The Summer We Lost Alice #2020

The Summer We Lost Alice By Jan Strnad The Summer We Lost Alice The defining moments of young Ethan Opochensky s life occurred during the summer he spent with his cousin Alice in the small rural town of Meddersville Three children disappeared that summer his cou
  • Title: The Summer We Lost Alice
  • Author: Jan Strnad
  • ISBN: 9781479274420
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Summer We Lost Alice By Jan Strnad The defining moments of young Ethan Opochensky s life occurred during the summer he spent with his cousin Alice in the small, rural town of Meddersville Three children disappeared that summer, his cousin among them.Twenty five years later, Ethan returns to Meddersville to find a family still devastated by Alice s loss and a killer once again on the prowl Their only hopeThe defining moments of young Ethan Opochensky s life occurred during the summer he spent with his cousin Alice in the small, rural town of Meddersville Three children disappeared that summer, his cousin among them.Twenty five years later, Ethan returns to Meddersville to find a family still devastated by Alice s loss and a killer once again on the prowl Their only hope for restoration lies in Ethan s ability to bring Alice s killer to justice.Full length novel Contains paranormal elements, a trace of mild language, no explicit sex.
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    1. I usually don t read paranormal books because they tend to be a lot of paranormal with a so so story wrapped about it The Summer We Lost Alice was a great story with a paranormal bent The characters were well drawn and my heart ached for Flo, Ethan s aunt I enjoyed this well written book and look forward to reading Jan Strnad s other books.

    2. This book was bizarre, and not in an enjoyable way For the first half of the book, the plot waffles on whether or not it wants to offer a supernatural element as a solution, and the ending is so far out of left field as to be borderline ridiculous Additionally, I would be fine with a change in narration, but when it switches to third person, it seems like Strnad couldn t decide if she wanted to make her narrator omniscient or subjective to Ethan s experience There were some brief enjoyable momen [...]

    3. Hands down, one of my most favorite reads this year The Summer We Lost Alice is everything I love in a book mystery, depth of characters and plot, a hint of the paranormal, and a solid ending Note, not necessarily a happy ending, but an ending that leads the reader to imagine the potential I love, absolutely love, getting to the end of a book and feeling hope in my own self that has translated so clearly from the hope felt by the author s pen for these characters The Summer We Lost Alice is a ca [...]

    4. This is not my usual style of read, but it was very well written and I enjoyed it very much It was unexpected at most points and twisted and turned in a way that captivated It was supernatural thriller meets small town novel Well done.

    5. While MUCH different than his first novel Risen A Supernatural Thriller , in The Summer We Lost Alice , Strnad has put together a bittersweet, often nostalgic tale with a paranormal undercurrent that takes a captivating look at the darkness and the light that resides within us all His richly drawn characters, all haunted by the past in different ways, are compelling and believable, and Strnad demonstrates a knowledge of life in a small town that is certain to strike a chord in readers who have s [...]

    6. A little bit mystery, a little bit paranormal, and a little bit thriller made this book one that was hard to put down The author did a great job building the background in the first part of the book and the characters were easy to like and imagine One of the things I liked about the book was the use of humor and the way the author created relationships that didn t feel forced A fun read that kept me up late a couple of nights.

    7. Good readIt is fun book with skepticism and love I enjoyed the characters and the twists I look forward to enjoying the authors other books.

    8. The Summer We Lost Alice was a bit of an odd read for me The story follows Ethan a young boy who falls in love with his cousin, Alice when visiting her family The story had a much heavier supernatural story line than I would normally read In fact had I realized that was the way this book was written I probably wouldn t have purchased it Ghosts, demons, reincarnation and things such as the devil made me do it are what s in store with this novel Alice is one of a few children that go missing in th [...]

    9. This book starts off very well but just can t keep it together to the end Ethan Opochensky goes to spend the summer with his Aunt and Uncle and cousins in a rural Kansas town called Meddersville because his parents are having trouble and may get divorced The initial distrust and then the growing relationship between him and his younger cousin, Alice, seems to foreshadow something big about their futures Kids go missing that summer in Meddersville and his life is changed forever The description o [...]

    10. I loved the first part of this book A ten year old Ethan leaves the city to spend the summer with his cousin, Alice, who lives in the country Their friendship blossoms, even in the midst of two kidnappings that occur that summer Then Alice becomes the third Written beautifully, I was most eager to continue on to part two.Flash forward twenty five years the killings have begun again, and a now grown Ethan returns to Meddersville to visit his aunt and to see if he can help solve the kidnappings Th [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the first half of this book, as it is a well written story and thoroughly engrossing That said, I wish there had been some kind of indication in the description about the supernatural elements that would become a prominent part of the second half of the book What began quite well quickly took a turn for the worse when the quirky old woman the child protagonist BELIEVED to be a witch turned out to ACTUALLY be a witch, attempting to protect the town from a demon cloud that is out [...]

    12. LOVED part 1 Part 2, however, felt like it was written by someone else entirely Part 1 was gripping, with just enough clues here and there for the reader to piece together, effectively creating that page turning suspense But Part 2 was almost goofy Instead of letting the reader piece together clues, information was just dropped like a bomb that was supposed to make our jaws drop the characters jaws all did Every time but just didn t work because there was no buildup or effective foreshadowing It [...]

    13. The Three Hours I Lost Reading This bookThe Three Hours I Lost Reading This bookLet me just say that if I was fifteen again, or maybe even thirteen, I would have LOVED this story But I am no longer a teenager who will believe in the supernatural unless there is some plausibility to get me where the author wants me to go Still I guess we all still have a soft spot for those teenaged stories that sometimes had a little bit truth to them then we would have liked Hell, I named my kid after a charac [...]

    14. I thought this was going to be a typical mystery I enjoyed the book until it crossed over into paranormal activities Just not my thing A boy gets sent to a small town to spend the summer with relatives He and his cousin are typical kids enjoying the summer One night they sneak out and she disappears He and the rest of her family spend the rest of their lives trying to understand what happened to her When he s grown, he goes back to the town and helps solve the mystery of her disappearance Someon [...]

    15. The beginning of this book is so gripping, the characters so real, that I forgive it for waning a bit toward the end The story starts with the main character narrator as a child meeting his cousin Alice for the first time The impact she has on him is permanent, though he is only with her a short time before she disappears forever I couldn t stop reading after those intense scenes in the beginning.

    16. I quite enjoyed this book, especially the beginning, with the two children, Ethan and Alice and their family matters Fair enough that young kids could believe in witches what, nowadays Ethan s profession in later life had nothing to do with contacting the dead, really So the attempt to introduce the supernatural was really out of place for me You can still enjoy the read, but I wish the author would re write it without people coming back.

    17. I liked the first half of this book I enjoyed reading about the relationship between Alice and Ethan It was interesting when the children were disappearing and you thought it was some sort of serial killer or kidnapper Once I found out what was really going on, I sort of lost interest Witches and black clouds of evil and possessed tiki statues seemed really hokey and didn t cut it for me.

    18. An entertaining if far fetched story with supernatural elements I did enjoy the read, though not as much as I did the series of books by Arnaldur Indridason, which I think of in the same category of crime sleuthing I can see this story as a great movie if done well I would give it 3.5 stars, and would read his other works.

    19. I personally liked the first half of this book better than the second half the first half when the characters are still kids, there s just a creepy edge to the chapters that gives the reader a sense of mystery and keeps a reader hooked once the characters are grown the writing changes, and it feels rushed It loses that unsettling feeling the story had in the beginning.

    20. This was a little different from what kind of horror stories I have.The story of Alice is a different one You won t know until the author tells you what or who is responsible for the taking of the children in the town Really a different kind of story one that if you like horror stories read this one You will not be disappointed.

    21. I was all involved with the first part setting up the mystery of the children s disappearances Then it turned all supernatural and paranormal on me I thought it still might work out, but it just got out of hand with spirits, witches, reincarnation, psychics, etc I won t be reading another by this author

    22. I really enjoyed The Summer We Lost Alice by Jan Strnad The characters were well written and the storyline kept me interested from the beginning to the end There were many unexpected twists and turns that held my attention If you like this genre and I do it is a must read.

    23. I really enjoyed the way this book started out But about 1 3 of the way through it starting leading down the supernatural storiesI tried to continue reading but just became uninteresting to meI couldn t finish it have no desire to.

    24. Excellent This was a great book I started and finished it in one day I literally could not put it down Great story, great writing, quite a few times I laughed out loud and shared the excerpts with friends Highly recommend

    25. I really like the beginning of this book In the middle I started getting confused and had a hard time figuring out what was happening Once I regrouped I started enjoying it I m not much into paranormal books but I did enjoy this story.

    26. This book has a storyline that s easy to follow but difficult to swallow I found myself enjoying the book until the last 3 4 chapters when it took on ridiculous I felt cheated I was a little miffed that I had invested my time in this book.

    27. An engaging readAn engaging readThe story flowed well You could feel the emotion the young Ethan experienced before, and after, his cousin s disappearance The supernatural effects were only one part of the story and were used fairly I enjoyed this book.

    28. It was okay, but it went a little kooky towards the end I do enjoy a good paranormal story, but the description said contains paranormal elements, which sounds like it is a small bit Instead the whole outcome is a huge paranormal reveal and a bit over the top.

    29. The Summer We Lost Alice 3 stars Strange paranormal tale about a young boy s summer, how it colors his life and his return as a man By turns, charming eerie Entertaining 302 pages

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