The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes #2020

The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes By Steve Hely Vali Chandrasekaran The Ridiculous Race Miles Guides Globe No Airplanes The most absurd hilarious and ridiculous travelogue ever told by two hit TV comedy writers who raced each other around the world for bragging rights and a very expensive bottle of Scotch It started
  • Title: The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes
  • Author: Steve Hely Vali Chandrasekaran
  • ISBN: 9780805087406
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes By Steve Hely Vali Chandrasekaran The most absurd, hilarious, and ridiculous travelogue ever told, by two hit TV comedy writers who raced each other around the world for bragging rights and a very expensive bottle of Scotch It started as a friendly wager two old friends from The Harvard Lampoon, now hotshot Hollywood scribes, challenged each other to a race around the globe in opposite directions TheThe most absurd, hilarious, and ridiculous travelogue ever told, by two hit TV comedy writers who raced each other around the world for bragging rights and a very expensive bottle of ScotchIt started as a friendly wager two old friends from The Harvard Lampoon, now hotshot Hollywood scribes, challenged each other to a race around the globe in opposite directions There was only one rule no airplanes The first man to cross every line of longitude and arrive back in L.A would win Scotch and infamy But little did one racer know that the other planned to cheat him out of the big prize by way of a ride on a quarter million dollar jet pack.What follows is a pair of hilarious, hazardous, and eye opening journeys into the farthest corners of the world From the West Bank to the Aleutian Islands, the slums of Rio to the steppes of Mongolia, traveling by ocean freighter and the Trans Siberian Railway pranking each other mercilessly along the way , Vali and Steve plunge eagerly and ill prepared into global adventure.The Ridiculous Race is a comic travelogue unlike any other, an outrageous tale of two gentlemen travelers who can t wait to don baggy cardigan sweaters, clench corncob pipes between their teeth, and yell at their sons, You lazy bums When we were your age, we raced around the world without airplanes
    The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes By Steve Hely Vali Chandrasekaran
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      Steve Hely Vali Chandrasekaran Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes book, this is one of the most wanted Steve Hely Vali Chandrasekaran author readers around the world.

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    1. Here s what I learned from this book those who can, do Those who can t, write for television Seriously, this is a book about the most incompetent travelers ever to make it back home without losing a limb And I realize that was part of their shtick, but even when they re not being incompetent for humorous effect which is a tough trick to manage, and they mostly don t, because, hey incompetent , they re still hopeless I spent a lot of this book wondering why it wasn t called Two Mostly Useless Guy [...]

    2. The other day, as I was reading this book, I found my husband staring at me with a smile on his face What I asked You just have a really contented look on your face, he said You look like you re going to burst out laughing at any moment I think that s a very apt description of what one might feel while reading this book, at least, as long as one finds it as entertaining and amusing as I did.The Ridiculous Race tells the true story of Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran, two friends who, in 2007, [...]

    3. I could understand someone saying they found the guys esp Vali to be jerks, and disliked the book, but I really liked it Vali offers insights into being non white in places like Russia and Dubai, while Steve manages to write interesting accounts of his two ocean voyages I was left wondering how much of their sniping was purely the instigation of an editor, and whether Steve was aware of Vali s travel diversions all along Recommended to anyone interested in travel genre to give it a try.

    4. The best comedy travel writing is when the author s simply tell what happened without resorting to artifice Interactions with cultures, etc can have exhilarating and hilarious results This book is okay, hence the two star rating, but the authors seem to try too hard at times to get a laugh the setup isn t believable enough to deliver the punch line A very good concept which could have been better executed, in my opinion.

    5. I m 75 pages into this 315 page failing effort to be really really funny The conceit is that the two young TV sitcom writers will be provide laugh a minute descriptions of their race to get around the world without using airplanes, one heading east, the other west There is an obvious difference that becomes clear between writing funny stuff for sitcoms and writing about funny adventures, however the first just requires some creativity in making things up, the latter requires actually doing stuff [...]

    6. The endorsement on the back of this book is from Seth MacFarlane I chose to read it anyway The guys who wrote it are like the idiot douche bags you see around and probably are or have been in your twenties They re funny and sarcastic and think they re way smarter and funnier than they actually are If they re your friends, they re hilarious if they re just some of the other drunks at the bar, they re just, well, annoying.But they went around the world, they made some interesting comments about th [...]

    7. I m within 15 pages of finishing this book, and I can already say this was a huge let down The premise is funny The people are supposed to be funny But the execution was so damn boring.The two authors usually write for funny shows, so I expected a good amount of laughs I found the opposite I spent so much time trying to figure out why the book was un funny that it distracted me from completing it in a normal time frame Here s what I came up with The act of writing for a TV is show is pretty self [...]

    8. On the basis of what we find in the biographical notes, we d expect that Hely and Chandrasekaran ought to have created a work in the great tradition of travel humor However, they fall far short of the mark The premise is delicious two men race around the world in opposite directions without the aid of aircraft Problems they really aren t serious, and one flagrantly cheats They re seemingly interested in drinking, partying and carousing than anything else And both behave like middle school truan [...]

    9. Fun, light reading, perfect for a plane or train ride, though sadly I read it at home Not quite your ordinary travel guide since the boys do get to places very few of us will ever visit voluntarily.

    10. This book is so fucking funny I can t tell if the authors are con artists or geniuses Repeatedly I laughed to the point of embarrassment and read passages aloud to friends Just go read the first five pages somewhere and you ll see what I mean.

    11. It s such a fun idea, to think about racing a friend around the world without the help of airplanes And these two guys are sit com writers, so you would think that it would be laugh out loud funny It s really not If I could have given this book two and a half stars I would have, but I just couldn t go to three Vali one of the authors cheated the whole way round, from the very beginning Didn t even try I think that just pissed me off And, his travels, documented throughout the book, are like frat [...]

    12. The story of Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran and their race around with world without the use of airplanes The first one of them back to Los Angeles collects a rather expensive bottle of scotch Vali heads east and Steve heads west the result The Ridiculous Race Readers get to follow Steve across the Pacific, China, the Trans Siberian Railroad, Finland, Sweden where I now, officially, want to live though I don t quite remember why so it couldn t have been that great of a reason , Italy, Englan [...]

    13. Steve Hely and his friend Vali Chandrasekaran are funny people They have both worked for the Harvard Lampoon and are writers for comedy television So when they decided to race each other around the world without using airplanes for a bottle of very expensive scotch, one might expect hilarity to ensue It does I had a smile on my face for most all of this book Steven went west, attempting to recapture the glory of past great travel adventurers by celebrating the pleasures of boats and trains Vali [...]

    14. I liked this book It is a story of 2 friends who race around the world without the use of airplanes for the winning prize of a bottle of scotch It is a humorous story and I learned a few things about other countries and civilizations in the process A solid 3.8 stars from me.

    15. Fun, entertaining travel experiences.The two authors are comedic scriptwriters in Hollywood who have challenged each other Who would win a race around the globe if one person traveled east and the other west The catch is that neither can use a plane and they must have interesting experiences along the way The prize A bottle of scotch So in April and May 2007 off they went.Steve Hely traveled west with his first experience on a cargo ship to the Siberia via South Korea Through China and Mongolia [...]

    16. Book OverviewIn 2007, two friends Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran embarked on a race around the world without using airplanes Steve traveled West, and Vali traveled East The first guy who circled the planet and make it back to Los Angeles would be declared the winner The prize A bottle of the finest Scotch they could find.Not being just ordinary guys both are writers for television comedy shows , they were able to get a book advance to bankroll their trip The result was this book, which chron [...]

    17. I recently gave Steve Hely s The Wonder Trail four stars but this one only gets three Pretty much all of those three stars goes to Steve and not Vali Sort of I ve got a problem with Vali And it started out right at the beginning of the book What was up with that stupid handcuff thing Is he 12 years old Lame o And then practically right off the bat he decides to cheat and fly everywhere Okay, so what s the point of that What I loved about The Wonder Trail was it really showcased Steve s wanderlus [...]

    18. Es h tte ein tolles Buch sein k nnen Interessante Einsichten in fremde L nder, Kuriosit ten, Reiseprobleme.wenn Steve das Buch alleine geschrieben h tte Leider macht einer der beiden Herren bei der Wette nicht ganz mit, ber seine H lfte des Buchs habe ich mich tats chlich ge rgert Sehr schade Die andere H lfte des Buchs fand ich sehr gut

    19. It s very funny but to my eyes marred by being told by two smarmy, alcoholic dudes who are so full of American exceptionalism that they think noting the existence of Qatar is a joke There are a few insights and great stories here, but way too many of the stories include being drunk hungover I kinda hope the guys, both decent writers, mature enough to look back and feel slightly awkward about this effort.

    20. The Ridiculous Race, was truly a fun read Every page turned gave me another reason to crack a smile, and often times, laugh till I couldn t breathe The two authors of this book retold the story of their ridiculous race around the world, into a humorous, engaging travelogue No air travel was allowed although one author broke that rule pretty quickly , and the prize was the best bottle of scotch in Los Angeles It s one of my favorite books I ve read, and I recommend this book to anyone who can tol [...]

    21. The Ridiculous Race is one of the funniest books I ve read in a very long time Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaren are both television screen writers Longing for the days of 19th century British gentlemen s clubs where outlandish wagers are made, Steve and Vali made such a wager themselves a race around the world with no air travel Steve went west and Vali east The first one back to Los Angeles wins The book is often laugh out loud funny, which was problematic for me since I was often reading in [...]

    22. Zwei befreundete amerikanische Drehbuchautoren schlie en eine Wette ab, wer als Erster um die Welt gereist ist Einzige Bedingung Es d rfen keine Flugzeuge benutzt werden W hrend der Eine in Richtung Osten startet, f hrt der Andere nach Westen In Moskau, ca der H lfte der Strecke, treffen sie sich und fahren dann jeder wieder alleine weiter.Wer sich bei dieser kurzen Zusammenfassung an Jules Vernes Roman In 80 Tagen um die Welt erinnert f hlt, liegt sicherlich nicht ganz falsch Doch leider ist di [...]

    23. This is a non fiction book that takes the idea ofAround the World in 80 Daysand updates it, sort of Two friends decide to race around the world, with the stipulation that they can t use air travel.One goes east and one goes west and they are supposed to return to California The winner gets an old bottle of alcohol Both are involved in TV writing and seem to think they are funny So the whole book is written to be one laugh after another Sometimes it is funny but often it is forced and becomes tir [...]

    24. I decided to read this book after reading about it in Entertainment Weekly Two friends make a bet to see who can race around the world the quickest without using airplanes They also make a few other bets along the way, like who can win in the Awesomeness Content and who can visit the most countries I loved the premise of this book and the snippets in the magazine article made it sound promising, so I went to read it.At the beginning of the book, I was kinda unsure about whether I d like it It st [...]

    25. The Ridiculous Race by Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran is a funny memoir about two men racing each other around the world It s a bet to see who can circle the globe the fastest without the use of airplanes The prize A bottle of the best Scotch Kinclaith, 1969 The competitors Two television comedy writers The year 2007 The outcome Hilarious The starting point is Los Angles and Steve heads west while Vali heads east This book is their outrageous travelogue noting their separate adventures in Me [...]

    26. I m a big fan of funny books, and a big fan of books about exotic travel locations and experiences This book was the perfect read for me It s organized into very small anecdotes written by one or the other of the authors about their experiences racing around the world from opposite directions and using only ground transportation The two authors, who are obviously great friends, have the kind of snarky rapport that you only find when two really funny people both of them write for sitcoms like eac [...]

    27. I wish I had come up for the premise for this book.I wish I had gotten a publishing company to give me and my friend money to race around the world without the use of airplanes Alas, Steve Hely thought of it before I did.This book made me want to hit the road and travel the world This book made me want to ride a container ship to China, even though I decided a couple of years ago that I don t want to ever go to China view spoiler Vali Chandrasekaran cheated and took planes all over the place I t [...]

    28. The premise of this is a winner Two comedy writers, off work for the time between seasons, decide to have a race around the world The catch no airplanes The story is told by both narrators, semi alternating between chapters The strength of the book is in the humor Both writers are pretty funny, though at parts it seemed like they wanted to make sure and remind everyone about the other guy with little jabs, stuff like I generally like to wash my hands after using the restroom, unlike Vali whose m [...]

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