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I, Mary By Mike Hartner I Mary Mary Crofter s first trip on the water was just after her first birthday when her parents came from her birthplace in Kilwa to Portsmouth She s been on several trips from Portsmouth to London and oth
  • Title: I, Mary
  • Author: Mike Hartner
  • ISBN: 9781927867648
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • I, Mary By Mike Hartner Mary Crofter s first trip on the water was just after her first birthday, when her parents came from her birthplace in Kilwa to Portsmouth She s been on several trips from Portsmouth to London and other places since She loves the water and the water seems to love her Can she survive on the water Will people ever take seriously a GIRL as a sailor Will she ever come offMary Crofter s first trip on the water was just after her first birthday, when her parents came from her birthplace in Kilwa to Portsmouth She s been on several trips from Portsmouth to London and other places since She loves the water and the water seems to love her Can she survive on the water Will people ever take seriously a GIRL as a sailor Will she ever come off the water If she does, will the lure of the ocean draw her back She was born to privilege but does she even know And, importantly, in a time of English Civil War, is it better that she doesn t know This is the third book in The Eternity Series.
    I, Mary By Mike Hartner Mary I Biography Facts Britannica Nov , Mary I, also called Mary Tudor, byname Bloody Mary, born February , , Greenwich, near London, England died November , , London , the first queen to rule England in her own right She was known as Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants in a vain attempt to restore Roman Catholicism in England. I, Mary Enopion Theater Company The first original ENOPION production, I Mary, was a traveling musical mono drama about Jesus told by his mother, Mary Seven scenes take you from before Mary and Joseph are wed, to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ The writer s interpretation touches on the love between man and woman, a woman and her child, and a woman and her Savior. Mary I HISTORY Aug , England s first female monarch, Mary I ruled for just five years The only surviving child of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary took the throne after the brief Mary I Mary I was queen of England from to Her reign marked a reversal of Edward VI s Protestant policies and a return to Catholicism Born on Feb , , at Greenwich Palace, Mary was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Mary I of England Mary I February November , also known as Mary Tudor, was the queen of England from July until her death She is best known for her vigorous attempt to reverse the English Reformation, which had begun during the reign of her father, Henry VIII. Mary I Tudor History Feb , MARY IN HENRY VIII S REIGN Mary Tudor was the only child born to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon to survive childhood Had she been born a boy, it is likely that the whole of English history would have been different but probably less interesting. Why Is Queen Mary I Called Bloody Mary HISTORY Oct , She was the first ever Queen of England to rule in her own right, but to her critics, Mary I of England has long been known only as Bloody Mary This unfortunate nickname was thanks to her Maria I of Portugal Dona Maria I English Mary I December March was Queen of Portugal from until her death in Known as Maria the Pious in Portugal and Maria the Mad in Brazil, she was the first undisputed queen regnant of Portugal and the first monarch of Brazil. Mary Tudor Death, Facts Husband Biography Aug , Mary took the throne as the first queen regnant and reinstated her parents marriage At first, she acknowledged the religious dualism of her country, but she desperately wanted to convert Mary Mary Cant Give Up Now YouTube From Their Album Thankful
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    1. Mary Crofter has spent the majority of her life on the water Since the age of two, she has felt the call of the sea, and has always had an affinity with the ocean that most people could never understand Her first trip aboard a ship was when her parents, James and Rosalind Crofter, sailed from her birthplace of Kilwa in Tanzania to Portsmouth, England This was shortly after Mary s first birthday in 1635.At the age of twelve, Mary is finally allowed to realize her greatest dream in life she become [...]

    2. Author Mike Hartner did it again From the beginning, I was swept away by another of his beloved characters This time, Mary Crofter.Hartner infuses his high seas adventures with coming of age tales of honor and chivalry In the third installment of The Eternity Series, Mary not only discovers and defends the noble parts of herself, her actions esteem the worth and value of others She has a sharp mind, not afraid to work hard, and yearns for the sea, determined to forge a destiny contrary to how 17 [...]

    3. I love to read a substantial Historical Fiction and I, MARY delivers for genre junkies like me Mike Hartner does a terrific job of building a world of waves and foreign lands as Mary follows her passion in the dangerous profession of sailing First person perspective is a difficult writing style, and Hartner does an excellent job making this story real and drawing the reader into Mary s life.As the story begins, I wonder if her confidence displays the naivet of her age, will she regret her youthf [...]

    4. Heartwarming and inspirational, Mike Hartner s novel I, Mary is a beautifully written children s novel that captures a young girl s dreams of becoming a sailor A fantastic read for children and their families who enjoy fiction set to the background of sailing and historical times The tale takes a reader into a turbulent time in England s history, when Oliver Cromwell usurps power from the monarchy and plunged England into a civil war Readers are introduced to the protagonist Mary as a toddler ab [...]

    5. Talk about a strong female lead character I, Mary focuses on the life of Mary Crofter, granddaughter of the great Walter Crofter and daughter of James Crofter, as she joins, at a young age, the crew of a small boat owned by her family, and goes on and about to explore foreign lands and waters.It was a great pleasure to read about a girl and eventually a young woman as fierce and courageous as Mary Crofter Her character surprised me since the adventure she embarks upon is sure not an easy feat, a [...]

    6. I, Mary tells the story of Mary Crofter, the granddaughter of Walter in I, Walter and daughter of James from I, James Kicking off when Mary s about eleven years old and sets sail as part of a crew for the first time, the story takes us through her life a coming of age tale of adventure on the high seas and on solid ground History buffs will enjoy Mary s first hand account of real life events, such as the civil war between the English Roundheads and Royalists and the invasion of Scotland You ll g [...]

    7. This story is set in the 1600 s during the English Crown Historical romance has never been my forte until this series I have thoroughly enjoyed every book in the series.Mary Crofter is the daugther of James Crofter We have heard of James in I, James and his adventures on the high seas Mary s grandfather is Walter from I, Walter I, Mary is the third installment of The Eternity Series.The apple doesn t fall far from the tree when it comes to Mary She is anxious and ready to embark upon her own jou [...]

    8. MY THOUGHTSI, Mary is the third book in The Eternity Series, first book was I, James and second, I, Walter Set is the 1600 s, this is a historical romance Mary Crofter, daughter of James from I, James can t wait to journey upon the high seas She is only 12 years of age but nothing stops Mary She becomes part of the crew, learning everything she can from the ship mates The ship is owned by her family At this period in time, women didn t do this type of work It was frowned upon but that didn t sto [...]

    9. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review This is a historical romance about a woman sailor named set back in the mid 1600 s during the English Crown Mary Crofter was a young girl about the age of 12 when she announced to her parents that she wanted to take her sailing tests and to sail the ocean delivering cargo , with her Uncles Tiny and Owl, for her fathers company She grew up on and around the ships and was familiar with all aspects of them Her mother taught her the cook s part [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book This book packed a punch and was well paced, I enjoyed the adventure Full review will also be posted on The Cubicle EscapeeI feel, anyway, one that has a dream will appreciate this book The main character was likable and finally achieved her dream She becomes a crew member and at sea Don t get me wrong Mary is not new at being on the water This book has so many elements that I feel anyone would take something from this book There is the adventure aspect The adventure a [...]

    11. This is the first book I have read by this author so I did not know what to expect As I was reading the book I did find myself enjoying the story line and the author s writing style This book was written in a memoir form which for me makes the book read faster I really found myself liking the main character of this book I felt as if she was a strong person This book has adventure and history which makes for a good story The author did a good job of including plenty of historical details for us l [...]

    12. I, Mary begins as a coming of age story which develops into an epic tale of survival.Because of the family into which she was born, Mary was given an opportunity no other female of her time, the 17th century, would be afforded Mary was basically raised at sea and involved with aspects of the shipping business and sayling life Before age 12 she was allowed to sign on as a crewman to continue her education and earn her raise up the ranks.Mary Critter is the granddaughter of the legendary Walter Cr [...]

    13. No SpoilersThis book is a historical fiction, not a historical romance I feel it is important to note the distinction I enjoyed this book overall I felt that the book was slow in places, and glossed over important plot lines in other places I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and then the issue was just nicely tied up without proper attention This book is the story of Mary s life and is told in multiple POV s It is a standalone This story follows Mary throughout her travels and [...]

    14. Another spectacular story from Mike Hartner This one is about Walter s granddaughter and James daughter She loved the water from the time she could crawl She had many amazing adventures on sea and on land What a strong and brave heroine Loved this one One to the next story

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