O Tumulto das Ondas #2020

O Tumulto das Ondas By Yukio Mishima Manuel Resende Catarina Baleiras O Tumulto das Ondas Set in a remote fishing village in Japan The Sound of Waves is a timeless story of first love It tells of Shinji a young fisherman and Hatsue the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the vil
  • Title: O Tumulto das Ondas
  • Author: Yukio Mishima Manuel Resende Catarina Baleiras
  • ISBN: 9789727084517
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Tumulto das Ondas By Yukio Mishima Manuel Resende Catarina Baleiras Set in a remote fishing village in Japan, The Sound of Waves is a timeless story of first love It tells of Shinji, a young fisherman and Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the village Shinji is entranced at the sight of Hatsue in the twilight on the beach and they fall in love When the villagers gossip threatens to divide them, Shinji must risk hisSet in a remote fishing village in Japan, The Sound of Waves is a timeless story of first love It tells of Shinji, a young fisherman and Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the village Shinji is entranced at the sight of Hatsue in the twilight on the beach and they fall in love When the villagers gossip threatens to divide them, Shinji must risk his life to prove his worth.
    O Tumulto das Ondas By Yukio Mishima Manuel Resende Catarina Baleiras
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      435 Yukio Mishima Manuel Resende Catarina Baleiras
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    1. Yukio Mishima Manuel Resende Catarina Baleiras

      Yukio Mishima is the pen name of Kimitake Hiraoka who was a Japanese author, poet and playwright, famous for both his highly notable post war writings and the circumstances of his ritual suicide by seppuku Mishima wrote 40 novels, 18 plays, 20 books of short stories, and at least 20 books of essays, one libretto, as well as one film A large portion of this oeuvre comprises books written quickly for profit, but even if these are disregarded, a substantial body of work remains.He was recognized as one of the most important post war stylists of the Japanese language.

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    1. The fresh morning breeze blows through your face, the sun is rising in the far horizon An early ray of sunlight catches your vision and you feel temporarily overwhelmed by the gentle brightness of its glare but you welcome the comforting warmth caressing your skin The chirping of morning birds and the steady buzzing of insects melt into a unified chorus of vitality that invigorates your slowly rising spirit A smile comes to your lips You live a simple rural life, uncomplicated, fulfilling You la [...]

    2. You must remember thisA kiss is still a kissA sigh is just a sighThe fundamental things applyAs time goes by The most enduring stories are often very simple Boy meets girl, they like each other, the world conspires to drive them apart, they remain faithful to each other and, in the end, they may be reunited or forever alone His name is Shinji, her name is Hatsue, but for most of the book they are referred to as the boy and the girl The boy is a poor fisherman whose father has been killed in the [...]

    3. I m probably crazy and am imagining a considering feeling between Yukio Mishima and me I m feeling like he s a kindred spirit kind of author who wants the same kinds of things that I wanted Past tense, I mean For him, not me I want Pretend I m not crazy What if The Sound of Waves was a beautiful story about young love between two young and loving individuals Shinji, a simple guy who liked simple, pure at heart things like providing for his family and village Not simple life stuff like gossip and [...]

    4. Kinda BR with Lau and Shii P But the strange way in which love can torture the heart with desire was no longer a novel thing for him Mishima was a peculiar author and his uniqueness is reflected in Shinji and Hatsue s love story You can expect Mishima s commitment to the island with detailed, aesthetic descriptions just as much as to breasts and tanning Star crossed lovers are often fated and forced to chose between life and love so I thought I knew what to expect from The Sound of Waves What I [...]

    5. Clearly, breasts fascinated Mishima Now that we ve established this or rather he did through a couple of scenes and descriptions This is a story that embraces modern sexuality and teenage angst, a love story involving a young fisherman, Shinji, and a rich man s daughter named Hatsue Where there is love, there is rivalry, for Shinji must deal with another boy who feels entitled to Hatsue As a result, conflict and gossip ensues and though deeply in love, Shinji and Hatsue find themselves constrain [...]

    6. Dans Le Tumulte des flots, l histoire d amour entre deux adolescents n est qu un pr texte qui permet Mishima de nous r galer de descriptions splendides Celle de la mer d abord, qui entoure la petite le o se d roule l histoire et la coupe du reste du Japon, retardant l arriv e de la modernit qui a transform le pays dans l apr s guerre Celle ci s oppose aux valeurs traditionnelles sur l le, le respect de la religion, de la famille, des bonnes mani res ainsi que le mode de vie ancestral, bas sur la [...]

    7. Oy el rumor del oleaje que romp a en la orilla, y fue como si su sangre joven se agitara al ritmo de las grandes olas marinas Hace muchos a os que sent a intriga por este libro, me pasa mucho con los que tienen t tulos lindos y po ticos un d a eso me va a jugar en contra.Es el primer libro que leo de Yukio Mishima aunque no ser el ltimo y s lo con el principio me enamor del estilo del autor Para mi gusto, el Cap tulo 1 da c tedra de c mo se debe describir un lugar para teletransportar al lector [...]

    8. Instead of reading the classics that most people read during their junior year of high school, we read stuff like this Which, truth be told, is perfectly okay with me, because this is an absolutely stunning novel that I probably never would ve read if it weren t for my International Baccalaureate program.The book centers around a young teen romance that seems destined to never be achieved yes, a typical plot, but it is approached so atypically by Mishima He writes in a style not too unlike that [...]

    9. Tumultuante simplicidade luz da vigia, Shinji estudou a fotografia de Hatsue A rapariga estava apoiada a um pinheiro alto do cabo Daio e a brisa marinha erguia a f mbria dos seus vestidos, remoinhando sob o ligeiro quimono branco de Ver o e acariciando lhe a pele nua A coragem do rapaz refor ava se com a recorda o de que tamb m ele fizera aquilo que agora o vento fazia na imagem P.144

    10. A k olarak tamamlad m bir kitab daha bitirdim Mi ima n n neredeyse fazla tek kelime dahi olmayan dupduru anlat m yla, ark lar adas , bal k lar, dalg kad nlar, deniz fenerleri, adadaki do al ya am, do an n yumu ak sert t m halleri, i inde ya ay p bildi iniz bir yerdesiniz hissi veriyor stelik en g zeli iyilik ve umut dolu bir kitap bu Kendinize benim gibi ada hikayeleri konulu kitaplar diye bir liste yap yorsan z mesela, Dalgalar n Sesi ni g n l rahatl yla st s ralara yaz n derim.

    11. Elegante y atmosf rica, la novela de Mishima es una entra able historia de amor primerizo, pero tambi n un hermoso lienzo donde se dibujan las vidas de una peque a comunidad de pescadores japoneses Con su envolvente y caracter stica prosa, el escritor nip n demuestra una habilidad pasmosa para transportarte a la remota isla de Utajima y que puedas percibir sus paisajes, costumbres, aromas o incluso el embate del viento El romance que surge entre Shinji, un joven curtido en las lides de alta mar, [...]

    12. Mi imina re enica stvarno pru a veliko u ivanje, ali sama narativa je poprili no ustaljena i, pa, bajata Od tipi ne hepiend romanse, dodu e nesporno tople, izmedju siroma nog i blago re eno jednostavnog mladi a ali zato sna nog i dobrog, ma na leba da ga ma e i naaaaajlep e devojke u selu sa, naravno, mrgudom ocem koji ipak samo eli ono najbolje za nju , jer mo e li druga ije, daleko mi je interesantniji bio duh i atmosfera ruralnog Japana, kao i neki sitni detalji nevezani za glavnu nazovi radn [...]

    13. okurken hep bir s rpriz bekledim, hatta nedense k t son beklentisi i ine girdim bir ey olmal yd muhakkak, m kemmel a ka leke s recek bir ey ye il am filmlerine mumasil, yumu ac k akt kitap ve son c mlede bekledi im damgay vurdu yk ne kadar saf ve dokunakl olursa olsun bir bit yeni i ar yor san r m modern insan dedi imiz p kovas.kad n ve erkek tabiat zerine ince tesbitler g zden ka m yor bunun d nda ada ya am , denizcilik denen mesle in zorluklar ve geleneksel japon naifli i kitab n geneline haki [...]

    14. Shinji was too sweet a character for a Mishima novel He lacked the destructive personality and anti authority sentiments of a Mishima protagonist I knew I wasn t going to enjoy this one when Shinji talked of how he dreamed of owning a freight ship to relieve her mother of her duties.

    15. Primo approccio con Yukio Mishima, sinceramente mi aspettavo molto di pi Ho volutamente optato per qualcosa di breve, cos da farmi un idea del suo stile Devo ammettere che la prosa scorrevole ma soprattutto molto evocativa e suggestiva, in grado davvero di trasmettere la sensazione di trovarsi a passeggiare nell isola di Uta jima in mezzo a quella gente cos ingenua e dalla mentalit arretrata dove sono le tradizioni e l integrit morale a predominare ed il progresso non ha ancora scombussolato il [...]

    16. This is the incongruity between happiness and sadness Ecstacy, which is happiness in in its most extreme, does not bring one to anywhere beyond life He will still be alive, as before, maybe uplifted, in a walking in the clouds kind of joy but that d be it In contrast, sadness in its most extreme often brings suicide as an option Not only can death be desired, it can actually be realized Not even the possibility of future happiness can rescue the man.We know, of course, that Yukio Mishima died b [...]

    17. What a novel oh my God , how gentle and high moral was the characters it was really amazing story of a first love between two innocent good spirits , i loved Japan through this book , and Yukio Mishima s description of scenes makes you really hear the sound of waves love love love.

    18. The weakest entry in the Mishima canon that I ve read so far It s hampered in part by near rape scene that s played at first like a bit of tawdry drama and then after it s thwarted, thank Amun Ra, but the way it plays out still sucks an utterly jarring and unfunny and just plain why turn toward slapstick of all fucking things that s timed about as well as a fart at a funeral Structural problems abound, too For the whole of the last two chapters, it seems that Mishima had written himself in a cor [...]

    19. As unabashedly delicious and pervy as one of those really good bad Aussie teen soaps from the early 90s, but written by a literary and philosophical genius.I love how Mishima just dashed off all these pulp novellas throughout his career, in between his masterworks, but didn t accord them any less respect, attention, or craft It s like if Tolstoy, between Anna Karenina and The Death of Ivan Ilyich, decided to write steamy young adult fiction or gay soldier stories, and you could buy them at the d [...]

    20. Reading The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima was a bit different from his style due to his narrations on an island called Utah Jima, its inhabitants and the waves as we are likely to perceive them as eternal phenomena, that is, something taken for granted with less changes All living or natural there might bore us at first sight of this interesting novel but Mishima could make it for his readers by means of his exceptional literary expertise I don t know Japanese so I presumed Song Island as the [...]

    21. Mientras le a, no pod a dejar de pensar que estaba ante un Mishima inusual y, en parte, as era La historia de amor, pilar central de la trama, es m s dulce y menos tr gica que lo visto en otras obras del escritor nip n, y el final feliz podr a hacer pensar que Mishima hubiese abandonado su estilo en esta novela.Pero no Si miramos con detenimiento, vemos que Mishima, y sus temas , siguen estando presentes la a oranza por la pureza de lo tradicional , la naturaleza, el desasosiego de la sociedad n [...]

    22. When I first began the school year teaching Global Lit, this was one of the texts I most looked forward to teaching For one thing, I really enjoy reading novels and for another, this is a beautifully written one It reminds me of teaching the juniors last year and reading Ragtime in preparation to teach it There are undoubtedly heartbreaking moments in this story There are also incredible subtleties that make re reading it really enjoyable Mishima uses nature metaphors vivid and often, and when i [...]

    23. It always looked like it was going to happen a tragedy, or that they would have real hard obstacles to be together But being sincere, they both were too young what is difficult at that age than the father of your girl decides to lock her up and you are unable to be with her And also you are so inexperienced about a lot of stuff to know how to react I liked the writing, very fluid but not simple after a while I felt I knew the island I loved the beginning but not that much the ending I truly dig [...]

    24. Dalgalar n Sesi , Yukio Mishima ile tan ma kitab md Yazar n Bereket Denizi d rtlemesine ba lamadan nce bir seriye ait olmayan, tek kitaplar n ncelikli olarak okumak istedim Kitap, olabildi ine sade bir dille yaz lm bir a k yk s n i lemesine kar n, ok keyif alarak okudu um bir eser oldu Mishima n n, Japonya n n ana karadan uzak Uta Jima adas n arka plana koyarak anlatt hikaye 2 D nya Sava ndan sonra, tahmini olarak 1954 ya da 1955 y llar nda ge iyor zole ve d d nyayla fazla ba lant s olmayan bir [...]

    25. E stata una lettura molto piacevole, una poetica storia d a in un villaggio di pescatori, ma continuando a leggere, mi sono resa conto che la storia d a stata quasi uno stratagemma per farci conoscete Uto jima Il libro come se fosse stato dedicato ai suoni e alla natura dell isola, senza per tralasciare, anche se li ho trovati un po in secondo piano, i suoi abitanti forti, leali anche chi di primo acchito non sembrato e un po ruvidi nella loro semplicit , ma non banali.

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