Copilăria lui Isus #2020

Copilăria lui Isus By J.M. Coetzee Irina Horea Copil ria lui Isus O nou capodoper a scriitorului J M Coetzee de in tor din al Premiului Nobel pentru literatur n care stranietatea fic iunii se mbin str lucit cu magia verbului Alegorie utopie distopie bildu
  • Title: Copilăria lui Isus
  • Author: J.M. Coetzee Irina Horea
  • ISBN: 9789736897177
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copilăria lui Isus By J.M. Coetzee Irina Horea O nou capodoper a scriitorului J.M Coetzee, de in tor din 2003 al Premiului Nobel pentru literatur , n care stranietatea fic iunii se mbin str lucit cu magia verbului.Alegorie, utopie, distopie, bildungsroman, roman postapocaliptic, roman filozofic Copil ria lui Isus incit , de la nceput i p n la sf r it, la astfel de ntreb ri, l s nd cale deschis multiplelor iO nou capodoper a scriitorului J.M Coetzee, de in tor din 2003 al Premiului Nobel pentru literatur , n care stranietatea fic iunii se mbin str lucit cu magia verbului.Alegorie, utopie, distopie, bildungsroman, roman postapocaliptic, roman filozofic Copil ria lui Isus incit , de la nceput i p n la sf r it, la astfel de ntreb ri, l s nd cale deschis multiplelor interpret ri.Dup ce sosesc din lag rul de refugia i n Novilla un ora dintr o ar nenumit n care se vorbe te spaniola i unde nu se poate ajunge dec t peste mare, cu vaporul , un b rbat ntre dou v rste i un copil de vreo cinci ani sunt primi i ntr un centru de relocare Nu se tie de unde vin, ori motivul pentru care au p r sit lumea veche , deoarece amintirile li s au ters din memorie, iar numele lor, Sim n i David, le au fost date n lag rul de pe rm n timpul c l toriei, David a pierdut scrisoarea pe care o purta ag at la g t i care l murea identitatea lui i pe a mamei sale Sim n, aflat din nt mplare pe acela i vapor cu b iatul, s a hot r t s l protejeze i s l ajute s i g seasc mama n noua ar Dar mai nt i trebuie s i croiasc un rost, s munceasc pentru b iat i pentru sine ntr o societate auster , redus la strictul necesar i sufocat de birocra ie, n care to i oamenii sunt refugia i, f r trecut, f r amintiri i f r vreo ans de evadare Sperasem ca volumul s apara cu o copert goal i o pagin de titlu goal , pentru ca abia dup lectura ultimei pagini cititorul s dea peste titlu, Copil ria lui Isus Dar n industria editorial , dup cum se prezint la ora actual , a a ceva nu este permis J.M COETZEE
    Copilăria lui Isus By J.M. Coetzee Irina Horea
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      482 J.M. Coetzee Irina Horea
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    1. J.M. Coetzee Irina Horea

      John Maxwell Coetzee is an author and academic from South Africa He is now an Australian citizen and lives in South Australia A novelist and literary critic as well as a translator, Coetzee has won the Booker Prize twice and was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature.

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    1. I am not much given to write book reviews because, as the saying goes, birds do not make good ornithologists But with the publication of J M Coetzee s latest novel, The Childhood of Jesus Harvill Secker, London Viking, New York I am moved to address the issue of reader engagement or, shall we say, responsibility That responsibility begins by reading a work of fiction on its own terms That is, with an open mind Professional reviewers have been put off by the apparent strangeness of this novel, bu [...]

    2. We have all felt that exalted state when a writer seems to write specifically for us That is part of why I read, I am an exalted state junkie J.M Coetzee has been that for me He took particular care through, Elizabeth Costello, Slow Man, Diary of a Bad Year, to carve these particular novels to my taste Even books of his that I didn t like, I liked due to the elegance of his authorial voice So, when, The Childhood of Jesus arrived from , since my hands tend to shake a little, I asked my wife to o [...]

    3. This was my first Coetzee for several years the last new one I read was Diary of a Bad Year, and at that time his new books seemed very gloomy and introspective So thanks are due to the 21st Century Literature group for selecting this as one of this month s group reads.This one seems on the surface to be a simple fable Simon has arrived in a Spanish speaking country across the ocean and is accompanied by a small boy David who has lost his parents and his identity documents at sea It is soon appa [...]

    4. He sits down to create another world He takes the real world and strips it of all the things that are not required just as he has stripped language of all that is not required, just as he has stripped narrative technique down to third person I narrators, even in his own diaries.We are left with the bones of narrative, the bones of language, the bones of a world The reduction is clever For instance, to reduce language even further, we must know that all the characters conduct their partly highly [...]

    5. A hollow eggWhen I was young, Easter eggs were a double treat There was milk chocolate on the outside and then, when the egg was opened, there was an extra something inside, a small packet of Maltesers, Chocolate Buttons or, for the really lucky, Smarties Of course, note well that the Easter egg was also an allusion to the story of Christ What Coetzee has given us here is a hollow egg and one that is, like this introduction, candy coated with a thick layer of contrived and unsubtle symbolism and [...]

    6. There are moments in this novel when I felt that perhaps, at last, something interesting might be said But it was not to be There is not a single original bone in its body Trite, derivative and devoid of true depth Imagine a Saramago novel with all of the genius sucked out If this was by an unknown writer I may have stretched to two stars for some of the pages, but as I know what he is capable of, he gets one star and an F in big red pen.

    7. The best kind of parable is one that can convey its meaning through its simplest reading while harbouring depths into which the reader can dive deeper and deeper without ever reaching a hard and fast moral at the bottom For me, what makes The Childhood of Jesus seem such a feat is the great complexity of thought it provokes through the telling of a relatively straight forward but very moving story, exploring ideas of morality without preaching or passing judgement.The novel follows a boy, David, [...]

    8. This had been sitting around on my shelves for years I read the first chapter and then quickly skimmed the rest I found it unutterably dull It wouldn t be fair of me to give a rating given that I barely glanced at the book, but I ll just say that it would take me a lot of secondary source reading to try to understand what was going on here, and it s not made me look forward to trying from Coetzee especially not the presumed sequel, The Schooldays of Jesus, from the Booker longlist.Here are two [...]

    9. Sau de ce nu te iube te lumea atunci c nd e ti altfel i te r zvr te ti mpotriva regulilor ei.Cartea asta e o surpriz incredibil Cred c m am ndr gostit iremediabil de Coetzee Sperasem ca volumul s apara cu o copert goal i o pagin de titlu goal , pentru ca abia dup lectura ultimei pagini cititorul s dea peste titlu, Copil ria lui Isus Dar n industria editorial , dup cum se prezint la ora actual , a a ceva nu este permis J M Coetzee

    10. Ser uma falta de respeito dizer que um livro, escrito por um Nobel da literatura, uma grande porcaria Mas o que me ocorre pensar de um livro que fala tanto de c c desde desentupimento de sanitas, a conselhos para n o comer carne de porco, porque os referidos animais comem c c e, por isso, A carne de porco carne de c c Piadinhas de mau gosto parte, confesso que n o achei qualquer interesse nesta obra, sendo o mais prov vel que eu n o tenha entendido a mensagem que lhe est subjacente Eu nem sequer [...]

    11. Two stars only because of the suspicion that I must have missed something grave in the text because it s Coetzee for God s sake Very shockingly bad If he d written if before the Nobel, the committee would ve had second thoughts.Read Disgrace and Life and times of Michael K avoid this.

    12. Well well well, what do we have here Some sort of abstract allegory A parable or series of parables An anti philosophy rant A pro philosophy rant What is the nature of this book , the book itself practically begs us to ask.What is the nature of nature, what does it mean to live in this world,_how_ do you live in this world At times, the book seems to be a series of abstract, conceptual, philosophical conversations 1 But there s a story, too a strange, inexplicable story of a man Sim n , a woman [...]

    13. john maxwell s books have become increasingly enigmatic over the past decade, frustrating both critics and fans alike whereas the early works of the south african nobel laureate are marked by post colonial violence, the injustices of apartheid, the cascading effects of history, and defiance of institutional rule, his later efforts have trended towards the philosophical than the overtly political coetzee s output over the past decade, including elizabeth costello, slow man, diary of a bad year, [...]

    14. When Simon is teaching 6 year old David, a refugee to Novilla along with Simon, to read Simon reproaches David that he must submit to what is on the page, not fill it in with his own fantasies That he must not just look at the pictures and then guess at the story David, ever petulant, ever adverse to any reasoning but his own, rebels against this method What is Coetzee getting at here If he is advising us as readers to submit to what is on his page, what part The title David shares affinities wi [...]

    15. THE CHILDHOOD OF JESUS 2013 J M CoetzeeI have to admit that if this book had been written by anyone else besides Coetzee, I would have put it down early on As it was, I m not sure I got the point of it at all Where the title came from I have no clue It s the story of a young boy who is traveling to a new land on a ship who gets separated from his mother who was apparently traveling separately He had a note on where and how to find her, but the note got lost during the voyage He was taken under t [...]

    16. Coetzee s new novel, The Childhood of Jesus though I can t help thinking The Childhood of Wittgenstein would be accurate is both an intensely fascinating and a deeply frustrating book Fascinating because it is set in a nameless country that is half Paradise, half Saramagian bureaucracy, a land at once eerily familiar and governed by a bland illogic all its own because it is a novel shot through with ideas, with endless variations on the essential duality of human existence, the contrast between [...]

    17. Coetzee is a writer I will always come back to, every turn he took in his writing so far I will gladly follow However this one I just couldn t get into Surprisingly dull and full of narrative traps which he seems to have laid out for himself he s Coetzee, so he knows how to solve them somehow, it just really doesn t help the book I can t seem to get a grasp on what it s about in essence and while sometimes I can find that quite intriguing if there s something that resonates with me, in this case [...]

    18. The most shocking betrayal of all time This was all I have to say on this.I really doubt that this has been written by the same writer who has written legendary work like Life and Times of Micheal K , Youth , Disgrace , and Boyhood.Throughout my reading I was pondering on is it the same Coetzee to whom I adore so much has penned his energy into this book I was so much attracted to the title that it made my expectation very high, but sadly it was no where close to Coetzee s previous work.I ll rat [...]

    19. I nominated this book for the March monthly read of the 21st Century Literature GR group as Coetzee is a Nobel prize winning author, I enjoyed two of his other books Disgrace and Slow Man , this book has been on my shelf for a couple of years, and the Group has not previously read any of his work To my surprize it won the voting and I agreed to moderate the group read This caused me to read it in advance so I could be prepared for the group read The story takes place, for the most part, in a sor [...]

    20. J.M Coetzee, the first two time winner of the Booker Prize and a literature Nobel laureate, is getting odder and obscure Reading his latest novel The Childhood of Jesus, I felt like being led by a highly acclaimed tour guide into a dark forest, and we were both lost.Literary critics dare not to be too harsh, because it s Coetzee we are talking about Many of them did say the plot was mysterious and it wasn t clear how the child David was an allegory of Jesus One of them even conceded she didn t [...]

    21. This was the only remaining work of fiction by Coetzee that I hadn t read due entirely to the fact the book is out of print and I couldn t find a copy until buying one for 0.50 at a library book sale it made my day I went into this really wishing the title had been different since it s not a story of the childhood of Jesus Instead, it s a modern story of a boy who can t fit in because he thinks in different ways than everyone around him As I went on, though, I found myself appreciating the title [...]

    22. This was my first book by Coetzee, and I found it to be bleak mysterious yet strangely beautiful Looking forward to The Schooldays of Jesus.

    23. It is as if the numbers were islands floating in a great black sea of nothingness, and he were each time being asked to close his eyes and launch himself across the void What if I fall that is what he asks himself What if I fall and then keep falling for ever Lying in bed in the middle of the night, I could sometimes swear that I too was falling falling under the same spell that grips the boy If getting from one to two is so hard, I asked myself, how shall I ever get from zero to one From nowher [...]

    24. Una piccola citt portuale, Novilla, di un paese senza nome, accoglie innumerevoli profughi che hanno attraversato l oceano per cominciare una nuova vita Letteralmente ai profughi viene imposto di dimenticare tutto il loro passato, perfino il loro nome Gli viene data una nuova identit , una nuova data di nascita, una nuova lingua da imparare, e gli viene data assistenza gli viene assegnato un appartamento, e ricevono tanti servizi gratuiti Tornare indietro proibito Il paese senza nome ricorda un [...]

    25. Un uomo di mezza et accudisce un bimbo di cinque anni al suo arrivo in una citt Novilla dove si parla spagnolo Arrivano da un campo profughi dopo un tragitto in nave Del loro passato non ricordano nemmeno pi i loro nomi, gliene sono stati dati di nuovi al loro arrivo.Vengono presi in carico dall apparato assistenziale di Novilla, frugalissimo ma a suo modo efficiente.Al tutore del bambino sensibilissimo e capriccioso viene anche dato un alloggio gratuito ed un lavoro, faticoso per quanto totalme [...]

    26. Lees dit boek en al je vragen zullen beantwoord worden Binnen het universum van J.M Coetzee studeren stuwadoors filosofie en vragen ze zich tussen sjouwen en houwen door of zoiets mogelijk dan wel wenselijk is Een sluitend antwoord krijgt de vraag niet, en gelukkig maar.De kinderjaren van Jezus is een vreemd boek Het verhaal gaat over een anonieme vluchteling laten we hem Simon noemen die op zoek gaat naar een de moeder voor een interessant kind waar hij zich tijdens zijn tocht over ontfermd hee [...]

    27. Very shrewd and deft thing, this novel, with sharp pointed voice and poker face There s a sense, that the author made the universe with much much to weave into it meaning not saying , but in much intricate detail , though I can t appreciate enough the crystal lucidity of the style chosen, and with this style it s very easy to stray into enthalled dive of minutae of this queer and sometimes eerie utopia.And yes, author s tongue in cheek is nothing but charming.

    28. THe Childhood of Jesus Simon and David come to Novilla by boat in order to start a new life and speak Spanish Simon is a man in his forties, he does not know exactly his age, and David is a child Simon meets in the boat Even though Simon does not know David he decides to help him survive and find his mother David had a letter which explains who he is and who his mother is, but he loses it in the boat, as it seems that in the boat, all the memories are lost Simon stays true to his promise He take [...]

    29. This strange and absorbing fiction from Nobel Prize winner Coetzee has a post apocalyptic feel We meet a five year old boy, David, and a man, Sim n, who have been given names as part of their relocation from where and to where, we never learn We know only that they are refugees and that they stayed some time in a camp called Belstar where they learned Spanish in preparation for their move by boat to Novilla People in Novilla can t remember the past and appear to have no curiosity about it They a [...]

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