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The Hunter By L.J. Smith The Hunter When Jenny Thorton and her friends open the mysterious white box given to her by Julian they discover a mysterious game and enter a house of horrors full of their worst nightmares
  • Title: The Hunter
  • Author: L.J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780590559478
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hunter By L.J. Smith When Jenny Thorton and her friends open the mysterious white box given to her by Julian, they discover a mysterious game and enter a house of horrors full of their worst nightmares.
    The Hunter By L.J. Smith
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    1. L.J. Smith

      I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic author_blogL.J SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times 1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World series She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them She lives in the Bay Area of California, with a backyard that is full of flowers, which she adores, especially with many different shades of roses.She loves to visit a friend s little cabin in the Point Reyes National Seashore area, which has lots of trees, lots of animals, lots of beaches to walk on, and lots of places to hike Once, while hiking, she saw a snow white buck which allowed her to follow it nearly half a mile She also likes to collect things angels they remind her of her late mother , tiny boxes from different countries or of fanciful shape, nineteenth century children s literature, and books about quantum physics especially about the mystery of the dark energy in the universe A militant optimist, she is also part of the Velociraptor Sisterhood a fancy way of saying that she likes to read, write and discuss books with strong female characters , and she has traveled extensively in Europe and the Far East The two countries she loves to visit most are Great Britain, with its historic monuments and amazing country landscapes, and Japan, with its bustling urban life and exquisite mountain scenery.Her favorite current writer is Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, for its wild and witty satires on life, death, war, love, assassins, coppers, and Australia Her favorite classical writer is Jane Austen Her favorite poets are Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson Her favorite movies are The Seven Samurai and Avatar analyze that She doesn t have a favorite TV show, because she doesn t have time to watch TV and only owns one for playing movies.Her favorite people are her readers, each of whom she cherishes with deep and lasting affection.Note L J Smith wrote books 1 7 of The Vampire Diaries series After that, a ghostwriter took over the rest of the series L J wrote books 1 3 of The Secret Circle series After that, a ghostwriter took over the rest of the series L J did not write any of the Originals or Stefan s Diaries These were written by Kevin Williamson and or various ghostwritters.

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    1. Julian is one of the sexiest characters in the whole of literature, seriously Even if the story hadn t been a wonderful and gripping adventure with an array of colourful and interesting characters, it would still have been worth the read for Julian But that aside, the book was wonderful, as soon as I finished it I instantly picked up the sequal What a great and original story, a bit scary in parts but always entertaining I couldn t put it down.

    2. The Hunter by L.J Smith tells the story of Jenny, who buys this game for her boyfriends birthday This game is unique They must face their darkest fears controlled by the shadow man, also known as Julian, a boy who is in love with Jenny.They must win the game If they lose, the shadow man will take Jenny foreverARCTERS I loved the cast of charcters Jenny was so smart and I loved following her journey through the house view spoiler hide spoiler She was such a badass when she kissed Julian at the en [...]

    3. To anyone who has ever loved Labyrinth, you would think this novel somehow tells the history of The Goblin King Well, there is no actual tie in to Labyrinth except the one I make in my mind.Jenny only wanted to get a game for her boyfriend s party she was throwing that night She ducks into a store in the sketchy side of town and impulsively buys a plain white glossy box without knowing what s in it from a handsome man in the store Boyfriend who She gets home and realizes how stupid her decision [...]

    4. L.J Smith is such a guilty pleasure of mine I discovered her in sixth grade and have never really given her up I didn t stumble upon this trilogy until three years ago or so, when I was living at home, marginally employed, and mildly depressed so, hey, just about as miserable as I was in sixth grade and the brain numbing cheesiness combined with just enough creativity and genuinely intriguing characters was just as soothing then as it was in middle school The first and third books of Forbidden G [...]

    5. The perfect nightmare The Forbidden Game is truly one of a kind for its genre I have an ambivalence leaning towards dislike of paranormal romance, but this promised something new, and I m glad I gave it a chance.The romance is of a one sided obsession, which Julian, an inhumanly beautiful crafter of nightmares has with the heroine, who has to outwit him to escape when he traps her and her friends in a labyrinth of their own fears.It is a fittingly nightmarish and creepy story, and I ve grown to [...]

    6. Source I own a copy of this book 16 year old Jenny is just looking for a party game when she comes across a strange store, and a gorgeous boy who wants to sell her exactly what she wants.What is the game that Julian sells her And will Jenny and her friends make it to the end alive I haven t read this book for years, but thankfully it was as good as I remembered.I liked Jenny although she did irritate me a bit at times As fearless as she was in some respects, she was a bit of a pushover when it c [...]

    7. What teenager hasn t dreamt of being taken away by David Bowie Not too shabby, I say Even if he is a demony creature from Beyond It s pulp Pseudo Sexual horror romance for teens I was compelled to finish the series by my libido, plus the spooky bits aren t bad at all First book I read as a kid that had words I didn t recognize, too, like laconic The description of the things the kids are afraid of, sticks with me the most especially the one of the Black Forrest Fairly creepy.

    8. He was evil Cruel, capricious, and dangerous as a cobra A prince of darkness.Completely evil and completely in love with her.

    9. Book 1 of 3 The Forbidden Game trilogy Very good Middle school level reading However, has many classic themes that all ages will enjoy Find, read, and re read put on keeper shelf The first book in the trilogy which introduces Jenny and group her boyfriend Tom, her cousin Zach, her friends Audrey, Michael, who are dating each other and Dee to the Shadow Man Julian who has fallen in love with Jenny and won t rest until she is his Jenny buys The Game from Julian unbeknownst to her at the time for T [...]

    10. well,I liked it my friend recomended this book in school to me I barrowed it from school library.I Liked it, but such as other books , as vampire dieries, the main charectors were very pretty you know the cover were nt good the translate was awfull IT wasnt very huge,U know It wasnt wow it was just pretty nice good not well just this happy yalda 800 .

    11. Avevo comprato questo libro a gennaio e non l avevo ancora toccato quindi mi sembrava doveroso smaltirlo, arrivata a maggio inoltrato Non ho un alta opinione dell autrice ho letto Vampire Diaries sino all ottavo volume a quanto ricordo o qualcosa di simile e mi sono volutamente spoiilerata i rimanenti libri per concludere la serie.La Casa degli Orrori ha lo stesso stile dei libri del Diario del Vampiro la narrazione banale, i personaggi, anche quelli principali, sono poco caratterizzati e le vic [...]

    12. It s been 5 years since i read this series, and i still love it Some of the nightmares were really creepy I would have had nightmares for life if i took part in them The characters were really good Jenny was really brave and clever There is no way that i would be able to work that riddle out so quickly Julian was creepy and very sneaky, but i couldn t help but love him I d lose a good hour in the games if Julian appeared I wouldn t be able to stop staring at his blue eyes I m really looking forw [...]

    13. Early 90 s vibe in the writing, but it doesn t matter because the plot is so fun This would make a great movie a house full of nightmares with a hot seductive guy trying to seduce the protagonist This book is what started my love of all misunderstood bad guys and I still love it years later Think of it as Hades Persephone meets Labyrinth, only muchhhh better

    14. I think it would be an understatement to say that I am impressed by L.J Smith Smith s name is one that is familiar to nearly everyone, if not for anything else then for her widely popularVampire DiariesSeries I was than a little nervous going intoThe Forbidden Gamethough, merely because I wanted to like her just as much as everyone else did I wanted to fall in love with her characters and her world and I can assure you, there are very few authors who Ireallywant to love I am glad to say however [...]

    15. Took me ages to get my hand on this one For some reason I stuck at the first few chapters for a while But once the game began, whoosh I love the building of suspense It was like watching a thriller movie All the sequence building up before the game starts The footsteps, the reading, those off feelings radiated from the Game sent me on edge It was nice seeing Jenny, a delicate, kind heart girl fighting with her friends Facing fears, and at the same time trying to resist JulianJulian The Heart Thr [...]

    16. Having gained an interest in L.J Smith as an author after reading theVampire Diaries series, I decided to pick up this series of books it also helped that there was a complete hottie on the cover come on, I was 13 at the time.I was thrilled through the entire book by the actions of the antagonist Julian as he tried to woo Jenny in the most outrageous ways possible While it did seem wrong of him to put her friends in danger in the process, it was still very exciting.

    17. I didn t like The Vampire Diaries that much After reading the first four books in the series, I kinda gave up on the author Good thing I decided to change that and read this book The Hunter is a really good book filled with suspense, paranormal beings and race against time action I really enjoyed it So glad to have started my New Year with a wonderful book.

    18. I LOVED this book from the beginnig I couldn t put it down Just loved it and it was suspenseful the whole time I just have to keep reading the series I am hooked This is my favorite of L.J Smith s thus far I want to see it put in a movie It would be an awesome movie

    19. Jenny buys a game for her boyfriend s birthday get together and she, along with everyone there, ends up transported into another dimension She meets The Shadowman, AKA, Julian, who claims to be in love with her The rules are simple play the game, win, and get home Or, play the game, lose, and Jenny has to stay with Julian, forever I didn t know what to expect out of The Game, but it ended up being very entertaining Everyone had to face their deepest fears and not everyone gets out alive My only [...]

    20. Non sapevo bene cosa aspettarmi da questo libro, l ho iniziato a leggere pi che altro perch ormai era da troppo tempo che prendeva polvere sulla mia libreria ed stata una piacevole sorpresa.Tutto inizia con l organizzazione di un innocente festa di compleanno da parte di Jenny la protagonista per il suo ragazzo storico Tom Cos Jenny s imbatte in un inquietante negozio di giochi in un quartiere malfamato della sua citt , dove un ancora pi inquietante ragazzo dagli occhi blu le vende un particolar [...]

    21. The premise for this story is really interesting The execution of it however I found very bland This left me very underwhelmed.The villain isn t sexy or attractive, in my opinion Just another, sadly typical, jerk who confuses desire to possess and control with love.The other characters seemed fairly flat and one dimensional to me The story should have been suspenseful and even perhaps scary, but really wasn t The situation certainly is one that should be suspenseful and scary, but the writing di [...]

    22. Ugh I just did not like this book,I don t even want to continue to the next Even though the premise was good the book was not I read this because alot of people compared it to The Labyrinth but even the similarities didn t make me like it Most of the problems I had was with the main character she just annoyed me.I ended up not liking her or her boyfriend who she obsessed over way too much Not gonna lie I was totally rooting for Julian I liked him way then I liked anyone else I think I ended up [...]

    23. To me, this book was really good because I m into all the nineties and eighties stuffAnd it was just originalSomething I hadn t read before so it became a book I couldn t put down until I finished the series When I read it I was about fifteen but reading each chapter, I grew and compelled with Julian He turned out to be my favorite character through out the series The only thing that bugged me about this book was how needy Jenny was of Tom, no matter if there were childhood sweethearts or not. [...]

    24. Nightmares Well, we re all acquainted with those in differing degrees and consistencies And then there is the Game Players must navigate these nightmares and conquer them It s life or death But, there s also the evil overlord of the game and frankly, I really felt for him Now that would not happen in one of my mares Creepy tale that was somewhat predictable in its outcome But fun nonetheless, so I ll be reading the next two books because that cliffhanger is interesting even though the plot is fu [...]

    25. This is one of the books that absolutely fascinated me as a kid and undoubtedly contributed to my obsession with the Byronic hero ine Some of it s kind of over the top, but the way L.J Smith weaves together mythology, fairy tales, fantasy, and good old fashioned sexy teenage angst makes for a great story I m still pretty attached to the series, and I read it from time to time I get all worked up in the same places every single time.

    26. Zak zan Hra Lovec je knihou s origin ln m n m tem, kde na ten e ek skv le promy len sv t s d sivou atmosf rou D j m sp d a nepostr d ani nap t , a tak budete rychle p et et ka dou stranu a ekat se zatajen m dechem, jak to v e nakonec dopadne A jeliko jde o velmi malou a tlou knihu, lze ji p e st ji b hem p r hodin Ani tentokr t tomu nen jinak a L.J.Smith si op t p ipravila v n souboj dobra se zlem.

    27. David Bowie That s why I like Julian so much I had forgotten who he reminded me of I haven t read this book in a while, but it was one of my favourite early teenage books and I think it may be one that stands the test of time, because it doesn t focus too much on the romance, and the actual plot is quite inriguing Plus, I love me some Julian D

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