The Island of Lote #2020

The Island of Lote By Emily Kinney The Island of Lote Milo Hestler is a lonely unusual fourteen year old girl She is constantly moving from home to home with her oblivious parents The only friend she has is her conscience whom she has named Bob Her on
  • Title: The Island of Lote
  • Author: Emily Kinney
  • ISBN: 9781612047744
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Island of Lote By Emily Kinney Milo Hestler is a lonely, unusual, fourteen year old girl She is constantly moving from home to home with her oblivious parents The only friend she has is her conscience, whom she has named Bob Her only comforts are cooking and listening to hip hop When her family moves yet again, Milo is bullied mercilessly by her classmates Such treatment prompts her to travel to AuMilo Hestler is a lonely, unusual, fourteen year old girl She is constantly moving from home to home with her oblivious parents The only friend she has is her conscience, whom she has named Bob Her only comforts are cooking and listening to hip hop When her family moves yet again, Milo is bullied mercilessly by her classmates Such treatment prompts her to travel to Australia for summer camp During the plane ride, Milo awakens to find the plane deserted and about to crash After parachuting into the ocean, she discovers she is near an island Milo passes out, and upon waking, learns she was rescued by a boy named Simon, who is cute, but can t speak English Not able to understand him, she accidentally says yes when he asks her to marry him He leads her to a small town on the island, where they locate someone who can translate for them Milo is outraged to hear that she is engaged to Simon and wants to call it off, but learns that this island has rules that cannot be broken She must go through with the marriage against her will After learning about the trick he played on her, Milo hates Simon, though it is obvious that sixteen year old Simon really likes her What will happen next on The Island of Lote From her earliest memories, Emily Kinney has wanted to be a writer She lives in Maine This book is just the first of many to come, rest assured Publisher s website http sbpra EmilyKinney
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    1. Emily Kinney

      Emily Kinney is a young author from Maine, who has finally had her book published after many years of struggling She is a great lover of books and storytelling in any form Her ultimate dream is to become a master storyteller, and is very aware that means proving to the world she is worthy This first novel is the start of that attempt She believes that authors have to represent for their craft, as other artists do Literature, in her opinion, is just as entertaining, and truthfully better for you, than any other form out there, and it deserves to be properly respected and loved The era might be changing, but good literature is always valuable and always will be, Emily claims It s time that this fact is recognized by the newer generation, and the generation that I come from I m an Author With Attitude, and I m Fueled By Whimsy Fueled By Whimsy is also the name of Emily s brand, which represents all facets of imagination, wonder, and stories, and includes a blog, a clothing line, a Pinterest board, and a Facebook Page Emily is also the creator of The Story Artisan s Creed, a call to anyone creative and tired of the norm She calls herself an oddity turned commodity, and would love to meet you someday.Her book on The Island Lote

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    1. The Island of Lote, is very fascinating, reminded me of a fairy tale, but for modern day The author has a very magical way about her writing and really captivates you with every word I was amazed with such a vocabulary, and so much originality by such a young girl 21 years old, and if I understood correctly, this was started when she was even younger I am looking forward to seeing from this author, whether it is a continuation of Milo and Simon, 2 main characters in this story , or a whole new [...]

    2. One of the best I have read in years Author, Emily Kinney, has created a masterpiece The Island of Lote is the moving tale of a unique teenage girl who goes on an unforgettable adventure She makes some very difficult choices, which brings so much tension and drama to this great book This book had all the elements anyone could imagine action, thrill, adventure, and even some romance It kept me on the edge of my seat, and I just culd not put it down The story so true to life while also being fanta [...]

    3. It s hard to find an author who hasn t fallen prey to the cookie cutter mentality that all novels must fit into a certain repetitive marketing style, fit for the masses The Isle of Lote is such an enchanting story, eloquently crafted, and presented in such a way as to entertain the imagination while feeding the curiosity Emily has created a treat that will satisfy any apatite, for any age group A perfect gift to guide a teenage girl on her journey to womanhood Kudos.

    4. I haven t read a good book in a while but I am really pleased that I invested time in this one Right away I connected to the main character, Milo I felt her embarrassment, I felt her pain and I quite liked her personality This book is well written, the story line is very unique, a lot of unexpected events happen I read it all at once and it kept me interested until the end I highly recommend this book it is full of adventure, excitement and emotion

    5. This book was so freakin awesome It was funny, different, and really well written The world just melted away when I read it, and it felt like I was on a tropical island So cool I highly recommend it You won t be disappointed You ll be super hyped like I am.

    6. Thanks to Emily Kinney for a signed copy of this book I had a hard time rating this book there were things I loved and things where I rolled my eyes or just wanted to be over But overall, I did like it I might have even given this 4 stars on a different day I don t know.This was something new I have never read anything like it before, and I think that is why I liked it It s unique It s fresh Both the story and the writing something new and interesting I m hoping to see of Emily Kinney.As I love [...]

    7. I really liked this book I think the author has a lot of potential But a better editor is needed the writing has a few mistakes in it, though it does not take away from the overall story However, I had an issue with Simon I m getting ahead of myself Let s start with the positives of this story first, shall we First, I liked the plot I used to love a game called Virtual Villagers, Still do, I just beat every single game and when I saw the blurb for this book, I knew I had to read it Islands are m [...]

    8. Wellll, I tried I received this through First Reads, and I wanted to give it a go based on all the rave reviews I m seeing here, even though the premise sounded a little iffy to me I figured the author must have managed to make it work, and I always love when someone can take a weird premise and just nail it so that I m completely sucked in despite myself Honestly, though, I was really irritated with this right from the first chapter A lot of the wording feels really awkward to me, but worse is [...]

    9. I received a copy of this book in return for a genuine and honest review.Let me first explain that I am a certified speedreader, and I read every other word in a book my mind fills in the gaps This is fantastic At first, I was unsure what to make of the book as the cover made me think it was going to be a MG novel perhaps with a touch of Enid Blyton to the feel However, as I started to read I fell in love with the characters Milo is relatable She has qualities about her that make the reader conn [...]

    10. Milo has moved around a lot in her life And she isn t too happy about the most recent move to 711 Shady Ally It certainly lives up to her expectations which were poor She has no friends, and her parents have no clue as to what makes her tick She believes that she has found the perfect way to get away from this mess when she signs up for a summer camp in Australia But little does she know that she won t end up at summer camp, but instead she will end up with an adventure on an unknown tropical is [...]

    11. Get ready to be whisked away to a tropical paradise This book was an absolute pleasure to read I finished it this morning, and I m so sad that it s over I m not ready to leave the island yet I recommend that you get this book and make a beeline to the nearest pool There s nothing like reading about a tropical island while laying out next to the pool That s what I did, and it made the story come alive even for me And, if you re reading this in the winter, all the better, because your mind will b [...]

    12. This book was a suggestion from my wife and despite what appears to me as a very low budget cover the book was actually pretty good, it seems like it could have been shortened a great deal, somewhat suprising to me the book was addictive and I kept reading it and wanting to know what was going to happen A girl who feels misunderstood, different, disliked by peers as well as everyone else including her parents which seemed like really good character development to me as this is aimed at tweens an [...]

    13. I think I may have been too old for this book I thought I d give it a try because I believe in supporting locals and I bought this at a festival in Maine where Emily signed it for me I believe this book was written very well, however I did come across a few editing issues like double words or little things like that Emily definitely did a great job of moving the story along, there were never any slow points each chapter was its own adventure and really kept me hooked The reason I feel to old for [...]

    14. A Magical and Enchanting TaleSometimes you come across a book that takes you on a magical journeyWhere you become so immersed in the story that you feel part of it, this is one such book.It s a romantic fairy tail that follows the life of Milo Hestler and her meeting with Simon the two main characters of the story after the plane she is on crashes, And comes a cross a secret Island.The story itself is extremely well written and you know the author has done a good job when you can t put it down h [...]

    15. Milo s intentions of heading to summer camp changes when she is forced to jump from her crashing plane and lands on a remote and undiscovered tropical island The Island of Lote is a wonderful coming of age story with characters who you will adore Milo is a headstrong, feisty and determined heroine who thinks she has everything she wants in life figured out, until her charming rescuer, Simon, proves to be just as stubborn in getting the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him Where they colli [...]

    16. The island of Lote is a fantastic read I especially enjoyed the author s insight in saying that in some situations a part of us dies We have forgotten the part of the phrase Curiosity killed the cat the rest of the part is satisfaction brought it back The whole novel revolves around it as we find Milo in new situations, events which kill a part of her, but then it s amazing to see how she survives after crashing over to an island and accepting a marriage proposal to a stranger at the age of 14 I [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this book, but there were just too many things that where completely unrealistic for a realistic fiction I can usually suspend my disbelief when necessary, but this just asked too much I have met the author and I like her a lot I really hope that she keeps writing and that her writing matures I know that there are many middle school kids who have read and enjoyed this book, and I am glad I just couldn t make myself keep going.

    18. This book is an absolute pleasure to read The author takes you to a tropical paradise which paints with expert strokes A breath of fresh air and a charming tale Five star read for me

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