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Escape the Mask By David Ward Escape the Mask The first in a new adventure trilogy full of danger bravery and unexpected friendshipsWelcome to Grassland where the only hope of freedom is to go beyond the reach of sinister silent masters and
  • Title: Escape the Mask
  • Author: David Ward
  • ISBN: 9780810994775
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Escape the Mask By David Ward The first in a new adventure trilogy full of danger, bravery, and unexpected friendshipsWelcome to Grassland, where the only hope of freedom is to go beyond the reach of sinister, silent masters, and the only family you know are your fellow captives Coriko has never known a world beyond his cell and the fields where he toils all day He does what he s told and tries not tThe first in a new adventure trilogy full of danger, bravery, and unexpected friendshipsWelcome to Grassland, where the only hope of freedom is to go beyond the reach of sinister, silent masters, and the only family you know are your fellow captives Coriko has never known a world beyond his cell and the fields where he toils all day He does what he s told and tries not to anger the Spears, the cruel, masked jailers who guard him and the other child slaves If he gathers baskets of shards and keeps quiet and orderly, then he can spend time with his cellmate and best friend, Pippa But without warning, the children s orderly lives begin to change slowly at first, with the arrival of a pair of siblings who speak Coriko and Pippa s language Soon after, violent events shake up the quiet world of Grassland, and Coriko must find the strength to grasp his freedom Full of heartstopping action, Escape the Mask introduces Coriko, Pippa, and their friends and begins the journey of The Grassland Trilogy.FP level XFP genre F
    Escape the Mask By David Ward
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    1. David Ward

      David Ward was born in Montreal and grew up in Vancouver He was an elementary school teacher for eleven years before completing his master s degree He is the author of the Grassland trilogy and is a writer and university instructor in children s literature He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and their three children.

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    1. Sos Not really sure what to make of this book I feel like I jumped into the middle of a series, honestly Don t get me wrong, the what in the world is going on here, I m completely lost feeling can be cool as a way to start a book, but typically this gives way to some semblance of a understandable story later, as the details are filled in and the background is slowly revealed I never seem to get to that second part in this book I started out not knowing what was happening, and I ended not knowing [...]

    2. Read Reviewed for ArmchairinterviewsCoriko and his partner Pippa are slaves to the Spears The children are Twosies, who have lived in the grasslands, and worked at finding the shards that the Spears want mined from the sands for many years Coriko who doesn t remember a life outside of captivity relies on Pippa for friendship and support as they struggle through each day trying to meet the gather quotas and keep from angering the Spear guards and the punishment that comes afterwards However, they [...]

    3. Book One of The Grassland TrilogyCorki and his cellmate Pippa have been held captive for years by the Spears Corki remembers nothing of his past and relies on Pippa to tell him about things like trees All he knows is that every day, as Diggers, they must collect shards, and if they don t meet their quota, they ll get sent belowcaves for a Cleansing In fact, do anything wrong and you ll have to endure a rush of ocean water in a closed cell, which is where the story opens Corki is in a barred cell [...]

    4. This book is Escape the mask and is the first of the 3 part trilogy.It is written by David Ward.In the Beginning the spears commands slaves to collect shards.That is how it has always been until the outsiders came and started a war.The main characters try to escape.My favourite thing about the book was that it had a good amount of action for only around 200 pages Something I didn t like was that it at times was hard to follow.Another thing I liked was how he described people like the spears and [...]

    5. This is a good read for boys and reluctant readers in the YR intermediate range, nice and skinny Girls will like it, too the girls here are strong and thoughtful, supplying the gentler side without losing their ability to stand up for themselves.Cori and his cellmate Pippa are slaves for the Spears, who force them to dig for the shards that cling to the roots of the grass, and subject them to punishment and death for the slightest infraction They re slaves without free time, always on the edge o [...]

    6. The plot focuses on Corki and his friends escaping captivity, but it s a bit unsatisfying because this happens coincidentally and rather easily They don t hatch a plot or take many risks rather, they escape when their captors, Spears, are attacked by someone.That s another weakness of the book, the amount of things that are not explained This is unfortunately true of much of the vernacular, the meaning of which is left to the reader to assume.That said, the writing is clear and very readable, an [...]

    7. Awsome book Its really one of the only books ive ever read I m gonna start the second one of the trilogy soon the most sad part was when they were in the burning village and they found the dead mother on the floor with her babys blanket in her hand my personal favorite part is when Coriko and Pippa kissed i just think its so cool how they can fit a romantic scene in a story that is so , er, dramatic and somewhat violent It s really hard to describe what kind of book it is I think it s created a [...]

    8. I m wavering between 3 and 4 on this one I enjoyed the story The world created here is fascinating and weird I want to learn about it, and this book only scratches the surface It s the first in a trilogy, and you most definitely have to continue reading to get the whole story this one doesn t really stand alone The non resolution ending was a bit frustrating, but this series is aimed at a middle grade audience, so reading it as an adult, I have to keep that in mind I m curious enough about what [...]

    9. Escape the Mask was one of those books were your supposed to be taken back by the writing It wasn t anything like that It tried too hard to be amazing If an author chooses to be hippy in his writing with no killing, they have to be smart Either get rid of killing or avoid putting the age old question in YA novels,to kill or not to kill the evil villain The protagonist mind was boring, fearful, pathetic, weak in mind and body This tale was not worth reading.Though it was bad, give it a try, it ha [...]

    10. As long as he can remember, Coriko has been a slave to a group of people he calls the Spears He doesn t know who they are, or who he was before he was kidnapped to work for them, though his cellmate Pippa remembers When the Spears are attacked by Outsiders and a war breaks out, he is forced to try to find a way to escape.This first book in the trilogy is a pretty good pick for 5th 8th grade boys who are reluctant readers, although not necessarily for struggling readers It s fast paced and somew [...]

    11. Was going through my ridiculous to read list and saw this one Cover s pretty distinctive creepy, like it and remembered I already read it and a while back at that Just forgot to list it here.I remember thinking it was a pretty good story Don t know when I ll get to Book 2 I m guessing it s out I should go look but it would be worth checking out.Dystopia seems to be like a future place we don t want to be This one seems like a place back in time we don t want to be.

    12. I had mixed feelings about this book It was mediocre in some areas, but interesting in others I did like the writing style and mostly enjoyed the storyline Because it was such a small book, it really was a light read, so worthwhile in the end I ll confess some of the descriptions were a little confusing to me, but I think the simplicity of them was to make a point about the children and their upbringing It didn t blow me away, but it was entertaining.

    13. i found this book very interesting and very fun because of the plot of the story the story is about a boy named coriko and his mate pippa trying to survive prison after being taken away by masked men called the spears after meating a few new friends pippa and coriko have found out that war is eminent and they must escape their prison to survive i would recommend this book to thibishan because thibishan likes to read adventure books.

    14. The book was suprisingly good since i had know clue about the story I am going to read the rest of the series A little confusing but other than that it was an entertaining book abouta boy that leaves most of his life in a cell guarded by Spears, jail guards, and a war breaks out Coriko, the main character leads his batch of friends and many others to freedom A short book that is for a younger audience.

    15. Summary A group of enslaved children find themselves in the middle of a war that eventually leads to their escape They must find a way to survive on their own and to discover their environment and histories that had been stolen from them Strengths Super fast and action packed An intriguing premise that should keep readers craving the rest of the series It s fun to get the sheltered characters new accounts on everyday things i.e chairs, trees, houses.

    16. The setting was kind of interesting, but I was waiting for something exciting to happen The book felt like it was part of a bigger book because you don t really learn anything, and there really is no climax or conclusion I m definitely going to finish the trilogy to see what happens though, because Ward makes it hard to not be attached to the characters.

    17. I felt like the writing was purposely vague and therefore, hard to follow at times It was difficult to become attached to the main characters at first By the end of the book, I wanted to know a bit about what will happen to the diggers, but don t know if I m intrigued enough to continue with the series.

    18. This book had a thought provoking dystopian world and characters that I cared about the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that I felt like it ended at a point where the story was just beginning Endings like that annoy me sometimes but not all the time so go figure.

    19. This is an awesome book The characters were awesome and the world was absorbing Coriko is relatable because of his strengths and his flaws, which are numerous The book seemed too short and left me wanting much

    20. Though it got better toward the end, the beginning was too confusing and would bump a lot of tween readers out There were too many differences in the world of the book to be understood from the beginning.

    21. Great first volume in an upcoming trilogyvolume 2 just came out too I m a little tired to actually review it, but I did run to my computer and place a hold on the sequel as soon as I had closed the book, if that says anything.

    22. Very classic beginning to fantasy story, characteristic by a severe lack of information Characters very cliche, but it is still interesting to see where Ward will take the series.

    23. Hardcover for 3 at LA Times Book Festival Why not It s interesting but not sure what to classify asyoung adult or middle grade Pretty intense gore though.

    24. ahh back to the juvenile fiction for the school year I ll be doing this one with my Grade 6 s Pretty engaging so far

    25. I liked the book, but there were LOTS of things that weren t explained at all I suppose that s what happens when you read a trilogy, but it means that this book doesn t really stand on its own.

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