Murder at the Lighthouse #2020

Murder at the Lighthouse By Frances Evesham Murder at the Lighthouse What would you do if you found a body under a lighthouse Love Agatha Christie style murder mysteries cosy crime clever animals and cake and Murder at the Lighthouse the first in a fun series of my
  • Title: Murder at the Lighthouse
  • Author: Frances Evesham
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  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murder at the Lighthouse By Frances Evesham What would you do if you found a body under a lighthouse Love Agatha Christie style murder mysteries, cosy crime, clever animals and cake, and Murder at the Lighthouse, the first in a fun series of mysteries set in a small English seaside town in Somerset, is for you The body on the beach throws Libby Forest s new life into turmoil Everyone in town knows the dead womanWhat would you do if you found a body under a lighthouse Love Agatha Christie style murder mysteries, cosy crime, clever animals and cake, and Murder at the Lighthouse, the first in a fun series of mysteries set in a small English seaside town in Somerset, is for you The body on the beach throws Libby Forest s new life into turmoil Everyone in town knows the dead woman under the lighthouse, but no one seems to care how or why she died Only Libby believes someone murdered the ageing rock star A woman talks to Libby Then she, too, dies Discover how Exham on Sea s first female sleuth, helped by an enormous dog called Bear and an aloof marmalade cat, unpicks the clues to solve the mystery Amateur female sleuth Libby Forest arrives in the small town after years in a disastrous marriage, determined to build a new life making cakes and chocolates in Exham on Sea She joins forces with the attractive but secretive Max Ramshore and risks the wrath of the townspeople as she pieces together the jigsaw to solve the mystery of Susie Bennett s death The first short read in the series, set in the coastal resort of Exham on Sea, Murder at the Lighthouse introduces a cast of colourful local characters, including Mandy the teenage Goth, Frank the baker and Detective Sergeant Joe Ramshore, Max s estranged son The green fields, rolling hills and sandy beaches of the West Country provide a perfect setting for crime, intrigue and mystery For lovers of Agatha Christie novels, Midsomer Murders, lovable pets and cake, the series offers a continuing supply of quick crime stories to read in one sitting, as Libby solves a mixture of intriguing mysteries and uncovers the secrets of the small town s past.
    Murder at the Lighthouse By Frances Evesham
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    1. Good and short cosy mystery.Needed to read a cozy mystery, after the last book I read This was perfect gateway for me Two murders in small town Libby just moved and she was the only one interested finding out who was behind the murders Warning, you might find yourself hungry and snacking while reading Wish I was eating all those delicious stuff Libby was cooking.

    2. This is a fast paced mystery that cleverly doesn t waste a lot of time introducing characters but gets right to the story When a woman walking her dog finds a dead body on the beach she thinks this isn t the best way to get to know her new community Libby Forrest is recently widowed, a newly minted baker and actually enjoying her solitude The body is a former local, turned famous rock star The police think it was accidental Libby thinks otherwise With the help of Max, father of one a policeman, [...]

    3. There are way too many leaps in the logic in this book At least three times I got the distinct feeling that some particular thing needed to be the next step, therefore it was There was no real evidence ever given that the second death was a murder The author needed it to be that so the main character decided it was But it certainly was not a logical conclusion Then the book where the dead lady wrote everything down and the very clever interfering main character charges into a house and grabs stu [...]

    4. I really do love a good little mystery, and I am reading and of this cosy genre of late Murder at the Lighthouse is immediately intriguing, I love the title and was going to read this anyway, as it is not my first read of this author s work.Whilst other books I have read of hers had fewer characters, this book is choc full of them But the clever writing, fast narrative and sharp dialogue mean you know who is who You never get lost In fact, I think the considerable cast is there to deflect our [...]

    5. When dog walker Libby Forest takes her charge, Shipley, on the beach one cold and blustery day, she discovers a body under the lighthouse.The police determine it s that of a once local woman, Susie Bennet, who left Exham on Sea years ago to become a rock star in America Exham s Detective Inspector, the patronising Joe Ramshore labels the death a suicide but Libby isn t so sure Libby and her cat, Fuzzy, moved to Exham on Sea to start a new life after the end of her terrible marriage She works par [...]

    6. Libby works at a bakery and is writing a cookery book She is walking a friend s dog along the beach when she discovers a woman s body Was it accident, suicide or murder Libby is naturally curious especially when she discovers that the dead woman grew up in Exham and left to make her fortune in the US But the police don t want amateurs interfering in their investigation and Libby is warned about asking too many questions.Sometimes the first book in a series is too busy scene setting for the rest [...]

    7. Yesterday I read Frances Eyesham s Murder at the Lighthouse This is a English based cozy mystery and it is currently a free one at time of posting this review on My friend Lisa recommended it to me knowing how much I love cozy mysteries and Lighthouses This is a great setting and I loved the opening chapter of the book I found main character Libby really easy to relate too, her chance at a new life and a new start somewhere small and picturesque is really appealing Learning about her backstory [...]

    8. This is first in a series of British mysteries set by the sea in England I enjoyed it and would be likely to check into later books in the series The author does a great job of getting you into the setting and setting up the crime scene and subsequent solution Not a bad example of cozy mysteries.

    9. I found this story surprisingly well written Good plot, excellent description and conversation that flowed nicely without being stilted I ll definitely read in the series.

    10. Murders, Secrets, Pets, Cakes and a Survivor Who Won t Take No for an Answer I am reviewing this book as part of Rosie s Book Review Team Thanks to Rosie and to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book I ve read by the author although I had come across a number of excellent reviews of some of her other books and I was intrigued by this novella that promised an easy and entertaining read And it does deliver it.The description recommends the boo [...]

    11. Murder at the Lighthouse is a frothy confection of a short, cozy mystery This is one of a series of short tales of murder, and I m looking forward to reading of them Libby Forest was trapped for years in an abusive marriage, and after her husband dies, she takes some of the money from the sale of their house and buys a cottage in Exham on Sea, a small inbred coastal town She is determined to become part of the local community and hopes eventually to open a patisserie and chocolate shop In the m [...]

    12. Classified as a cozy mystery, Murder at the Lighthouse is a light walk through a small town where everyone knows everyone else s background and business maybe The protaganist, Libby, is fairly new to town where she has landed after the death of her husband She should be filling her days developing and testing new recipes for the cookbook she has promised her publisher, but events get in her way when she discovers the body of Suzie Bennett, who group up in Exham on Sea but made it big as a pop si [...]

    13. This book introduces Libby Forest and her cat Fuzzy Walking a neighbour s dog, she comes across a body near the lighthouse Her inner sleuth tells her that there s something fishy.With Murder at the Lighthouse, Frances Evesham has created a nicely woven suspense story with local flair The story comprises a broad variety of lovingly elaborated characters with sufficient depth and interesting interactions to solve the murder case I had a great time reading Murder at the Lighthouse it is a very enjo [...]

    14. Murder at the Lighthouse is, as the name suggests, a murder mystery A body is found on the beach, and is followed by the death of an old woman living alone The local police pass the first one as a suicide and the second, an accident.Libby is the one who discovers the bodies She is convinced the deaths are by murder and follows up on her intuition with some Miss Marple like sleuthing Murder at the Light House is a well written, quick, enjoyable read It is Highly Recommended for those who like the [...]

    15. This book is very accurately described as a cosy murder There s no blood and guts, no sex, explicit or otherwise, but a death, clues, red herrings and a satisfying conclusion The characters make an interesting entrance and promise in future books Definitely one for lovers of Agatha Christie or Midsomer Murders A most enjoyable read.

    16. Not my cup of tea Main character, Libby, not believable as sleuth and there were holes in progress of story.

    17. I got this eBook free from Kindle I really like it when authors I am unfamiliar with offer their books this way It s quite often an opportunity for me to discover new favorites.This book was a quick and pleasant read While it is not a Christian book, as I prefer, it was clean and wholesome There was no profanity, no proprietary sex, no graphic violence or substance abuse The characters do engage in a bit of social drinking and enjoy a glass of wine at dinner and to unwind, but there is nothing e [...]

    18. This is a rather short Cosy Mystery with a principally interesting storyline and well written, but it also falls foul of a number of cliches The police is stupid and clueless and needs to be helped along by an amateur sleuth Said amateur sleuth goes out of her way to interfere and find evidence, even going as far as breaking in as you do Only then to NOT give the evidence to the police but plodding on themselves, because said police is hell bent to ignore anything which points to murder Obviousl [...]

    19. A body is discovered by Libby Forest when walking her dog past a lighthouse Libby is a widow, but from an unhappy marriage and a baker of some note.She is fairly new to the area, but has got a job there and is a member of various societies so she can fully integrate.For some reason she feels the police are not doing their job diligently enough and decides to investigate I don t think this was something she did in the past but heyho, what else are you going to do The conundrum is why has the bod [...]

    20. The growth of the cosy mystery genre baffles me With so many superb crime writers, why settle for mediocrity This story is at least a quick read but lacks all internal logic There is no way for the reader to solve the crime, as vital information is reserved for the protagonist Said protagonist is determined to solve said crime but no motive is given for her to do so beyond a vague the police don t seem to want to Given the victim s fame and the manner of her death there is no way a police enquir [...]

    21. I loved this book I received this book free from the author as an introduction to this new series It grabbed my attention right away and it was difficult to put it down I immediately felt comfortable with the location and the different characters introduced in this series I love any mysteries that depict normal everyday characters going about their day that suddenly are in the middle of a murder investigation The authors vivid description of the locale, the characters and the animals involved ma [...]

    22. This is the 1st in a series of Cozy Mystery type stories, set in Exham On Sea.Libby has moved to Exham On Sea after her husband died, she s making a living working in a bakery but her true passion is cake making and cookery She is also a dog walker, and it s exist she s on the beach walking Shipley that she finds a body under the lighthouse, which turns out to be a singer from the area who became famous and had moved away Why did she return and why is she dead.Being the small town Exham is every [...]

    23. Libby finds a body under the light house whilst walking her dog It turns out to be a young woman who left the village years ago to make her fame and fortune in rock and roll in America What was she doing back Had someone seen or spoken to her When an old lady with a view of the light house also dies Libby knows neither was an accident and since the police don t seem interested she begins to dig and eventually solves both cases Nice characters and a good plot.

    24. Lovely, quick readA lovely, one sitting mystery with shaggy dogs, an angsty teen and a secretive male aquaintance Libby is an engaging heroine who struggles to fit in as the newcomer in a small town Her personal life only gets tangled when she stumbles across the body of a former townie turned singing sensation The novel had a few too quick transitions but overall this murder mystery kept me flipping pages until I d discovered who really dunnit.

    25. I give this 3.5 stars.I m coming across and of these cosy mysteries that seem head and shoulders above the standard in quality, and this book certainly meets that criteria An interesting plot woven with an intriguing background and wonderful characters make this a quick, entertaining read I d love to read in the series.

    26. Enjoyable mystery readYes I enjoyed Agatha Christie and I really liked this book You won t figure it out till close to the end or not at all till the end If you like a good mystery in a small town this books for you Debbye B

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