The Siren Depths #2020

The Siren Depths By Martha Wells The Siren Depths All his life Moon roamed the Three Worlds a solitary wanderer forced to hide his true nature until he was reunited with his own kind the Raksura and found a new life as consort to Jade sister que
  • Title: The Siren Depths
  • Author: Martha Wells
  • ISBN: 9781597804400
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Siren Depths By Martha Wells All his life, Moon roamed the Three Worlds, a solitary wanderer forced to hide his true nature until he was reunited with his own kind, the Raksura, and found a new life as consort to Jade, sister queen of the Indigo Cloud court.But now a rival court has laid claim to Moon, and Jade may or may not be willing to fight for him Beset by doubts, Moon must travel in the compaAll his life, Moon roamed the Three Worlds, a solitary wanderer forced to hide his true nature until he was reunited with his own kind, the Raksura, and found a new life as consort to Jade, sister queen of the Indigo Cloud court.But now a rival court has laid claim to Moon, and Jade may or may not be willing to fight for him Beset by doubts, Moon must travel in the company of strangers to a distant realm where he will finally face the forgotten secrets of his past, even as an old enemy returns with a vengeance.The Fell, a vicious race of shapeshifting predators, menaces groundlings and Raksura alike Determined to crossbreed with the Raksura for arcane purposes, they are driven by an ancient voice that cries out fromTHE SIREN DEPTHS
    The Siren Depths By Martha Wells
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      291 Martha Wells
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      Martha Wells has written many fantasy novels, including the Books of the Raksura series beginning with The Cloud Roads , the Ile Rien series including the Nebula nominated The Death of the Necromancer as well as YA fantasy novels, short stories, media tie ins, and non fiction Her most recent fantasy novels are The Edge of Worlds in 2016 and The Harbors of the Sun forthcoming in July 2017, the end of the Books of the Raksura series She will also have two new SF novellas, The Murderbot Diaries series, forthcoming from Tor in 2017 Her books have been published in eight languages.She has had short stories in the magazines Black Gate, Realms of Fantasy, Lone Star Stories, Lightspeed Magazine, and Stargate Magazine, and in the Tsunami Relief anthology Elemental, The Other Half of the Sky, Tales of the Emerald Serpent, Mech Age of Steel, and The Gods of Lovecraft She has essays in the nonfiction anthologies Farscape Forever, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, Chicks Unravel Time, and The Kobold Guide to Magic She has also written media tie in novels, Stargate Atlantis Reliquary, Stargate Atlantis Entanglement, and Star Wars Razor s Edge.

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    1. I got to read an early draft of this, so take my comments with salt since I don t know what the final s like But that s OK, because I loved it and I can t see how any final edits could have diminished that In this episode of Days of Our Draconic Lives, Moon s or less settled into life at Indigo Cloud, although he s anxious because he and Jade haven t managed to make a clutch yet despite lots of enthusiastic attempts But before Stone can slap him in the head and tell him to chillax, gasp Visitor [...]

    2. Final rating 5 5 starsSo much things happened in this book I just don t know where to start Many things are explained, many things have happened here And the most important we finally found out what happened to Moon s family But it wasn t just that, this book was really and so much emotional It had me smiling many times, and crying just as much I sobbed at 3 am in the morning, and then I decided it would be the best idea to calm down and continue after I wake up, because, damn, it hurt that much [...]

    3. Now that the Indigo Cloud court has settled into their new home, Moon and Jade focus their attention on starting a family, but conceiving proves to be difficult than either had anticipated Meanwhile, a powerful court with a powerful reigning queen on the other side of the Reaches makes a claim on Moon She thinks he is the son she lost during a Fell attack on her colony many years ago These events line up with Moon s age and his vague memories of that time and Sorrow, the Raksura he thought was [...]

    4. Martha Wells is amazing The 3rd book in the Raksura series fully delivers on the promise of the first two It s poignant enough to make you cry, thoughtful and thought provoking, funny, fast moving and action packed as always I am delighted by Moon s personal growth and the deepening of his relationship with his culture society And Jade also i continue to absolutely adore the inverted gender dynamics of Raksuran society i love it that Moon spends some time worrying if he s pretty enough and stuff [...]

    5. Wow What can I say about this wonderfully creative and tender story I loved it I was already in love with the characters, but Moon s mom, she just took over What a bad ass A perfect match for Stone Overall I am sad that the trilogy is over, despite my belief that major fantasy of this type is best suited for the 3 book format I will miss Moon, Stone and Chime and most probably will revisit them soon.

    6. A new adventure and journey through the Three Worlds Why Moon ended alone in the woods, and why the Fell are so interested in the Raksura well, read this book to find out RTC

    7. I was going to give this four stars, since it s not a perfect book, but given that I pre ordered it, dropped everything to read it as soon as it arrived, finished it the same evening, then sat quietly with the book in my hands musing over how much I love this series It deserved the upgrade.I think one of the several amazing things about this series is how it doesn t flag Everything that I thought marvelous about the first two volumes the vivid depiction of the non human Raksuran culture heck, se [...]

    8. The Siren Depths is, sadly, the last of The Books of the Raksura and I actually had to force myself to pause reading it for a week so I can make the whole experience last longer When I first opened The Cloud Roads I was certain that the story will be too far fetched for me, but I was willing to give it a try, because one of my other top favourite authors of all time, N.K.Jemisin, recommended it And although the synopsis didn t sound like something I would typically look for I am so glad that it [...]

    9. Original review posted on The Book SmugglersOh, what a pleasure it is to return to the Three Worlds and the Raksura Such a rich world, such an incredibly fun and adventurous story, such a bunch of well rounded characters In this third and final book in the Books of the Raksura series, we continue to follow the long term tribulations of the folks from Indigo Cloud court as well as the protagonist Moon s internal struggles.Indigo Cloud court is still settling down in their new home when news arriv [...]

    10. Originally published at Risingshadow.Finding originality and true talent in today s overcrowded fantasy market is difficult, but fortunately there are still authors like Martha Wells who write quality fantasy for adults The Books of the Raksura series can be seen as a proof of her writing talents, because it continues to get better and complex with each new book Each time I ve read a book by Martha Wells, there s been one question on my mind How does she manage to write so original and absorbin [...]

    11. Oh my, this was a tasty read The third and final volume of the immensely satisfying Books of the Raksura, The Siren Depths is every single bit as good as the two preceding books and marks the end of a terrific trilogy It s a brilliant conclusion to an extraordinary tale, visionary and realistic at the same time Wells writing is compellingly well crafted and the three novels that make up the series work beautifully together Each of the three books has a great plot with interesting characters and [...]

    12. I think this might be my favorite to date It s really difficult for me to pin down why, though I guess I just like the story line And a couple of the new characters Malachite and Shade especially.

    13. The Siren Depths is the third book in Martha Wells Books of the Raksura series The novel brings an interesting story and compelling characters together for a fitting end to the trilogy But is it the end One thing I liked about the story was how it tells a tale on two fronts One one hand there s the immediate story of what Moon is doing and where he s being forced to go On the other hand, The Siren Depths ties in with the previous novels to finally reveal Moon s full backstory Readers finally get [...]

    14. This book wraps up Wells extremely strong fantasy trilogy, and it upholds the standards of the previous books I wasn t certain where the tension would come from, but at long last, the family Moon has always wished for shows up in his life again But of course, nothing is ever that uncomplicated He s a settled young adult now, and being sent back into the role of a young prince is not his idea of a good time I want to give Moon the BIGGEST hug His scars from a lifetime of not belonging and moving [...]

    15. Perfect finish to my favourite fantasy trilogy in years It brought together all the relationship threads, solved all the remaining mysteries and managed to introduce some great new characters to boot.I really loved all the characters in the new court, especially the queen, who was completely badass I really appreciate how this series deals with culture clash and social isolation It never feels contrived, even though the characters are shape shifting dragons, and the miscommunication never feels [...]

    16. I enjoyed the previous volumes in this trilogy, The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea, but this one really blew me away In the first two books, protagonist Moon s mysterious past underlies the plot, but takes a back seat to the survival of the court he s become a part of Now, with Indigo Cloud having found a new home and needing to restore it, Moon s past suddenly becomes very important his home colony has finally found him, and even though he s mated to Jade, sister Queen of Indigo Cloud, they wa [...]

    17. Full review here bibliotropic 2016 03 16 th I remember when I first started reading this series It struck me as pretty original, but I couldn t quite see why so many people raved about it the way they did It was notable for not having any human characters, and of course for being well written, and I could see those things, but it didn t really hit me the way it hit some Then I reread the first two books, and finally finished this one, and my opinions upon rereading have shifted There were nuance [...]

    18. What s that saying You can choose your friends but not your family Moon is still trying to settle into Indigo Cloud court when he discovers he may not be as much of an orphan as he thought he was More Raksuran politics, this time with extra familial complications, Fell doing bad things, yet tiny, tiny glimpses of a sprawling and fascinating world seriously I love the worldbuilding that s been going on here and maybe even a glimpse at some distant history all combine into an eminently satisfyin [...]

    19. Book three of Martha Wells TOTALLY EXCELLENT Raksura books Just as good as the previous two Recommended wholeheartedly.So something occurred to me as I was reading this one the Fell are crypto vampires Wells did a thorough enough job at deviating from the template that it took me a long time to figure it out they don t suck blood, they eat meat they re not undead, they re living creatures with their own ecology They don t transform some victims into copies of themselves, although, well, they sor [...]

    20. I guess ima have to be that guy again and not like a book everyone else likes I honestly cant see why anyone would like or love this book What redeeming qualities does it have What does it do right If you can answer Nothing, to both of those questions, congrats your just like me Everything I have to say in this review can be reflected on the series as a whole The main character, whatever his name was, has to be one of the most infuriating characters Ive ever had the displeasure of reading about [...]

    21. I very much enjoyed getting a chance to spend time in the world of the Raksura again This third book nicely wraps up Moon s journey from solitary Raksura who reluctantly joins the court of Indigo Cloud, to truly being a part of that family His being able to do that is encapsulated in his journey to court of Onyx Night, where he learns surprising things about his origins and family, while confronting the dark plans of the Fell.Not to give too much away, but while Moon is still plagued with doubts [...]

    22. I was eagerly anticipating the release of this book and was not disappointed Moon is still insecure in his position with his new Raksura court when he is sent away to another court that claims he is theirs So, we learn about Moon s past and heritage, which has been a mystery We also engage again with the Fell, and have the joy of the company of people from the Golden Isles again Many mysteries are solved, and Moon and Jade come closer to trusting and believing in each other Their relationship is [...]

    23. Another fabulous read 4.5 The first 1 2 was extremely emotional for me masterful communication of Moon s feelings I felt a strong connection to what he was going through, yet could also understand where everyone else was coming from also.I was disappointed there wasn t emphasis on Moon Malachite s relationship.cially at the end view spoiler The unknown ancient creature seemed a lame excuse for all the bad things that had happened in the last 40 years It really detracted from the story of Moon m [...]

    24. The Siren Depths answers some questions that I had hoped to learn about in the second book and the Fell also return as a threat Most importantly, though, Moon finally figures out his place among the Raksura This is great high fantasy The stakes are still not world wide, even though they are higher in this book than the previous ones But they are high for the characters and the Raksura Courts, and the world remains vivid and exotic a world to get lost in.I love the details on interactions between [...]

    25. The third, but hopefully not the last, of Martha Wells Raksura books The Raksura books are extremely original second world fantasy novels with active alien flora and fauna I love a world where the only way you can sometimes tell what creatures are sentient and what ones aren t is by having the characters ask I can t tell you the number of times trilogies have disappointed me The first book is usually great, the second book is fine and the third book muffs the ending so badly you wonder what you [...]

    26. Is this the final book I think my heart just broke Dx But, god I loved this I think Moon will probably be a new favorite character of mine I totally love how he just kicks ass and asks questions later He s one of those few characters that I can completely see him saying Come at me Bro and totally believe it.I mean, throwing a kettle to start a fight And Stone is totally and completely like yeah, okay, like he just expects Moon to pick a fight with everyone Everyone in that court must keep their [...]

    27. I loved this book and the world that it is set in The writer manages to create a world with no humans, yet doesn t fall back on the cats mice birds dragons fairies are the dominate species She created something entirely new yet entirely relatable.I hope this series continues it has been added to my auto buy list Lovely

    28. 4.5 Wonderful StarsI love this world so much I love these characters so much Martha Wells does not disappoint Recommended to everybody who likes their fantasy to be a little bit different.

    29. sobs It s over The series is over snief I loved this book as much as the previous ones The worldbuilding continues and even though it s the third book there still have been added even details and new things loves The characters I m so much in love with every single one but Moon, Stone, Jade, Chime and Shade There are very few characters I m in love with than them I was literally squeeing out loud when the warrior at Opal Night said that an huge line grandfather had just arrived DAll the backst [...]

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