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The Other Half of Me By Morgan McCarthy The Other Half of Me For fans of Atonement and Brideshead Revisited a gorgeously written darkly wise coming of age novel about the pull of the past and the destructive power of the stories we tell ourselves What good ca
  • Title: The Other Half of Me
  • Author: Morgan McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781451668230
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Other Half of Me By Morgan McCarthy For fans of Atonement and Brideshead Revisited, a gorgeously written, darkly wise coming of age novel about the pull of the past and the destructive power of the stories we tell ourselves What good can the past do the living What harm Growing up in their family s ancestral home in Wales, Jonathan Anthony and his little sister, Theo, are inseparable Together they exploFor fans of Atonement and Brideshead Revisited, a gorgeously written, darkly wise coming of age novel about the pull of the past and the destructive power of the stories we tell ourselves What good can the past do the living What harm Growing up in their family s ancestral home in Wales, Jonathan Anthony and his little sister, Theo, are inseparable Together they explore the wild acres of Evendon, inventing magical worlds and buttressing each other against the loneliness of life with their alcoholic mother, Alicia, and a shifting cast of gossiping cooks and maids When a family tragedy brings their glamorous grandmother, Eve, home from America, Jonathan and Theo are initially elated by the attention she lavishes on them But soon it becomes clear that there is to the Anthony family history than either Eve or Alicia will acknowledge, trapping Jonathan and Theo in a web of dark secrets that have haunted Evendon for generations Written in luminous prose, with richly endearing characters and a profound appreciation for the rustic beauty of the Welsh countryside, The Other Half of Me is a darkly wise coming of age novel and a masterful portrait of a family and the burdens of the past.
    The Other Half of Me By Morgan McCarthy
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    1. Morgan McCarthy

      Morgan McCarthy was born in Berkshire, UK, where she still lives, in 1982 She has worked in a supermarket, a small independent bookstore, and, most recently, as a media analyst.

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    1. As I read The Other Half of Me, Morgan McCarthy s first novel, I heard echoes of many other stories Stories of lives lived in grand country houses Stories of troubled families harbouring dark secrets Stories of privileged, but troubled, lives and yet, through all of that, I heard a new and distinctive story.Jonathan and his younger sister, Theo, grew up in a mansion in the Welsh countryside They were terribly isolated Their father was absent Their mother, Alicia, was remote And their neighbours [...]

    2. I loved the sound of this book, but by the end of it I found myself rather disappointed and slightly bored.The book had a good start, and I really did feel that the author was setting the scene for a really emotive journey However as the book went on, and years and years were passing I started to wonder exactly where the plot was heading and why it was taking so long to get there.I ended the book feeling very frustrated, as there did not seem to be any definite plot to the book and I did not see [...]

    3. I liked it but the writing was wonderful but I found myself losing interest in the middle and the ending was like tepid, weak tea I didn t dislike it, in fact I enjoyed the characters but it started to feel like I was swimming in the ocean with jeans on That sounds mad, I know I would like to read by McCarthy because I think she writes exceptionally well Sometimes there are stories that light us on fire, others promise to burn with a spark and then slowly seem to smother themselves out Or maybe [...]

    4. I have recently reviewed this novel for a major UK bookseller.Reading this novel, you would never realise that it was written by a debut author as it is so accomplished you would think McCarthy had been writting novels for years The Other Half Of Me follows Jonathan as he journeys through his life in an affluent well known family His sister, Theo, journeys with him as they interact with those who enter their lives their unloving mother Alicia, their hugely successful Grandmother Eve, and childho [...]

    5. So, I ve been neglecting writing reviews for a long time now In my defense, I don t have a computer in the apartment I m staying at while attending uni and the only time I have for writing reviews is when I m home, because I don t like writing them on my phone But I wasn t writing even when I was home No excuse for me.Anyway, I don t remember much about this book I recall it was about two siblings who were raised by servants at their home because their mother was emotionally unstable There were [...]

    6. So I chose this book at the airport, thinking that he blurb sounded promising and I was taken in by the cover I am a sucker for a pretty cover It was an interesting read, but not something I d read a second time The story was fairly engaging, but I was turned off a bit by the elitism shown by the main character and his university friends not sure if this was intentional or not, but it didn t contribute towards making him very likeable My main criticism is that the writing whilst making good use [...]

    7. 3.5 stars As advertised, this does have some of the feel of Atonement It would also work well for fans of Kate Morton The writing was very good, and I would have rated it higher if the denouement hadn t dragged on so long.

    8. Uvek imam jednu laganu knjigu koju itam uz ozbiljnije tivo, pa sam na opise Velsa na pole ini knjige smatrala da bi mogla da mi prija, na alost ovo je samo gomila ni eg i ne mogu da oprostim sebi to sam bacila svoje vreme na nju Dve zvezdice zato to je lik D onatana ok.

    9. First Thoughts Family dynamics are always interesting fodder for a story Originally posted on the blog There are times when I crave something different from what I normally read and that s where novels like this one come in While it did take longer to find myself invested in finishing this one, it was just the kind of book I wanted at the time This story is drawn out and told with carefully chosen turns of phrase, telling the story of this family and their history with well crafted prose.It s fa [...]

    10. It s been a long time since I finished a book in 3 days, certainly not a book as literary as this, with the thinnest of plots, but I found The Other Half of Me absolutely enthralling at times, almost impossible to put down Not a great deal happens in The Other Half of Me, the plot is slight, but beautifully detailed and wonderfully told Brother and sister, Jonathan and Theo, grow up at Evendon, a lovely house by the sea, where money is abundant but love is absent Their father is missing and pres [...]

    11. Rural Wales is the setting for this beautifully written book it is where Jonathan and Theo Theodora , the two small Anthony children live with their mother, the beautiful widowed Alicia and an assortment of household staff Alicia spends most of her time suffering from alcohol induced headaches and either shuts herself up in her room, or floats about the house in a daze She makes it quite clear that she has no desire for the company of her own childreney are simply a nuisance to her So eight year [...]

    12. The debut of The Other Half of Me captivated me with it s beautiful prose and dark secrets Jonathan and Theo are youngsters who live with there mother and nanny Their mother s best friend is a bottle of gin and she can t be bothered with the children The nanny who takes care of them really doesn t want to be bothered either But Jonathan and Theo have one another.When their mother collapses, their grandmother Eve retrieves them and raises them Although the children have been told their father die [...]

    13. This is a terrific novel, atmospheric, claustrophobic and so beautifully poignant Morgan McCarthy has chosen to narrate the novel with a male voice which she pulls off with a delicate finesse.Jonathan s journey to adulthood is surrounded by women His distant, alcoholic mother Alicia, his imposing grandmother, the internationally loved businesswoman and politician Eve Anthony, and a whole host of lithe, beautiful young things who leave his bed warm but his heart cold However, most important of al [...]

    14. I feel like I ve read almost this exact story several times before Poor little rich kids, preferably British, raising themselves the best way they can without help from their dead missing indifferent parents And I enjoy reading about that, and I enjoyed reading this book But what blew me away about this book was the opening paragraph It doesn t take long to divide an old life from a new life a few minutes, not even that One quick, unfair blow, and you find yourself looking back across the uncros [...]

    15. 4.5 starsThe publisher is promoting this book set in Wales and England as Atonement esque Ian McEwan and I have to agree, although I liked this much better The plot is intriguing and it has a well drawn cast of interesting if somewhat unlikeable characters In addition the writing is lush and gorgeous, and those of you who know me are aware I tend to read for plot and characterization than language, but I was surprised to find myself re reading passages because they were so beautifully phrased T [...]

    16. Het verhaal van 2 kinderen Jonathan en Theo die opgroeien op Evendon.Ze krijgen weinig liefde van hun moeder Alicia Tot op een dag hun grootmoeder Eve op Evendon komt wonen en zich met de opvoeding gaat bemoeien Eve is een succesvolzakenvrouw en die ook haar sporen in de politiek heeft verdiend De familie draagt een aantal familiegeheimen met zich mee Tijdens hun jeugd krijgen ze te maken met een aantal feiten en gebeurtenissen die ze op dat moment nog niet kunnen plaatsen Namate ze ouder worden [...]

    17. This book begins beautifully The beginning prose is a delight to read It doesn t take long to divide an old life from a new life a few minutes, not even that One quick, unfair blow, and you find yourself looking back across the uncrossable, to a place that can t ever reached again despite the fact that you were there brushing your teeth or reading a paper or wondering where you left your umbrella just a moment ago Whew I was hooked after the first paragraph.But then, this novel, which is describ [...]

    18. Morgan McCarthy shows glimpses of talent and the promise of being a good writer, unfortunately the whole wasn t as good as these parts The characters lacked depth and, though starting well once the prologue had passed, the plot was wispy thin.Having said that, this is only a first novel in what I m sure will be a successful career for Ms McCarthy I m looking forward to watching her develop as time and books go on.

    19. Definitely a 3.5, maybe edging into a 4, if I m objective But it didn t feel like a 4 for me Here s a complete review effusionsofwitandhumour.wordpr

    20. I don t know why I didn t love this It s very well written and I loved the setting, but it just seemed like something was missing Maybe it was me.

    21. Een boek lezen om te recenseren kan soms wat gemene lastigheidjes hebben Bij een geweldig boek vliegen de uitingen van respect mij in gedachten al om de oren Bij een leuk, luchtig of juist erg spannend boek vergeet ik dat er gerecenseerd moet worden, waardoor ik helemaal opga in de beleving van het verhaal en nog flink moet werken aan een recensie om dat gevoel ook over te dragen aan de lezer En met sommige boeken schiet je per pagina in een andere hoedanigheid Je begint nieuwsgierig, opgewekt, [...]

    22. The Other Half of Me is the debut novel of Morgan McCarthy Too often debut novels are hyped beyond their worth then the lured reader finds serious flaws and regrets having wasted time with the book THIS IS NOT THE CASE with Other Half McCarthy s writing is lyrical, packed with imaginative and apt tropes per page than most modern poems Other Half is a masterfully told story of a dysfunctional family, of evil and innocence, lies and truth Usually I shrink from novels about dysfunction, but the ch [...]

    23. Article first published as Book Review The Other Half of Me by Morgan McCarthy on Blogcritics.This review is also available on my blog Book Addict 24 7I received this ebook for reviewing purposes from the publisher Morgan McCarthy s debut, The Other Half of Me, follows two siblings over the span of twenty years as their lives morph from childhood innocence to adulthood in a nurture less environment Written in hauntingly beautiful prose, McCarthy has created a unique, albeit slow paced, novel.Jon [...]

    24. According to the cover of the book, The Other Half of Me by Morgan McCarthy is about a bond a bond sealed in childhood, a secret terrible enough to break it The publisher says the book is darkly enchanting and exquisitely pitched it is the story about the burden of legacy, the corrosiveness of secrets and the volatile power of love When you think of it, those words don t actually give much away Bonds, secrets, I m intrigued But I think the greater theme is that of Discovery of yourself, your sur [...]

    25. Growing up in an ancesteral home in Wales, Jonathan,Anthony, Nick and Theo are inseparable The three share many common traits together and they have each other back, regardless of how obsene the consequences may be In particular, Jonathan loves his overly complicated sister Theo Although he wishes that she learns from her mistakes, the love he has for her is unfathomable Theo to him is than a sibling but she is a confident that he tells all his secret desires too Their mother is distant from th [...]

    26. Onder het water gaat over de familie Anthony, zij bezitten het prachtige landgoed Evendon in Llandsteffan Eve Anthony is de tegenwoordige eigenaresse Eve, is een gewezen politica en een zakenvrouw Het wordt bewoond door Alice Anthony een labiele vrouw, die vlucht in drank en pillen, zij is de moeder van Jonathan en zijn zus Theo Een vader is niet in beeld De kinderen hebben elkaar, Jonathan is heel beschermend voor zijn zus Theo Zij is een heel gevoelig meisje en raakt gauw in paniek Ze zijn sam [...]

    27. The early chapters suggested that The Other Half of Me was going to be about a big house harbouring dark family secrets, reminiscent somewhat of Du Maurier s Rebecca This is certainly one of the elements in the book, but it is as much about the close relationship between Jonathan and his sister Theo as it is about their powerful grandmother Eve and the mystery that surrounds her.I agree with Joanne josbookjourney.wordpress 2 when she praises McCarthy s ability to create the voice of a convincing [...]

    28. Onder het Water is de debuutroman van McCarthy Jonathan Anthony vertelt het verhaal over hemzelf en zijn zus, Theo Hij vertelt daarbij afwisselend over heden en verleden Zij groeien op op het landgoed Evendon, samen met hun moeder, Alicia Hun moeder toont maar weinig interesse in de kinderen, ze drinkt en is op afstand Ze laat de zorgen voor de kinderen over aan de nanny en de bedienden Theo en Jonathan zijn op elkaar aangewezen Jonathan de zakelijke, nuchtere jongen beschermt de gevoelige, were [...]

    29. I ve rated this book as a 4 star, because although I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it enthralling throughout, I still found the ending lacking in, I m still not entirely sure what story I just read It was so engrossing, getting into the lives of these characters, so all consuming reading of the bond and eventual breakdown of said bond between the two main sibling characters, and yet I m still not certain that I m aware of their outcome.The story centers around Jonathon and Theo, one st [...]

    30. Dit boek is ok , maar niet de bijzondere ervaring die de omslag belooft Om te beginnen met de goede kanten van het boek de schrijfster heeft een mooie, detailleerde manier van vertellen en slaagt helemaal in het overbrengen van de sfeer die heerst op het landgoed en op het platteland van Wales Ook de chaotische studietijd van hoofdpersonage Jonathan wordt goed voelbaar voor de lezer.Het grootste probleem met dit boek is dat er niet zoveel in gebeurd Er wordt uitgebreid verteld over de jeugd, ado [...]

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