Pecadores #2020

Pecadores By Olivia Cunning F. Blasco Pecadores Brian Sinclair es un hombre muy sexy y uno de los mejores guitarras de rock Su banda de heavy metal los Sinners Pecadores no puede vivir sin su inspiraci n Pero anda deprimido desde que una groupi
  • Title: Pecadores
  • Author: Olivia Cunning F. Blasco
  • ISBN: 9788415420033
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pecadores By Olivia Cunning F. Blasco Brian Sinclair es un hombre muy sexy, y uno de los mejores guitarras de rock Su banda de heavy metal, los Sinners Pecadores , no puede vivir sin su inspiraci n Pero anda deprimido desde que una groupie le puso cuernos con Sed, el vocalista, el chico que las enloquece a todas Myrna Evans es psic loga y especialista en sexualidad humana Brian y Myrna acaban coincidieBrian Sinclair es un hombre muy sexy, y uno de los mejores guitarras de rock Su banda de heavy metal, los Sinners Pecadores , no puede vivir sin su inspiraci n Pero anda deprimido desde que una groupie le puso cuernos con Sed, el vocalista, el chico que las enloquece a todas Myrna Evans es psic loga y especialista en sexualidad humana Brian y Myrna acaban coincidiendo por azar en el bar de un lujoso hotel de Chicago Y la chispa de la pasi n estalla sin remedio Acostumbrada al rock hard desde la cuna, Olivia Cunning asisti a su primer concierto a los seis a os En la adolescencia descubri su segundo amor, la ficci n rom ntica, primero como lectora voraz y m s tarde escribiendo sus propias novelas.
    Pecadores By Olivia Cunning F. Blasco
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    1. Olivia Cunning F. Blasco

      Combining her love for romantic fiction and rock n roll, Olivia Cunning writes erotic romance centered around rock musicians Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx concert at age six and fell instantly in love with live music She s been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert As a teen, she discovered her second love, romantic fiction first, voraciously reading steamy romance novels and then penning her own Growing up as the daughter of a career soldier, she s lived all over the country and overseas She recently moved to Galveston, Texas.

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    1. WARNING Do not read this book unless you have your significant other available or a vibrator with A LOT of batteries SPOILERS Oh my fu k ng gosh How much sex can you get in one book Apparently a bloody lot I had been reading some really sweet romance novels lately and thought I would give my inner skank a break from the gushiness to have some sexy fun That sure did happen however, there was so much sex even my inner skank blushed.As a whole I enjoyed the book, it was sexy as hell, God damn HOT s [...]

    2. Well This book had its moments but it left a bad taste in my mouth Let s see The things that didn t sit well with me Myrna What a bitch She s been through a lot, I give her that, but then again that s what shrinks are for She keeps projecting her negative experiences to her relationship or however she wants to call it, with Brian The you re a whore, Myrna chant really got on my nerves from a certain point onwards Myrna may be a human sexuality professor but she s full of unresolved complexes and [...]

    3. 4 to 41 2 starsI ll admit I started this book only with the intention to curb my curiosity about what I ve read in recent reviews and comments I ve noticed people either love this book or they don t I was prepared to fall among those readers who do not like this story because I usually do not enjoy reading this type of erotica I confess, my expectations were remarkably low I neither expected nor was prepared for how fascinating, compelling, erotic, and, frankly, disturbing I found Backstage Pass [...]

    4. 5 stars Erotic Contemporary RomanceI love all kinds of music, including rock, but I ve never been much of a concert groupie or band fan girl Although my sister would probably call me a big fat liar and eagerly remind me of my closet New Kids On The Block phase as a teen blushes and hides of embarrassment But I ve definitely had my fair share of hot celeb obsessions, including Robert Pattinson I stalked him on the Internet for months before and after Twilight came out , Brad Pitt I watched Legend [...]

    5. 4.5Backstage Pass is my first read by Olivia Cunning, and I enjoyed it immensely I ve clearly been missing out over here Hooolllyyy shit This book is hot af I m serious, guys Prudes need to step away from this one You will be fanning yourself in multiple places and praying your kindle doesn t catch fire What did I love most about the book I would have to say the hero, Brian Sinclair He is a gorgeous rock star with a big heart, a thick cock, and magic fingers What s not to love I also adored the [...]

    6. Sometimes, I girl just needs a really hot, sexy, DIRTY read Know what I mean And being that this book is written by THE Olivia Cunning Has five sexy has HELL rockstars who happen to believe in ahem teamwork And is very hot, extreeeeemely sexy, and oh so dirty from the get go This book was AHHHHHMAZING But maybe that s because rockstars are my ultimate weakness This book might just take the cake on having the fuggin hottest, blush worthy scenes Sheezus And just between you and I If you read this [...]

    7. A Rock Star a Professor of Sex naughty things I spent most of my time reading this book looking like this I wanted to look away but I couldn t make myself Myrna had many lessons in sex ed that I never knew existed These are things that weren t taught to us in sex ed classes in high schoolThe Sinners on Tour Website Book 1 of the Sinners on Tour Series Brian MyrnaSERIES No cliffhangers

    8. Review re posted on Got Fiction I got this book for review, and it turns out it s one I ve read before It looks like Sourcebooks is repackaging this series If you like rockstar romance, I want to say this is the book that sort of kicked off that subgenre a few years ago.I also want to say that once I realized I d read this, I didn t re read it, so I m not sure how it would hold up to my tastes now, 5 years later Sometimes books really hold up well, sometimes they don t But here s my original rev [...]

    9. I shit you not When I decided to start reading this story I had Avenged Sevenfold s album Nightmare playing softly in the background Really Kellie who are you shitting It wasn t playing softly, who plays Metal softly It was LOUD but it was still in the background Alright So anyway While I was reading away in this book and falling for Brian, Sed, Trey, Jace and Eric I looked up some other reviews to see if anyone had any photos of how they envisioned Brian As I couldn t quite picture him as soon [...]

    10. 2.75 stars.Maybe if I read this a few years ago I might have enjoyed it .I like sex in my books but sometimes it can be overkill.I think our reading preferences evolve over time and mine definitely have Need something with of a storyline in my books.Not a bad read Not sure if I will continue with the series.

    11. I am officially a Sinners Fan GirlI recommend this hot sexy read to those of you who like reading novels with a Smutty Bad Boy Rock band, and have no problem with all the crazy sex that happens often than it should LOLZ Hey,no complaints here I love it Brian aka Master Sinclair is the Lead Guitarist song writer for the Sinners rock group.He meets Myrna a college professor who specializes in Human Sexuality How they meet is the funniest story ever,but you gotta read it yourself to find out My li [...]

    12. OK, I m HOOKED I am officially a Sinners groupie Oh Brian and his magical fingers, he can pluck my strings anytime Not only is he a musical genius, he is gorgeous, a one woman man, and a hopeless romantic, what s not to love Of course, the book was dripping with sensuality, no pun intended, but it was a great story Five young men achieving fame and fortune, and and having to deal with the overwhelming enormity of it all No sense of normalcy, until Myrna comes into their lives She falls for Brian [...]

    13. This book ROCKED First off I must say that if by chance that Olivia Cunning is reading this review, Thank You for writing such a fantastic story I can hardly wait for the rest of this series to come out and will be reading Rock Hard as soon as it s released.Second off Thank You Shawna, if you would not have been reading this book I would than likely have missed out on this one.This is by far the best Rock and Roll romance I ve ever read I absolutely adored everything about the hero Brian This b [...]

    14. 2.5 starsUmm, wellI, uh,Here s the bright side I always have fun with the br girls, and this was an entertaining br I m glad I now know who the famous Sinners are The best part was my friend Ada, well, hopefully we re still friends, Lol introduced me to a hot tattooed singer with awesome biceps and dimples Yum, I got a little distracted watching videos of him,I m going to let my other favorite tattooed musician sum up my feelings for the first book in the series,This is an easy review to write, [...]

    15. Oh, this book was so far up my alley, I don t even know where to begin Olivia had me from the dedication, and she didn t let go I loved Myrna from the moment I realized she recognizes the seething sexuality inherent in heavy metal music something I think a lot of people don t get and that s a shame, because it s an absolute goldmine There might have been a couple of moments I wanted to smack her for her stubbornness, but that s only because I was madly in love with Brian and wanted to yell at he [...]

    16. Holy Super Sexy Series Batman If you re looking for your next guilty pleasure, look no further Rock Stars Professor of Human Sexuality a bit of romance a whole lot of sex Do not attempt to read this book in public.Let s get serious for a second There is very little that is serious about this book It is not a literary masterpiece it is a seriously entertaining piece of erotica, so lets not get our panties in a twist Sit back and enjoy it.I d say that the unofficial breakdown is 80% Super Steamy S [...]

    17. You can tell I read a lot of romance and not much erotica, because when our heroine Myrna meets sexy rockstar Brian and all his sexily named band mates, my first innocent thought was, Gee, I bet all those other guys are going to have their own stories later, not Woo hoo, I bet all those other guys are also going to get it on with Myrna As it turned out, the focus is on the primary relationship with Brian, though a couple of the other guys do come into the story, if you know what I mean and I thi [...]

    18. Just as I rememberedHOT I swear I get shifty eyes when I listen to books this HOT I m convinced that EVERYONE around me can hear, too Yeah, yeah, judge me all you likeI m just interested in the storyline wink, wink.

    19. As smut goes, this was pretty fun porn All about a metal band that tours the country to do shows and hump everything within a 10 mile radius And, I had to wonder why would anyone want this as their life It didn t seem glamorous, it seemed kind of depressing Maybe it s the female in me or something, but I can t imagine anything worse than traveling in a filthy bus for months at a time Ick I can barely handle the smell after a 6 hour road trip with my family What happens on a molecular level that [...]

    20. WOW I think this is the most sex full book I ve read BP is Olivia Cunning s first book covering the Rock Band Sinners The band consist of the following members Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist Sedric Lionheart, lead singer Trey Mills, rhythm guitarist Eric Sticks, drummer and Jace Seymour, bass.5 stars for erotic of the 378 pages, most are filled with hot steamy sex scenes vanilla bondage m nage anal voyeurism mild m m sex in public oral sex toys and I m sure I ve left some out For me, this book w [...]

    21. Adult review for erotic content3.5 stars Second Read 06 12 with the SM girls Nnggnn, she groaned.Nnggnn, indeed.I keep wavering between a 3 and a 4 star rating For erotica, it s pretty consistent with the amount of sexual scenarios, which I know did shock some people who thought this book was contemporary romance Don t be fooled There s going to be acts of voyeurism, light BDSM, threesomes, anal play, etc packed into this book It is a story about rock stars and their lifestyle If you ve ever wat [...]

    22. Kendime g l yorum u an nereden ald ysam elime Erotik denen t rde ilk denemem oldu rock ym lar bir deneyeyim dedim ama kitaptan zerre ho lanmay b rak yazar na ok pis bir mail atas m geldi sen nas l bir kad ns n diye Kad n d man erkeklerden daha beter k ltm , al altm , seks objesi haline getirmekten bin beter etmi Grup yeleri aras nda sanki cans z manken gibi oradan oraya plak dola an bir hatun Erkek karakter de g ya romantik, kad nla sevi irken akl ndan notalar uyduruyor, hayat n n solosunu at ca [...]

    23. Backstage Pass is the first book in Olivia Cunning s Sinners on Tour series It was also my first Olivia Cunning read, my first rock star read, my first slightly older woman younger man read, and my first super naughty read I lost a lot of first virginities here, for sure And I ll let you in on a little secret I didn t even review this book back when I read it because I was embarrassed to admit I had read such a super naughty book and loved it I mean, gasp what would my husband say His friends My [...]

    24. Hot, hot, hot read But how can you go wrong with rock stars and sex Brian is a hero I d let write music on my body any time.

    25. Second Read Love this book Talk about steamy Loving me some Brian Just finished this book for a second time with my Smut Monday friends I enjoyed it every bit as much the second time as the first I do wish there was of a storyline and not as much of the sex but I still enjoyed it I love Brian he is one sexy bad boy and Myrna was great They had a sweet love story I will say this time around I have to agree with some of my smut Monday friends in that view spoiler the threesome with Trey, Brian an [...]

    26. 3.5 StarsNow THAT was pure, smutty fun DThe review is still rattling around in my head, but I have to get a few things out Haha 1 Brian and Myrna s story never touched my heart, but I m okay with that really Nothing wrong with fun and sex Lots lots of sex Brian was sweet and funny, but I had no feelings for Myrna shrugs Well she did irritate me at the end with this view spoiler She was waiting for me him to say it first What Everyone knew Brian loved her she did too She was the one that made the [...]

    27. HMMM how do I describe this book well was liked then there was thisOh and I can t get this outta my headThis book has a little bit of everything.n t it On to the next, how much dirty can it get

    28. A scorching hot erotica with a pretty good story too I ll admit I skimmed over some of the sex scenes as not everything in this book is my thing , but overall this was a great romantic erotica read with two wonderful lead characters that made me laugh so many times Brian really fit the mold of a rocker He was of a lover than a fighter kind of guy, and his charm and devotion to Myrna was hot Although sometimes he was bit too beta for my tastes did he really say pwease he did fit perfectly in the [...]

    29. Go into it like you d go into a one night standn t expect anything than some good and sexy times Deep, meaningful, and lasting isn t in the cards But it was fun while it lasted Sed has me riledI bet he s going to be lots of fun

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