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Halloweenland By Al Sarrantonio Halloweenland In Orangefield Halloween is never normal and this year will be no exception For Orangefield is now the home of Halloweenland a bizarre carnival run by the mysterious Mr Dickens No one who sees this
  • Title: Halloweenland
  • Author: Al Sarrantonio
  • ISBN: 9780843959277
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Halloweenland By Al Sarrantonio In Orangefield, Halloween is never normal and this year will be no exception For Orangefield is now the home of Halloweenland, a bizarre carnival run by the mysterious Mr Dickens No one who sees this carnival doubts that it s a very strange place, but its real secrets can hardly be imagined.Orangefield is also the home of Detective Bill Grant, who thinks he s seen it alIn Orangefield, Halloween is never normal and this year will be no exception For Orangefield is now the home of Halloweenland, a bizarre carnival run by the mysterious Mr Dickens No one who sees this carnival doubts that it s a very strange place, but its real secrets can hardly be imagined.Orangefield is also the home of Detective Bill Grant, who thinks he s seen it all He s on the trail of an odd little girl, a girl who could hold the end of the universe in her hand The trail will lead Grant to Ireland, the ancient home of the Lord of the Dead, then back to Orangefield, where, on w hat may be the last Halloween, the ultimate battle between Life and Death will take place.
    Halloweenland By Al Sarrantonio
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      Al Sarrantonio born May 25, 1952, in New York City is an American horror and science fiction author who has published, over the past thirty years, than forty books and sixty short stories He has also edited numerous anthologies and has been called a master anthologist by Booklist entry Al Sarrantonio

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    1. I picked this up at a used book sale because it had Halloween in the title, and I have a problem Maybe several They include a bottomless love for horror and pathological book buying, to start I realized after I bought it but before I started reading that it was third in the series, and then went ahead and read it anyway Life offers so few chances to be a rebel.Detective Bill Grant is used to the weird shit that happens in Orangefield every Halloween, but either he s getting older or the shit is [...]

    2. Probably the most well written of the trilogy, but not quite as much fun as the first book Horrorween This one was slightly less B Movieish than book two Hallows Eve, returning to the straight up horror of book one.Sarrantonio called on some classic suspense, and pulled it off quite well, as I found myself staying up late into the night devouring every page He even threw in a Dan Brown style surprise toward the end that added to the fun in a perfect way It s a bummer that these books are out of [...]

    3. This was the only Halloween book I was able to read for this season and it was a disappointment Not a lot of action and the story just did not put me in the Halloween spirit as I had hoped.

    4. I feel like some readers have judged this trilogy a little harshly I think expectations were a little too high So, here s my thinking on some of the points others have made 1 Not scary Well, no, I myself didn t feel any level of fear from any of the three books in this trilogy Frankly, I m not sure I was intended to I did like a lot of the various characters and I cared about them But okay so look at the covers, particularly the cute owl in the tree on the cover of book two Does that scream shee [...]

    5. This book is based on a 80 page short story by the same author called The Baby , which also came with the edition I got Read that story and skip the actual novel The short story is decent, gets to the point, and ends on a satisfying note.The novel dicks around Ireland for forty pages, doesn t establish the villain that well and makes you feel that not much got accomplished by the time you read the final page Also, the twists are just random curveballs from left field that don t make sense and mu [...]

    6. This was a random PaperBackSwap find for me and it sounded interesting enough and all in the Halloween spirit so why not, right Except it was less than exceptional in its execution and was sorely lacking in its build up of suspense and any scare factors A lot of tell going on and short on the way of show so I just wasn t invested in most of it.The pacing was, at times, awkward and seemed to stagger on some portions and fast forward through far too many that probably would have been relevant an [...]

    7. This is part of the 2008 Cemetery Dance book club September selection I ve just received it in June of 2009 Mine is one of 1250 signed copies.Al must have written about some of these characters before, particularly the ex cop Detective Bill Grant Or maybe he wrote about the town Orangefield, New York.The cop has a real drinking problem which he has to overcome in order to investigate what exactly happened the night Jack Carlin died His wife thinks he came home and made love to her Afterward, she [...]

    8. This is the third book in Sarrantonio s Orangefield series the writing was fine, with quick chapters, great pacing, and a pretty straight forward story I really like Detective Grant though towards the end i thought his dealings with his enemy were a little odd also i broke my own rule which is never ever read a series out of order this was my first ever from Sarrantonio and there was some reference back to the other books made me really wich i had read them.Also the back cover of the book is jus [...]

    9. I listened to the Audible version.The 3rd in a series,this book was nearly great,except I found some of it a bit confusing.We are given back the first narrator,Gene Blake,who does wonderful character voices.Orangefield,once known as Pumpkinfield,is famous for it s Halloween traditions.There is a big festival, a carnival and pumpkins are everywhere Lurking within some of them are spirits and envoys of the Lord of the Dead.Sam Hain finds that his whole being is in question.The battle for the world [...]

    10. Halloweenland is a novel that had its first breath as the short story The Baby, and it is this short story which opens the book and lasts the first 77 pages and not to mention is included again at the end of the book as The short Curious History of The Baby , serving no purpose but to seemingly take up space.Marianne Carlin wants a baby than anything else in this world Her husband, Jack, would rather drink and hang out with his friends On the night when they plan to conceive their child, Jack c [...]

    11. Probably the best of the Orangefield novels Hardboiled detective Bill Grant is Sarrantonio s best realized character and he stays for then entire novel here Sarrantonio is trying to capture some of the feel of Charles L Grant s Oxrun Station novels and stories but he just isn t the writer Grant is Tying himself to the Halloween holiday especially makes it hard to provide sufficient variety to the plots Unlike Oxrun Station, these novels should be read in the proper chronology NOT the order they [...]

    12. This wasn t much of a Halloween novel It took place at Halloween, but the holiday isn t central to the plot The writing is good, the pace is brisk due to the short chapters, but it also felt a bit disjointed, especially with a five year jump in time and a detour from Orangefield to Ireland The secondary characters weren t fully developed and existed only to service the plot The ending was very odd the Big Bad proved alarmingly easy to defeat It struck me as a cop out Not the best Halloween novel [...]

    13. This book required a major suspension of disbelief, because the plot was pretty ridiculous when you get down to it a ghost conceiving with a woman a child that is actually Satan who is plotting to end all of existence, and death personified protecting her, while an alcoholic cop tries to thwart the apocalypse But if you do suspend disbelief, it s actually pretty fun book I wasn t crazy about the ending, but I really did enjoy the ride I would recommend this to fans of horror who want a quick rea [...]

    14. Yeah, so when I picked this up, I didn t realize this was like the third or fourth and latest in a series or I probably wouldn t have got it It felt like I stepped into the middle a miniseries where I didn t know all the participants It s a good read, very quick and entertaining, but all in all, a very disappointing ending after building up the storyline in such an engrossing manner The first third is great, from there, the whole concept of Halloweenland just goes downhill as does the trip to Ir [...]

    15. The devil impregnates a woman using her husband who is in between life and death The resulting baby disappears The detective hero spends 5 years hunting for the little girl who spells doom for all living things The climax comes at Halloween in an amusement park called Halloweenland I was not impressed with this tale or the hero who spends most of his time in a bottle.

    16. since i haven t read the other book before this one,i can t really follow up especially on understanding the character s relationship but despite of that flaw i think this book quite standout as itselfi do enjoy reading it since the writer write simple word and interesting story line

    17. I like a good quick read and Sarrantonio s Halloweenland was smooth all the way through The pacing was great and I liked the frequent perspective changes I thoroughly enjoyed the world building and characterization though I wish Halloweenland had been a larger part of the story.

    18. I m a sucker for Halloween, but Sarrantonio s series of novels set in a Halloween haunted small town is definitely weaker than his short stories The end twist was interesting, but when you look at it too closely it falls apart.

    19. I am not rating this because I couldn t get into it really I seemed good, just not something I could get into right now I wanted to read it now since Halloween is coming up I may try reading again when I don t have other books that I want to read.

    20. This was an entertaining tale It once again proves that death makes a very likeable character I skimmed through the short story at the end that the book was based on, but having just read the novel, I was only looking for the few differences between.

    21. Wow I haven t read anything this bad in a long time It felt as if someone had cut huge chunks out of the story It did not have good follow through with each chapter The reactions from the characters to things that were happening to them was completely ridiculous Not a good read.

    22. I was really not impressed by this story And I think what made it worse is that there was a second novella called The Baby that was basically a rehash of Halloweenland with just a change in the ending I think I really needed horror then what this book was willing to give.

    23. Thought this book was really Good kinda in the lines with Stephen King, it s not often that a book leaves me looking over my shoulder, this one didThe pasty little white faced girl was enough to give me the creepsenjoy it

    24. This is a great, fast paced story about a police detective taking on something that no common person should have to take on To say anything would be giving too much away It s great reading for the Halloween season, or anytime.

    25. This book started out creepy, but sadly it could not keep the creep factor alive throughout the entire book It is still a good read, especially for the fairly accurate Irish history contained within The characters were well developed, and the plot entertaining.

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