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In Her Closet By Tasha L. Harrison In Her Closet Entertainment columnist Yves Santiago unapologetically lives her life as carelessly as a man Her day job keeps her flush in men with few regrets and even fewer mistakes By night she details her expl
  • Title: In Her Closet
  • Author: Tasha L. Harrison
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  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Her Closet By Tasha L. Harrison Entertainment columnist Yves Santiago unapologetically lives her life as carelessly as a man Her day job keeps her flush in men, with few regrets and even fewer mistakes By night, she details her exploits on her anonymous sex blog, Lust Diaries.Yves leads a happy, delightfully filthy life Until she meets nonfiction editor Elijah Weinstein.Moss green eyes, sun kissed shoEntertainment columnist Yves Santiago unapologetically lives her life as carelessly as a man Her day job keeps her flush in men, with few regrets and even fewer mistakes By night, she details her exploits on her anonymous sex blog, Lust Diaries.Yves leads a happy, delightfully filthy life Until she meets nonfiction editor Elijah Weinstein.Moss green eyes, sun kissed shoulders and a mouth so damn sensual that it should have a NC 17 rating, this perfectly suited and coiffed, Fifth Avenue prince is everything she never wanted yet can t resist He methodically lays waste to the walls she s built around herself, looking to get closer to the real Yves Santiago With the the promise of a fairytale turned real, Yves must dig into the depths of her past But once she shakes out the skeletons in her closet, will she be ready for all Elijah has to offer
    In Her Closet By Tasha L. Harrison
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    About "Tasha L. Harrison"

    1. Tasha L. Harrison

      Often accused of navigating life without a filter, Tasha L Harrison has managed to brand herself as the author who crafts characters and stories that make you feel all of the feels She writes African American, interracial and intercultural erotica and erotic romance with heroines just as brazen as herself and heroes that struggle to tolerate them while trying to them in the sack.She lives in Upstate South Carolina with two not so smallish men and one super needy boxer dog When she s not writing filth, she s pretending to be a photographer and riding around with the top down on her Jeep Wrangler, Amber Find her at tashalharrison tashalharrison on twitterHer series THE LUST DIARIES is available now A Slant of Light prequel short story In Her Closet, The Lust Diaries Book OneThe Shame in You A Short StoryEverything She Never Wanted, The Lust Diaries Book Two Having it Both Ways, The Lust Diaries Book ThreeWhat Kind of Man, The Lust Diaries A Short StoryNot So Soft, The Lust Diaries Book 3.5The Truth of Things coming soon A Soft Place to Fall coming soon

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    1. Series Yes must read all 3 books to reach the single story s conclusion two additional novellas are optional to the series Spoiler Free Plot Description Yves, an underemployed writer who blogs about her sexual exploits, is approached by closet fan Elijah, an editor for a big deal publisher They both stand to gain if he helps launch her to literary stardom, so he leads the conversion of her popular sex blog into a memoir The writing process forces Yves to face her inner psyche, and her dubious re [...]

    2. Rating 3.5 5 I received a free copy from the publisher, Dirtyscribbler Press, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Minor spoilers, TW PHYSICAL SEXUAL ABUSE Yves isn t at all ashamed of her lifestyle She enjoys having sex, so she has it A lot And then she writes about it on her anonymous sex blog, Lust Diaries There s no emotion involved for her She gets approached by a man from the biggest publishing company in Philly, Elijah, to publish content similar to what she has on her blog, but [...]

    3. Instead of fucking him, she was going to write a book IN HER CLOSET s Yves is smart, sexy, brash, and kind of badass Elijah is an editor, a fan of Yves work, and in need of a breakout star He makes her an offer too good to pass up and so begins their story.A while back I posted about an erotic trope I find quite annoying, that of the horribly damaged or severely abused BDSM practitioner I wondered why there couldn t be a character who was in the lifestyle simply because he or she enjoyed it rath [...]

    4. Yves, an anonymous sex blogger, is the queen of one night stands She even has a collection of men s shirts in her closet She keeps these shirts like they are trophies Because of her troubled past, she feels no emotion for her prey But then Elijah comes along and makes her feel again He also wants her to write a book about her blog The sexual tension between the two is hot But he won t have sex with her unless he knows Yves will be committed to him and his lifestyle Overall, I enjoyed In Her Clos [...]

    5. I received this book through Novel Reviewers in exchange for a honest review.There are so many things I like about this book, such as 1 Harrison s witty, creative, descriptive, and fluid writing there were a few grammatical errors, but I believe I had an ARC, so that s understandable 2 Harrison s inclusion and depiction of a non white female lead in an erotic romance novel, which is a rare but wondrous thing However, I was bothered by Yves being subjected to questions about her origin of birth, [...]

    6. This novel really got me in the gut This review has spoilers I really resonated with how real this novel felt, especially in the ways it depicted how hard it is to stay away from an abusive ex I haven t seen that illustrated in fiction before It was hard to read, but it feels so important that it s part of the story I am a survivor of intimate partner violence, and I worked in the trauma field for 20 years, and this is one of the most realistic novels I ve read of any genre , that centers a surv [...]

    7. Disclaimer I received a free copy courtesy of the author via Novel Reviewers in exchange for an honest reviewI hate that it took me so long to read this In Her Closet was such a surprise.While I didn t like the heroine I understood her actions and motivations I really wished I could ve read about the hottie at the beginning of the story, learning about him would ve been a TREAT.Elijah was such a solid character and the perfect partner for Yves, he was always sure of himself and what he wanted [...]

    8. Reviewed at Lost In A BookThis was not bad at all I actually really enjoyed it It wasn t exactly what I was expecting, but it was still good With it being called The Lust Diaries Book One , I assumed it would be the stories from her dirty blog I m glad it wasn t though This is her journey to finding herself through publishing her blog.Some of the characters were unnerving Especially her family and their obsession with Cesar I just didn t understand that I guess there are some things that I just [...]

    9. Man see I literally forgot about life reading this Yves is just Elijah man seeI can t even say much without spoilers Now I gotta get the next one

    10. Originally reviewed at The Forbidden Bookshelf 4.5 StarsYves Santiago is one adventurous, sexually liberated chick I really liked this sassy character a lot She was an independent woman and I liked her unapologetic care free spirit But Yves had a lot of hurt feelings and old baggage that she carried around and her journey towards finding her happy was sometimes hard to watch Yves is a staff writer for a Philadelphia newspaper, penning a weekly lifestyle column about the nightlife and entertainme [...]

    11. Received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Wow, I liked this book a whole lot than I was expecting I mean, the summary alone sounded incredible and a Latina narrator Sign me up am I right and I was excited for it, but I didn t think I would walk away from it as content as I did.I ve read a lot of erotica this month, and this one has to be the absolute best because, holy cow, I actually liked the love interest Elijah cared about Yves, both in and out of the bedroom he wanted [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book It had some pretty intense scenes, for which I would have liked a disclaimer Yves great name by the way , was an amazing character, very relatable and real I liked how the book was about her and her journey, rather than a typical romance I especially liked how she owned her sexuality and was not ashamed of it even when she was being trolled by her family for sleeping around I wish we could have gotten of a background on Elijah He was the potential love interest, but [...]

    13. 4 Lusty StarsReview copy received via NetGalley for an honest reviewCurrently FREE on Review also posted on Mara s Bookshelf You can t understand how much I want you I want to claim you Devour you Consume you These are not things I can do by half Do you understand that I will destroy you, Yves And I ll love every minute of it Oh Oh Oh Looks like I have another trilogy in my grabby hands and I loved it I thought I would have gone tired of this theme, erotic BDSM trilogies, but lucky for me Tasha [...]

    14. ARC provided by the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review4 Stars Review of In Her Closet by Tasha L Harrison.In her Closet is about Yves Santiago an entertainment columnist and a blogger who writes about her sex life anonymously on her blog, Lust Diaries and Elijah Weinstein a nonfiction editor wanting to publish her blog as a book I liked the book because the characters were so complex and well developed I have read quite a few books with plain characters so I was delighted t [...]

    15. I enjoyed In Her Closet The book was very entertaining and I had a hard time setting it down In the beginning it was refreshing to see Yves a young woman so in charge of herself and sex life You soon find how she became so jaded That being said, based on the book blurb, I didn t anticipate certain storylines This book contains mental and physical abuse It was difficult to read since I wasn t expecting it If this is a hard limit I wouldn t recommend reading it Also, while the book deals with some [...]

    16. You can t understand how much I want you I want to claim you Devour you Consume you These are not things I can do by half Do you understand that I will destroy you, Yves And I ll love every minute of it Oh, MY I might still be panting From the first page to the last, Yves is a compelling character Her story on the surface could be any of ours hurt by a past love, she s decided that she doesn t date and she doesn t do relationships and she definitely does not do love But that as before she met El [...]

    17. I won this book in a giveaway so it deserves a review This book was good There was lots of sex but I think the best part of the book was the characters The lead was messed up emotionally and you get the reason why I did like her as a sexual woman Too many characters these days are too innocent and almost afraid of sex It did contain some abuse and Bdsm I kinda wanted from the ending Overall, pretty good book.

    18. The edition I have has a weird text format to it It appears to be as if someone took the ebook version of the book and just printed it out Some paragraphs have larger spacing than others Some sentences are indented in the middle Some words are hyphenated in the wrong places i.e anything typed as an ything.When it comes to the book itself, I don t really know what to say I had the book recommended to me and the person described it as different which was accurate It didn t really fit into what I w [...]

    19. Nice Sorta Sexy StoryThis was a rather nice, sexy story about a blogger with a history of sexual freedom with her choices and actions Nicely done.

    20. Read it in one sitting Good, but not great Warning If you re a Domestic Abuse survivor, you ll want to be aware there are violent scenes They are important to the plot.

    21. Yves is a staff writer for a Philadelphia newspaper, penning a weekly lifestyle column about the nightlife and entertainment in the city with personal anecdotes thrown in to liven up the column She reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City with her addiction to designer clothes and shoes.Yves leads a happy, delightfully filthy life Until she meets nonfiction editor Elijah Weinstein Julian Webster is a wealthy, well known painter that Yves meets at a reggae club He s a young virile man [...]

    22. This is one of those books that I m on the fence about I liked it than a 3 star book but I don t really think I liked it enough to give it four However the characters are well drawn the dramatic tension is wonderful as well so it s getting 4 My issues with this book 1 the social commentary is really unnecessary This is a romance book not the place to insert discussions on immigration, the subjugation of minority women or to be so transparent in the argument in the positive for bdsm relationship [...]

    23. From the first page I was hooked I really enjoyed reading this book From the beginning to the very end the author does a great job of keeping your attention I couldn t stop reading this one and when I did I would still be thinking about it I had several nights that I stayed up until wee hours in the morning reading this book I absolutely loved each and everyone of the characters especially Yves.Since Yves broke up with her high school sweetheart she has become the queen of one night stands and s [...]

    24. I was sent a copy of the book for review through Net Galley, as always, all opinions are my own.I really wanted to love this book, but struggled with Yves and found her rather selfish She s unapologetic about her lifestyle and that s great, but I hated watching her use her past hurts as a reason to treat people the way she does Even so, I enjoyed the characters and loved the fact that this book wasn t a cookie cutter BDSM story The characters had depth, even if I didn t always love them, and the [...]

    25. This was a very sexy novelbut it did get a bit too much for me I was waiting for a bit of emotion but all there was well there was a ton of sex and sex and sex I did expect that, I really did, from the synopsis But, I thought there might be a hint of some progress from the character but none Maybe if the reason for her sexual nature was a conscious choice, she just really liked to have sex, that might have been something, but the fact that it all really stemmed from a man kind of slipped under [...]

    26. I really liked this book and this character She was spunky, independent, intelligent and of course flawed I like the angst she felt and the road taken This characters journey was suspenseful and a journey worth taking with her You understand her reasoning even though I didn t agree with them She meets change in a form of a gorgeous man I enjoyed the scenes in this read Hot Hot Read in almost one sittingis author keeps you entranced Very Worth the read I received this ARC from the publisher via N [...]

    27. For me this was very interesting story emotional, dramatic, crazy but in a good way crazy I did not expected to be good when I start to read it but it was wonderful surprise All characters well develop with good interactions I really liked Elijah and his character strong and determined Yves is not your typical women heroine but here character was perfect for this story I really loved it how she changed in the end.A story of hot Latina girl which broken heart is healed with true love ARC provided [...]

    28. I love horribly flawed, fucked up characters, and Yves did not disappoint But you can t help but feel for her, and hope that she comes out of it somehow intact I loved the complexities and reasons why she acted the way she did My complaints Too many commas in weird places Small thing, but incredibly distracting to the flow of the story Also not enough closure at the end After all of the shit that Yves went through, I would have loved to see her get some happiness.

    29. We read this for WOCINROMANC Book Club and I really enjoyed it I think I d fallen into a reading rut and this book totally snapped me out of it The plot is not at all what I expected and I think that s exactly what I need and of what I m looking for moving forward If you re looking for realistic and angst kink related romance, you will really enjoy this story.

    30. I wrote the Author about why the book is not available on She wrote me back and said It has been acquired by a publishing company and we are in the editing stageep in the editing stage Hopefully it will be re released this summer.

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