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Bad Hair Day By Carrie Harris Bad Hair Day Senior year is positively hair raising Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school s pre med program Except when he s arrested for murder she s left with the
  • Title: Bad Hair Day
  • Author: Carrie Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bad Hair Day By Carrie Harris Senior year is positively hair raising.Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school s pre med program Except when he s arrested for murder, she s left with the bodies And when Kate s brother Jonah stumbles upon a dead gamer girl, she realizes that the zombie epidemic she cured last fall was only the beginning of the weirdness takiSenior year is positively hair raising.Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school s pre med program Except when he s arrested for murder, she s left with the bodies And when Kate s brother Jonah stumbles upon a dead gamer girl, she realizes that the zombie epidemic she cured last fall was only the beginning of the weirdness taking over her town Someone s murdering kids something really hairy And strong Possibly with claws.Is it werewolf awesomeness like Jonah and his dorktastic friends think Kate s supposed to be a butt kicking zombie killing geniusbut if she can t figure out who s behind the freakish attacks, the victims or what s left of them are going to keep piling up.It s scary It s twisted It s sick It s high school.
    Bad Hair Day By Carrie Harris
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    1. Carrie Harris

      Carrie Harris is a geek of all trades and proud of it Brains are her specialty she used to work at a lab where they were delivered daily via FedEx After that, it seemed only natural to write a zombie book Now she lives in Utah with her ninja doctor husband and three zombie obsessed children.

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    1. THE REVIEWWhy this book I liked the first book in the series and I have a thing for werewolvesWhat I thoughtKate is trying to back to her normal life after the attack but she finds out soon enough that s not gonna happen anytime soon This was another entertaining read from Carrie Harris I like her writing style and I definitely will be checking out from her in the future Bad Hair Day was a fast paced read that only took me a couple of hours to finish Even though it wasn t as good as the first I [...]

    2. I wrote this, so of course I like it You might like it too This is especially true if You like movies like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland or insert movie in which people alternately chase monsters and make really ridiculous wisecracks You liked BAD TASTE IN BOYS In which case, you make my heart happy You have a werewolf fetish Which probably means you HAVE bad taste in boys And yes, I dated a boy who thought he was a werewolf, so I realize I m not exactly one to throw stones here You like watch [...]

    3. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel youtube channel UCferRANT REVIEW t RrZo00KsA5After curing a zombie disease, Kate is back again this time killer werewolves are on the loose blaaaaaaaaaaargh The I think about this book the annoyed I get by it This book was basically the exact same as the first book but instead of Zombies it was switched to werewolves I found it boring and repetitive I also felt like the author was trying too hard to be funny The plot didn t progr [...]

    4. Rating 4 5Another Kate Grable book I love this girl and the situations she finds herself in It s refreshing to see a way too smart, geeky heroine for a change, who is not extremely beautiful and doesn t really care about it either She is hilarious and entertaining in her own special way.With that said, in the second book of the series the zombie virus is long gone and Kate is about to start a week long kind of intership in the hospital Her mentor is the head of the morgue and the very first day [...]

    5. Immediately after finish Bad Taste In Boys I flowed into the sequel not looking back It is amazing So the book started where the last book left off and Kate is pretty famous She is even offered a internship with doctors who are just as fascinated with her I really adored that Kate took everything in with ease She is proud of what she discovered but not stuck up Instead she wants to continue to explore the area of medicine and biology to continue to save those who need help The zombie disease is [...]

    6. This was a funny, hilarious, tale of werewolves that only the geeky Kate Grable can pull off Kate Grable is just trying to get back to her normal nerdy, everyday life since finding a cure for the zombie epidemic that took over her town I mean yeah, sure, there is your random zombie from time to time And the once under the radar geek, Kate Grable, is now famous and being interviewed by CNN She also has a boyfriend, which she has absolutely no idea how to deal with But things where starting to get [...]

    7. 3.5I borrowed this book from my library s e book selection Prior to starting Bad Hair Day, I d read somewhere that to enjoy it, you have to be able to suspend your disbelief and also not take the story very seriously.And I ll be honest those two things are spot on I really enjoyed this book, but for me the enjoyment came from the silliness, the geekiness, and what I tend to call the fluffiness of the book It feels like I ve been reading a lot of serious books lately, and Bad Hair Day was a pleas [...]

    8. I reviewed the first book in the series in 2012 Go here to read that review Since I liked the humor, I decided to try the sequel as well The checklist of pros that I listed for the first book remained the same Humor done wellBeautiful and relevant coverInteresting plot and its resolutionQuick readFast paced storyScience and paranormal elements balanced beautifullyOne of the issues that I had with the first book was absent from this one This time around, there was a little participation from the [...]

    9. Eh, or less the same story development and progression as the first book except it s werewolves instead of zombies I find it a little hard to believe that the same person who TOO conveniently found the cure for zombies is going to be the one who solves the mystery about werewolves too But hey, that s fiction for you.So, since everything is going great in the romance department, why not stir is up by throwing a cute guy in there and a cute girl in there And I m sorry, but Elle is too stereotypic [...]

    10. I love Kate She is so geeky, smart, a typical girl in a new relationship, and she makes me relate to her besides her being like super smart I still feel her brother to be acting a wee younger than his age I wanted to smack that Elle chick so much for being so blatantly hitting on someone who is in a relationship Jeez The book seems really quick into action and wrapping things up Overall, characters made it a great read.

    11. Warning Bad Taste in Boys spoilers in the first paragraph Read at your own peril if you haven t read the first book yet Kate Grable became a national hero after she discovered a cure for the zombie virus that was running rampant through her high school Little did she know that would just be the beginning of her fame and notoriety.When Kate s brother Jonah discovers a dead girl at one of his gamer meetings, something suspicious is clearly afoot something suspicious AND hairy And now that somethin [...]

    12. What I Liked 1 Once again, I really liked Kate, and her geekiness She s mostly comfortable with it even though she calls herself a reformed geek Kate seems to have decided that since she s dating the hot quarterback, that cancels out her geekiness But I really like that no matter what s happening, you can count on Kate being there with her research and her scientific answers And I especially loved her scientific insults Cephaloproctitis bahahahahah Kate is an MC that will endear herself to a lot [...]

    13. This is the second book in the Kate Grable series and I must say that I expected to enjoy it a little than I did Don t get me wrong, there were aspects of this book that I greatly enjoyed, but I expected to love it all Our story once again focuses around Kate Grable as she defeats the supernatural In the first book, Kate develops the remedy to cure the zombie curse Kate develops quite a name for herself in the first book and is returning for in book number two Only in this book, she is fightin [...]

    14. Bad Hair Day picks up not long after Bad Taste in Boys ends As you may recall, super geeky, seizure prone, science nerd Kate found the cure for what was turning her classmates into zombies at the end of the last book It was a close call, but she managed Now, Kate is pretty much a celebrity Not only that, but she s landed a spot on the county premed program She can t wait to dive in and get her surgery on, but in Kate s world, everything doesn t always work out exactly the way she had planned On [...]

    15. Life can t stay normal for long if your name is Kate Grable After the zombie epidemic, Kate finds herself investigating a series of murders and figuring out what is causing the murder scenes to look like the attack was committed by a supernatural creature Truth be told, I hadn t read Bad Taste in Boys Kate Grables 1 I was able to read through this without having read the first book however, it really would have added to the reading experience.There are flaws in this book If I look at it from a c [...]

    16. I didn t like this book as much as the first in the series, BAD TASTE IN BOYS It just didn t have the same must keep reading pace the first one did There weren t really any zombies, so that s a bummer I do so love zombie shows This time it was werewolf ish things, which I wasn t fond of Kate was, again, doing dumb things The first time around her not telling others about the drama she found made sense somehow, there were enough explanations, but this time it was just silly Why wouldn t she tell [...]

    17. My Thoughts Oh man, how I loved Bad Hair Day I really enjoyed Bad Taste In Boys but Bad Hair Day was even better Instead of dealing with zombies, we are dealing with werewolves.We are back with Kate Grable, our super smart heroine who is half brains and half funny She s a bit of a nerd but she makes it look so cool She s finally dating her crush Aaron and she has best friends named Kiki and Rocky.Her family is still super cool, her mom is away a lot, her dads around, and her dorky brother Jonah [...]

    18. Carrie Harris s sequel to Bad Taste in Boys is exactly what I expected from her If you ve ever visited her website you ll know what I mean Bad Hair Day picks up soon after Bad Taste in Boys ends and Kate is still adjusting to all of the attention she s been getting ever since curing the zombie virus In Bad Taste in Boys she got the boy she wanted and now she s struggling to deal with having a boyfriend who is really beyond her geeky social status while at the same time trying to save the world a [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review Bad Hair Day picks right up were Bad Taste in Boys finishes Kate is now famous after saving everyone from a zombie outbreak Being the book nerd she is she is super excited to get an internship with the county medical examiner Things quickly go strange when the medical examiner is arrested for murder Her brother stumbles across a dead body and Kate realizes there may be a new type of outbreak in the town A hairy one with claws On [...]

    20. I had the first book in the series, Bad Taste in Boys on my radar thanks to its gleefully kitsch 50s sci fi B movie synopsis yet never got around to reading it, mainly because I could never find it in UK and I m too cheap to pay for shipping I began reading the 2nd in the series with the typical hesitations of a reader coming into a series without the full story, but luckily it was easy enough to pick up in this short, if tiresome read Once again, this is a paranormal YA that promises big and do [...]

    21. Please read this and other reviews onThe Nerdy Book AddictWhat a great sequel to the book Bad Taste in Boys Click the link to see my review of the first book I really enjoyed this read It brought on a whole new issues with a new monster Werewolves I absolutely loved the twist in how the werewolves were created The author really got creative with this new mutation and I thought it was pure genius In Bad Taste in Boys, our main character, Kate Grable entered a relationship with her big time crush, [...]

    22. I haven t heard of this series by Carrie Harris, so I haven t read the first book Bad Taste In Boys When this book showed up on my doorstep for review, I thought I d give it a try I like werewolves and murder mysteries, so I was excited to see what Kate Grable had in store for me Kate is definitely not your average teenager she cured the zombie virus in the first book and has been accepted into the FDA Future Doctors of America , where she has the chance to be a medical examiner s assistant Most [...]

    23. The mayor gave me the key to the city Wait, wait let s go back to the beginning, rewind As if finding the cure to zombie ism isn t enough, Kate Grable has a new epidemic on her hands, one that is almost too hard to believe When scientists experiment on something new and it gets into the hands of the wrong person murder may be afoot and the only person thinking outside the box on this one may just be Kate Grable Kate can take a zombie outbreak and cure it, but when her boyfriend Aaron starts to g [...]

    24. I just love this series Carrie Harris is hilarious and Kate Grable is the perfect heroine She s smart, sassy, and just generally kick ass This time, instead of dealing with zombies, Kate is busy trying to solve murders and prove her medical examiner mentor innocent With strange evidence, such as dead bodies healing themselves, and tufts of white hair, we just know that this isn t your average run of the mill serial killer.Carrie Harries writes with frankness and a simple finesse that is easy to [...]

    25. Anyone who knows me knows that I just don t love zombie books, well for the most part anyways Yet, I find I buy them all the time I think it is some weird fascination honestly I don t know.Anywhoo, there are very few books about zombies that I have truly wanted to pick up and read and then actually enjoyed And the first book in this series, Bad Taste In Boys was one of them It was just a really fun read without being boring or too horrific or gory I mean a geeky girl that save the town and gets [...]

    26. Kate Grable has scored an internship shadowing the county medical examiner as part of her school s pre med program we re assuming that high schools have pre med programs, I guess When he s arrested for murder, she s left with the bodies Then her brother Jonah finds a dead gamer girl, and Kate starts to realize that someone is killing kids and whoever is doing it is really, really hairy Is it a werewolf Kate s skeptical, but if she doesn t solve the mystery, kids are going to keep dying.Harris s [...]

    27. This book was very cute Although its the sequel to another book that I haven t read, the beginning gives all you really need to know.Now that Kate Grable has solved the zombie epidemic as far as I know, it entitled biology and a miraculous cure by her , the disease has been renamed Grable s disease, she s world famous, and has finally hooked up with a love interest that was probably introduced in the previous book That I didn t read.But now le gasp there is another threat in town Evidence from a [...]

    28. Definitely a significant drop in quality in this book, I was really disappointed All the things I loved about Kate in the first book her geekiness, her female friendships, her flaws, her humor went right out the door in this second installment in the Kate Grable series This time around, Carrie Harris tackles werewolves as a genuine medical condition, much like her first book did with zombies I didn t feel like there was much mystery in this one, however, nor did I find there to be much in the wa [...]

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