can t pass up a book set in Dublin with Rugby players One of my favorite sports romance series of all time features a rugby team by L.H Cosway Penny Reid so I couldn t pass up the first book in a new rugby romance series And I am super glad that I read Trying Sophie This [...]

    13. Sophie Newport didn t have the easiest childhoods, especially when her father left her mother for a younger model, which brought out the gossip in spades When she s shipped off to her Grandparents in Ireland, she s a shy girl, and it doesn t help there s a boy who is intent on making her life hell, and succeeds Now years later, she loves how her life turned out, she s traveling the world and living by her own rules When she learns of her grandfather having a heart attack, she drops everything to [...]

    14. This is my first book from this author, but it wont be my last We meet Sophie who fights her attraction to her childhood nemesis, Declan, who used to bully and torment her when they were children Declan always had a crush on her, and she never knew, how could she, with the stuff he pulled There is some back and forth snark, that you will enjoy, and things start to finally build up with help from the grandparents, who always know best Their chemistry is combustible, can t wait for next book.

    15. 5 review by Nicole McC EBR Ever since I heard the lovely and talented author Rebecca Norrine was writing a Rugby romance, I practically stalked her social media account waiting for a release date I ll put my hands up and admit, I was a little worried, after having spent weeks hyping myself up for this book, on the off chance that it wouldn t live up to my high sports romance addicted expectations.I really needn t have fretted because Rebecca employed her sterling writing and story telling capabi [...]

    16. 4.5 stars Sports romance with a sexy rugby star and a travel writer with an attraction despite being childhood enemiesTrying Sophie was my first read by Rebecca Norinne but it most definitely won t be my last one I loved this childhood enemies turned instant attraction as adults sports romance between two really likeable characters, one a sexy rugby star, the other a travel writer still looking for her place in the world to truly call home The characters and overall plot were unique and will kee [...]

    17. Put together the words rugby and Irish men and you get a lethal mix for your eyes, as you re reading about them, and your heart They have become part of my personal list of favorite book boyfriend Love might be in the air, as they say, but the hotness is for sure on rugby playing fields It must be something they breathe in the grass while they re rolling on it growing upDeclan was one of the worst nightmares of Sophie s childhood, with his relentless taunts and teasing, from which Sophie happily [...]

    18. This is the first book that I have read by this author and I wasn t disappointed Declan is a pro Rugby player, a player with the ladies too He is respected and loved for his talents on the pitch He has earned the nickname of The Machine for his other talents He is single and doesn t date Wam bam, thank you ma am is his style Sophie is a renowned travel blogger She lives in the US and has strong family ties in Ireland, her mother being Irish She left Ireland when she was eight years old and has [...]

    19. I could not put this book down I had not previously read any books by Rebecca Norinne but I love reading new authors and discovering their works The way the author wrote this had me anxious to get to the end, just so I could see what happened with all the characters Declan and Sophie being the main ones, but there were a lot of supporting cast that I want to read about as well I absolutely can t wait until the future books of this series come out I plan to snatch them up as soon as they are rel [...]

    20. Rugby star meets Travel writer whom he bullied in childhood What a cute and compelling romance In the prologue we meet young Sophie, who has come to Ireland to live with her grandparents.She is hoping o make new friends especially with the cute boy Declan she just saw.Except he insults her in front of the whole class It all goes downhill from there with Declan bullying her at every turn and Sophie giving it back to him.After sometime she goes back to the US with her mom and is happy to do so.Now [...]

    21. Trying Sophie was a fun, emotionally charged read.Declan and Sophie had known each other briefly when they were younger Declan made sure to make Sophie s life a living hell while she was in Ireland and although years have passed, Sophie has never forgotten that boy who made her childhood the worst.Years later, Declan is a famous Rugby star and Sophie travels the world and has a popular blog Both of them have their own career s and their own fame and fortune Both of them have their own perfect li [...]

    22. Oh my Declan and Sophie This duo They were sooooo freaking hot and enticing I was completely consumed by their book, Trying Sophie It s definitely a must read.These two have known one another since they were eight But they weren t childhood buddies in fact Sophie hated Declan because he was such a little stinker to her What she didn t understand at the time was that he was crushing on her and the only way she acknowledged him was when he provoked her.Flash forward to years later, they re bought [...]

    23. Shipped off to Ireland because her parents were divorcing, she spent two years of her life being tortured by Declan She often thought of what she would say to him if she ever saw him again Now after 18 years she finally has her chance.Loving the beauty that was Sophie at the young age of 8 years old, was something that Declan should handle He didn t know the burning in his heart and churning in his stomach was from the affect she had on him So what did the little boy do to get the girls attentio [...]

    24. This book was oh so good I absolutely fell in love with Declan and Sophie The trials and tribulations that they both endured for the sake of love I already knew this book was going to be amazing because Rebecca is one talented writer I m so excited that we will be getting sexy rugby stories.Sophie grew up in the US after enduring torture everyday at the hands of Declan O Shaughnessy Her father s family owns a professional basketball team She knows the ins and outs of how much of a player these [...]

    25. This is an adult romance featuring a rugby player but no on field rugby and a girl who used to go to school with him before emigrating, but who has now returned to visit To start with we get explanations of how the girl was the odd one out and got teased a lot In today s timeline we are told her scattered family don t get on although we don t really understand why So she comes over to Ireland to visit when one of the older generation falls ill The second half is full of adult thoughts and action [...]

    26. Wow, this book totally blew me away I devoured it in one sitting, I was hooked from the first page I loved Declan and Sophie, Declan is a pro rugby player and a total man whore He doesn t do commitment or do overs, he s not called the machine for nothing Sophie is a travel blogger, living the dream but family ties bring her back to Ireland Declan and Sophie first meet as children and Declan is a total arse to her, she s never forgotten or forgiven him Declan has been in love with her for years a [...]

    27. First off I must say I m a sucker for an accent and than add a hot athlete and I m ready to read This story was exciting and definitely lived up to my expectations Sophie has to go back home and runs into Declan again The thing is Declan isn t going to let Sophie get away this time You must read this Tory to see what becomes of the two This story will make you laugh, love, lust, and want On top of Sophie and Declan the author built up the secondary chapters and makes you want I can t wait to [...]

    28. Sophie returns to help her grandparents after one of them becomes sick Going back brings up a lot of bad memories from her time spent their as a child Declan is one of the kids who bullied and alienated her at school but he s grown into a top Rugby player and he s a player off the field as well When Sophie comes back he sees this as his chance to get closer to her What s not to like about hot, sweaty, fit Rugby players It s a fun flirty romance with lots of banter between the two main characters [...]

    29. 4 stars I really enjoyed Sophie and Declan s story It was kind of an enemies to lovers story since he was such a bratty kid, but adorable as well The characters were easy to relate to, and the story read well The only reason I gave it four stars is that a few times it felt like thoughts and scenarios were being repeated I like detail in a book, but a few times it just seemed like too much Overall, I would recommend this book to others I read it in one afternoon, because I couldn t wait to find o [...]

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