The Nigger of the "Narcissus": A Tale of the Sea #2020

The Nigger of the "Narcissus": A Tale of the Sea By Joseph Conrad Jacques Berthoud The Nigger of the Narcissus A Tale of the Sea The Nigger of the Narcissus is widely regarded as the greatest novel of the sea in English Joseph Conrad s account of the voyage of a sailing ship from Bombay harbour to the Port of London combin
  • Title: The Nigger of the "Narcissus": A Tale of the Sea
  • Author: Joseph Conrad Jacques Berthoud
  • ISBN: 9780192816238
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Nigger of the "Narcissus": A Tale of the Sea By Joseph Conrad Jacques Berthoud The Nigger of the Narcissus 1897 is widely regarded as the greatest novel of the sea in English.Joseph Conrad s account of the voyage of a sailing ship from Bombay harbour to the Port of London combines uniquely the skills of the master mariner with the power of the master novelist It evokes in intense and exact detail what it felt like to negotiate the great wind belThe Nigger of the Narcissus 1897 is widely regarded as the greatest novel of the sea in English.Joseph Conrad s account of the voyage of a sailing ship from Bombay harbour to the Port of London combines uniquely the skills of the master mariner with the power of the master novelist It evokes in intense and exact detail what it felt like to negotiate the great wind belts of two oceans But it is also Conrad s first major exploration of the psychology of service of the pressure on a group of seamen brought to the testof the moral problems of conduct by their encounter with elemental nature and with the secret terror and evasions of two of their comrades.This edition includes an introduction on Conrad s conception of the sea in the context of the late nineteenth century, and a fresh interpretation of the famous Preface defining his artistic aims It also contains a specially compiled glossary of nautical terms.Cover Illustration Birkdale Barque on Waist Looking Forward by John Everett
    The Nigger of the "Narcissus": A Tale of the Sea By Joseph Conrad Jacques Berthoud
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      Joseph Conrad born J zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized account of Colonial Africa.Conrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner He then began to work aboard British ships, learning English from his shipmates He was made a Master Mariner, and served than sixteen years before an event inspired him to try his hand at writing.He was hired to take a steamship into Africa, and according to Conrad, the experience of seeing firsthand the horrors of colonial rule left him a changed man Joseph Conrad settled in England in 1894, the year before he published his first novel He was deeply interested in a small number of writers both in French and English whose work he studied carefully This was useful when, because a need to come to terms with his experience, lead him to write Heart of Darkness, in 1899, which was followed by other fictionalized explorations of his life.He has been lauded as one of the most powerful, insightful, and disturbing novelists in the English canon despite coming to English later in life, which allowed him to combine it with the sensibilities of French, Russian, and Polish literature.

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    1. Obviously the title alone puts it somewhat beyond the pale for a high school curriculum even the reader with a broader experience of the evolution of racial attitudes is going to approach in hopes of a progressive stance than s he s likely to get.The title character is a West Indian St Kitts, I think with an aristocratic demeanor and a resonant voice one can imagine James Earl Jones in the part who can mete out twice the disdain he receives, a sailor hired on in India for a trip back to England [...]

    2. First, let s get the book title issue out of the way Don t come to me with your cowardly, censuring, squeamishness If you can t handle classic novels as their authors originally wrote them, then go get yourself a job in a government ministry in a totalitarian state somewhere, get yourself a job in a small town library where you can have Czarist powers, go get yourself a little rubber stamp and a little pot of whitewash and maybe an armband I am reviewing this book under its original title and th [...]

    3. Wow, i really struggled with this I found it really challenging to read, with its oppressive format For me it is pain to endure a book with paragraphs over a page long The last time I tried it was that awful book The Flanders Road which was absolutely unreadable.This book was a little better, but not enough for me to read it fully I don t mind admitting that I had already given up by the midpoint, and I skimmed after that.I didn t enjoy it enough to persist Strange, as I enjoyed most of the othe [...]

    4. I confess that I read this as part of a Typhoon and other Tales , but is was so awesome that I felt it deserved a rating all of it s own It was so twisted and true how Conrad played out and expressed the actions, self interests, unspoken trusts, mistrusts, deceptions, and weaknesses of this crew of a sailing ship Granted I wasn t initially interested in all the British Sailor talk and trying to figure out what they were saying with their thick accents and sea faring lingo, but ultimately that on [...]

    5. Jan, 2017 Children of the SeaBombay, un imprecisato anno del 1800 Sono gi calate le prime ombre della sera quando James Wait, imponente negro delle Indie Occidentali, si imbarca sul Narcissus, che far rotta per l Inghilterra Udirono la sua voce risonante nell ampio petto come se le parole rotolassero verso di loro dalla profondit di un aspro passatoI marinai e gli ufficiali sono ormai tutti a bordo, l appello si concluso Lasciato il caldo bagliore del castello di prua, i marinai furono avvolti d [...]

    6. Although Conrad is famous for his seafaring tales, I have generally preferred his books that are set mostly or wholly on land This is my favorite of all of his seafaring tales that I have read so far, it is better for example in my opinion than Typhoon or The Shadow Line, which are both good stories, but not up to Conrad s best This is one of the best stories told from the perspective of the crew of a sailing ship that I have ever read by any author The only one I can think of that I enjoyed as [...]

    7. The Story by Which, as a Creative Artist, I Shall Stand or Fall , or Preferring Not to, Part IIWriting a review on a novel by Joseph Conrad is always very hard for me because I have the feeling that whatever approach I choose, I could have chosen an even better one, his texts being so multi layered and full of whisperings ambiguous, mysterious and manifold Okay, before I start dabbling in Conradese myself something I d undoubtedly fail in I had better get my tuppence ready with regard to The Nig [...]

    8. An absolutely engrossing tale that takes place on board of the Narcissus, a ship bound for England It explores the microcosm on board of this ship and examines human nature and power relations as and strain is put on the crew While the language was sometimes very dense and hard to get through and I struggled with the nautical terms, despite there being a glossary , it was such a rewarding reading experience in the end Dark and fascinating.

    9. This book reminded me a lot of Bartleby the Scrivener by Melville In both this book and Bartleby, the main character is a MacGuffin to lead you into what the book is really about However, Conrad was astute enough not to name the book The MacGuffin of the Narcissus , even though it might end up on high school reading lists with that title sidenote since I am writing this in 2011 I cannot unselfconsciously use the N Word when writing about the antagonist I can get all postmoderny and try to justi [...]

    10. SPOILERS ALERT I enjoyed this book even though it was a tough read It is one of those novellas that feels like a really big book It was like a men on a mission sort of story set on a merchant ship as it travels from Bombay to England The sailors violent interactions with each other within the confines of the ship and their struggles to save the ship from the terrible storm takes up much of the pages Jim Waite, a West Indian sailor is the character in the book s title His arrival and subsequent d [...]

    11. A beautifully written book admittedly with possible the worst title imaginable, which is why I chose this ironically censored title to review , though admittedly very dense in its prose, slowing my reading to a crawl I found the book to be a fascinating look at how a ship in this time as a law and an entity unto itself, a tiny society, representing both the noble and the reprehensible through Conrad s skillful use of layers of meaning and allegory on their journey to the Mother of Ships, that is [...]

    12. This book was a tough slog If I didn t like Conrad so much, I may never have finished it The book really takes its sweet ass time getting to the point But Conrad wants us, like the characters, to question what the whole point of busting our asses doing whatever it is we do if we all just end up dying in the end Eventually, Conrad gets around to providing an answer, but I think he wants the reader to fumble around in the dark for a bit Some might say this should ve been a short story instead of a [...]

    13. This edition of Nigger Of The Nostromo offers an alternate, PC title to that of the original, which makes sense to me, since the N word in the other title actually only became the nasty word it is today, in the interim since Conrad had published this.I d never read this before, I suspect partly because of it s offensive original title I m curious about it though, since I ve heard that Conrad did not wrote it as a racist work Of course, I personally don t think he meant to write Heart of Darknes [...]

    14. My thoughts on reading the unfortunately named The Nigger of the Narcissus by Joseph Conrad were not only that this 1897 novella is a gripping tale of sailors and the sea in the late 19th century but that incredibly English was the author s third language Born in a Poland carved up by Prussia, Austria Hungary, and Russia, Conrad spoke and wrote Polish and French as a boy but did not pick up English until he was 20 years old Conrad uses the vast inventory of English words in his wonderful descrip [...]

    15. Narcissus has been on my list for 40 years Conrad dominated my high school and college free reading Let s dispense with the n word issue A sailing ship in the 1800s labelled people Perhaps this book started a stereotype Mr Wait was big and lazy Other sailors were lazy or conniving or small picture or too loyal.Too many years have passed for my ability to see the symbolism in this book It s closer to the novella Youth than to the novella Heart of Darkness I m not sure why the title of the book is [...]

    16. Controversial and not only because of its most unfortunate, and wildly racist, title Jim, the titular character in question, boards a ship with a sickness that will kill him Through this sickness, his crew at first sneers at him, sees him as a burden Slowly they come to appreciate his being, his offerings to the crew, and what he teaches them indirectly about themselves and how they can stand up to authority That is the nice version of this novel The bad version is that this is Conrad at his mos [...]

    17. A thoroughly unpleasant reading experience and I like Conrad While there are moments of spectacularly beautiful prose, high marks for style alone can t compensate for a rather disappointing plot and unlikeable characters Yes, the description of the storm is striking, but eventually I found myself tired of the whole thing The best part of the book, and the part that is truly worth reading, is the brief preface which serves as a sort of manifesto for Modernist literature.As he says in his preface, [...]

    18. I plan on going through about a dozen of Conrad s novels this year maybe in two years After about three or four I would say this is my favorite so far It is striking that Conrad s first language was Polish and how he writes like a natural Englishman, especially in his accounts of the sea Without giving anything away, there is a black man in the novel who is the central character, besides the the first person narrator The story has drama, nail biting, and definitely some serious morality issues, [...]

    19. Highly poetic, I can t tell if I enjoyed this book or not There is some beautiful language in here, but at times it gets in the way and you begin to feel like you re reading someone s attempt to extrapolate on the mundane to cash in on a word count Not too bad otherwise.

    20. Another seafaring novel from Joseph Conrad, written circa 1897, having to do mainly with the psychology of a small group, as the ship is basically a fragment detached from the earth like a small planet Dense and sometimes disturbing.

    21. As the name implies this book is racist There is no reason to read this book in any event as there are many excellent Conrad novels to choose from.

    22. Joseph Conrad s third novel is one that raises uneasy questions These questions begin with the book s title, and the title is not even the most racist part of the book Some important questions that need to be asked are as follows.Can a book still be a great work of art, even when its attitudes are deeply offensive and reactionary Is it fair to judge Conrad by the standards of modern social attitudes, or should an artist somehow rise above the narrow thinking of his own age Is it fair to spend so [...]

    23. The name of the book is awful Let s just get that out of the way This book probably would be read and rated higher if it weren t for it.The story centres around two main characters, Jimmy Waits the east indies man whom the title of the book refers and a really horrible miscreant named Donkin Jimmy joins the crew coughing, claiming he is sick and can t do any work and is bed ridden from the start The crew is divided in believing he is either faking and securing himself free passage or is actuall [...]

    24. Wish I could say I liked this Conrad s style is absolutely gorgeous, wild and awash with oceanic poetry, vividly and precisely capturing the experience of life at sea on a freighter in the late 19th century The storm scenes are especially harrowing and vivid I won t get it into the title, only to say that these debates too often descend into stupidity Unfortunately, I found the story to be frustrating and, at times, uninteresting It read like a piece of ham handed symbolism but of what, I didn [...]

    25. There was no glossary in the vintage edition I read, but I didn t stop to look up the nautical terms, having a guess instead So, the action aboard the ship remained a little muddy for me, and there is a lot of action in this short book But a couple of things are clear from reading this Conrad is intimately familiar with shipboard life, and he covers it in gritty realistic detail.Despite the realism, Conrad announces in the preface his intention is to make art, so while trying to follow the actio [...]

    26. A rather interesting tale that gives insight to something much larger than a crew I believe this text encapsulates the essence of human community, and how isolation can foster and develop for example, through the coldness towards Wait despite the spoken comradeship of the crew.Interesting vibes I get from this text are such that, at the core, people are driven by their own intentions above any else A typically British perspective of a stiff upper lip are also given to me A solid novella that I m [...]

    27. With a title like this, it should be banned shortly Except that one of the people is advocating socialismybe not.

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