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Cycler By Lauren McLaughlin Cycler AS FAR AS anyone at her high school knows Jill McTeague is an average smart girl trying to get her dream date to ask her to the prom What no one knows except for Jill s mom and dad is that for the
  • Title: Cycler
  • Author: Lauren McLaughlin
  • ISBN: 9780375851919
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cycler By Lauren McLaughlin AS FAR AS anyone at her high school knows, Jill McTeague is an average smart girl trying to get her dream date to ask her to the prom.What no one knows, except for Jill s mom and dad, is that for the four days Jill is out of school each month, she is not Jill at all She is Jack, a genuine boy complete with all the parts Jack lives his four days per month in the solitudeAS FAR AS anyone at her high school knows, Jill McTeague is an average smart girl trying to get her dream date to ask her to the prom.What no one knows, except for Jill s mom and dad, is that for the four days Jill is out of school each month, she is not Jill at all She is Jack, a genuine boy complete with all the parts Jack lives his four days per month in the solitude of Jill s room But his personality has been building since the cycling began He is less and less content with his confinement and his cycles are becoming frequent Now Jill s question about the prom isn t who she ll go with, but who she ll be when the big night arrives.
    Cycler By Lauren McLaughlin
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    1. Lauren McLaughlin

      I grew up in the small town of Wenham, Massachusetts After college and a brief flirtation with anthropology I spent ten years in the film business as both a screenwriter Hypercube, Prisoner of Love, Specimen and producer American Psycho, Buffalo 66, Vig, Stag, and others before turning my attention to novels I am the author of the teen novels, The Free, Cycler, Re Cycler, and Scored, as well as the children s picture book series, Mitzi Tulane, Preschool Detective My second picture book, Wonderful You, comes out in April 2017.

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    1. Holy effing crap this book was a disappointment I am bursting with so much to say that I ll try to stay organized but I am not making any promises.Firstly the concept is so, so good Why isn t this a better execution In fact, I almost gave the book two stars just because the concept is awesome, but, no, sorry One star for you.I find it very interesting that in Lauren McLaughlin s bio, she mentions being passionate about women s rights How odd, then, that she litters the girl POV with, you know, g [...]

    2. Once a month, teenager Jill McTeague turns into a boy for three days Whereas I would be like, OMG Best period alternative ever especially since Jill is lucky enough to have a cute bisexual boy fall in love with her Jill is less than psyched by this little bit of genderfuckery In fact, thanks to the influence of her cartoonishly evil mother, Jill has totally sublimated her male side, causing him to split into a separate personality called Jack And Jack s starting to get pissed.Frankly, I do not b [...]

    3. First of all, I will credit this book for its premise I think I first read about it on Jezebel or something and thought it might be interesting, even for a young adult novel.But it was absolutely maddening Harder to read than Twilight, even if possible I know that teenage girls can sometimes be unbearable I was one at one point but wow For being such a gender bending premise it was incredibly stereotypical It was as if to say, look at how with the times we are There are characters in the book th [...]

    4. Four days a month, Jill s female body turns into a male one, and Jill becomes Jack.I was excited about this book because genderfuck Then I started to read it Jill is a twit Her sections feel like Seventeen Magazine wrote them, right down to the preoccupation with the prom, the awkward slang, and the bad relationship advice But I stuck with it because genderfuck I still had hope that Jack could be my buddy He thinks Jill is a twit, too Then he sneaks out of the house, climbs onto Jill s best frie [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooCYCLER is one of those rare storiess that can transcend one genre of book Touted as a science fiction story, it can easily pass for a contemporary teen novel, with a little bit of mystery and even horror if the concept of the story creeps you out thrown in Jill McTeague is a normal high school girl She s got good friends who are helping her to snag a date to the prom Not any date, though She s been asked by her science lab partner but brushed him off saying it [...]

    6. I m not really sure what I think about this book It took a lot of odd turns that are just that odd I can t really describe a whole lot of the book with out giving away a good chunk of the plot However i ll try to.Jill is a 17 year old girl with a unique condition Every month about the time aunt flow would come to visit she would turn into a 17 year old boy named Jack Jack was hated by Jill s mother, and as a result was forced to live in her room the four days a month he existed thus causing him [...]

    7. Meet Jill she s on a mission Prom is coming up and she is determined to bag herself the perfect date But Jill is harbouring a big secret that could not only destroy her chances of showing up to prom on the arm of a hottie, but could also ruin her entire life.Meet Jack his parents don t like him much, but he s misunderstood They keep him locked up in his bedroom so he can t cause any trouble, but Jack is tired of being their prisoner And anyway, he has his sights set on a girl, and he can t very [...]

    8. Jill s terrible secret is that four days out of every month, she turns into a boy It s a clever idea that could have been a good book for teens interested in bi sexuality or queer gender Unfortunately, the attitudes towards queerness and gender are so stereotyped and or offensive that I can t actually see it appealing to queer teens It s okay though, the phrase not homophobic was used so many times it couldn t possibly be homophobic Everyone knows if you say it, that makes it true.

    9. McLaughlin, Lauren 2008 Cycler.This book is blurbed by Scott Westerfeld, one of my favorite authors, Artfully fractured and wickedly smart A brilliant screwball comedy about love, self knowledge, and the secret identities inside all of us Part of me is curious what book he read, because that sure wasn t my take on Cycler Proof yet again that reading is subjective.I have mixed feelings on this one I ll try to explain the pros and cons as I see them throughout my review.First sentence I am all gir [...]

    10. What the hell did I just read This book took me very little time to finish, it was not challenging and the writing was decent enough But don t let that fool you Normally, I am one to read a book on whim I won t go into an extensive search of reviews ratings, I ll just see a book with a pretty cover and think, hey, let s read this Yes, I judge books by cover BUT I KNOW YOU DO TOO The actual content of the story included a lot of graphic sex talk and teenage drama and damned stereotypes I don t ca [...]

    11. I was looking for an easy read, and this short little teen book seemed just the thing, especially given the very unique bizarre premise of a girl who turns into a boy for 4 days a month.I felt OLD as I started to read this The lingo made me wonder if this was a modern valley girl speak or an attempt at something similar I don t know It s been a while since I ve been around teens, and I know lingo like that evolves, but I don t think I ve ever heard mal malness or deeply quite so frequently or in [...]

    12. I picked this book up thinking it was a trans YA novel WRONG The premise was really good and very interesting Girl turns into boy every month for four days before her period Brilliant So many good things could come from this But, unfortunately the focus was on shallow dating prom problems, though the author could ve gone so much deeper and written a good, inspirational story for young and confused queer, trans and questioning individuals While I was glad she tackled the Bisexual issue, I think i [...]

    13. This one may have been the longest on my to read list All I knew was that it was about a girl who turns into a boy for five days every menstrual cycle I was expecting a different story, one about girls versus boys Differences between masculine and feminine Today s societal issues I thought it was going to offer some enlightenment and insight into how we treat each other based on gender But this is like a comic novel.The girl is obsessed with prom Right off the bat, I was disappointed How shallo [...]

    14. With the vamp market hitting its saturation point, maybe it s time to tackle the popular metamorphosis theme a new way Cycler does its best to do just that Some girls feel like a completely different person during that particular time of the month, and then there s Jillwho literally transforms into a different person during that time of the month For four days during her period, Jill becomes Jack, with all the accompanying equipment and social challenges that you might expect McLaughlin could ha [...]

    15. I fell for this book based entirely on the premise that the main character goes through a 4 day cycle of being male every month the way other girls go through their period I expected this to be a pretty gimmicky book, and it looked as if it were going to start out that way both Jill and Jack her 4 day male alter ego start out reduced to the lowest common denominator of their genders Jill is obsessed with getting the boy she s crushing on to ask her out to the prom, and Jack spends his 4 day a mo [...]

    16. Four days out of each month, biologically female Jill cycles and becomes biologically male Jack Jill has always managed to keep her mind separate from Jackuntil Jack falls for Jill s best friend Wackiness ensues.A strange combination of fluffy romantic comedy and serious object lesson about human gender and sexuality At first I was incredibly annoyed by Jill s femme y shallowness and repetitive slang, as well as Jack s obnoxious extreme guyness But eventually I was sucked into the fast moving an [...]

    17. CYCLER is without doubt one of the most unique, thought provoking, hilarious, and crazy stories that I have read so far this year It s an unforgettable mishmash of awkward teen love combined with the deeper implications of gender politics and identity.A quirky story like CYCLER wouldn t be successful if it weren t for the incredibly real characters Jill, Jack, and Ramie are delightfully well developed and memorable their conversations crack me up, while some of their actions make me cringe with [...]

    18. I first heard about this book on the Boingboing Holiday Gift YAF list They described it as Smart YA novel about sex and sexuality I like boingboing s recommendations, usually, so I checked it out It was a complete miss For a book that is supposed to be so smart about sex and sexuality, there was very little insight into gender expressions beyond the painfully stereotypical boys like porn, girls like prom It was like headdesk over and over again The premise is interesting girl becomes a boy every [...]

    19. I don t feel I can accurately rate this book because I didn t finish it I got about a third or so of the way in, started to get nervous, and did research So glad I did.What I wanted from this book was an exploration of gender I wanted to read about the complexity and wonder of it, and right or wrong, the back of the book and even the intro made me think we were going to learn in the end, that we re all the same The I read, the worried I got So I came here to check reviews I have friends all ov [...]

    20. Camuffato da libro di pseudo fantascienza la il protagonista un ermafrodita ciclico, nel senso che Jack compare solo durante i quattro giorni di sindrome premestruale di Jill , il libro evidentemente un romanzo che parla di confusione sessuale negli adolescenti OK, Jill ha gi 17 anni, ma questa trasformazione avviene da quando ne aveva 14 ed forse da leggersi come un rifiuto del proprio corpo durante alcune fasi del mese e, in seguito, come una giustificazione all attrazione che lei prova per la [...]

    21. La premi re fois que je suis pass e devant ce livre la FNAC, je n ai m me pas pu me r soudre lire la quatri me de couverture tellement la couverture rose m a fait mauvaise impression Ce n est que plus tard, sur Internet, que je me suis pench e nouveau dessus.Le fait est que j ai toujours t attir e par ce genre de r cits o une fille se fait passer pour un gar on comme c est dans le cas dans le drama japonais Hanazakari no Kimitachi e , les dramas cor ens The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince mon pr f r 3 [...]

    22. Wow Where can I even begin about this book Let s just say that I didn t like it very much It had a very interesting topic, but it was almost too different for me to enjoy it It wasn t only that, but the way that certain parts were approached just made me, honestly, want to get sick at some parts, it was that bad.The writing in general wasn t too bad in my opinion, it was the topic and the way it was approached by the author that made me not enjoy this book as much The writing was for the most p [...]

    23. I picked this one up because the cover blurb intrigued me, and I wanted to see how the author handled the cycling.Sadly, the book failed to live up to the promise of its premise The build up, establishing Jill as a normal high school student with a secret, went on for far too long and contributed little to the overall story Jack s sections were far amusing, if rather insulting to males in general.So what saved it The last third of the book, where tension actually began to build The indication t [...]

    24. Okay, the inherent lack of gender understanding in this book really pissed me off It had potential, and if the rumors of sequel are true, the author better do a bit research into current gender theory and not be so black and white The main character was really unlikable A total weenie who denies anything masculine about herself And the bisexuality stuff was lame Ramie was the only likable character Then ending made me so angry Like they can share her Like bisexual people have to have one of eac [...]

    25. When I fist read the teaser for this book, my interest was piqued The idea of a girl that turns into a boy, who has his own distinct personality, drew me in Unfortunatly, the execution was lacking I ve always been told that the key to attracting readers is having likable or at least relatable characters None of the characters in this book were either Frankly, the only reason I finished this book was some sick facination After about ten pages I wanted to throw both main characters through a wall [...]

    26. While extremely far fetched in its premise, this is an interesting look at gender and gender identity, and one of the rare books for teens dealing with bisexual characters Every month, for four days, Jill s alter ego Jack comes to the fore, complete with teenage male body and desires Jill has learned to block out all memories of his takeover of her body, and until this year he has agreed to stay hidden at home But now he has a crush on her best friend, and even window bars and a keypad lock syst [...]

    27. I wanted to rate this higher because it s such an interesting concept, but I can t in good faith, because the actual book is a total disappointment It s essentialist, bi phobic, and not even well written if I read deeply or mal one time I was gonna throw something, and seriously, YA authors, stop trying to create your own slang it didn t work for the Babysitters Club and it won t work for you I wanted this book to be so much than it was, but no one is really developed as a character least of a [...]

    28. This book has such a great premise A girl turns into a guy for 4 days every month Awesome Tell me What is that like How does she use this special power Well, in the disappointing turn of how this story was written, Jill uses meditation to block out Jack and instead focuses on being a complete parody of a woman and tries to subversively trap herself a man.Are you kidding me You have such a unique premise for a story But instead it gets turned into How do I get him to ask me to the prom Jack was [...]

    29. This book was mostly annoying McLaughlin takes a fun, interesting concept, and then proceeds to drive it into the ground through the use of made up slang, a rather unsympathetic, repressed main character, and most especially in its cynical characterizations of men and women especially men With a novel concept that could potentially say some rather interesting thing about the differences between genders, and the spaces in between, I was disappointed to read something that ultimately rigidly reinf [...]

    30. Cycler was a book with a very unique plot Cycler definately gets big points for originality, but I think it was almost a little too out there for me The fact that a split personality evolved and a girl becomes a guy 4 days a month just didn t catch me Cycler was better as the novel went on The beginning, to me, dragged a bit The end was faster paced, and held your attention, while setting the stage for book 2 The characters were a little too one dimensional for my liking All the gender myths wer [...]

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