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Locked On By Tom Clancy Mark Greaney Locked On Tom Clancy s All Star lineup is back Jack Ryan his son Jack Jr John Clark Ding Chavez and the rest of the Campus team are facing their greatest challenge ever Jack Ryan Sr has made a momentous choi
  • Title: Locked On
  • Author: Tom Clancy Mark Greaney
  • ISBN: 9780399157318
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Locked On By Tom Clancy Mark Greaney Tom Clancy s All Star lineup is back Jack Ryan, his son, Jack Jr John Clark Ding Chavez and the rest of the Campus team are facing their greatest challenge ever Jack Ryan, Sr has made a momentous choice He s running for President of the United States again and thus giving up a peaceful retirement to help his country in its darkest hour But he doesn t anticipate theTom Clancy s All Star lineup is back Jack Ryan, his son, Jack Jr John Clark Ding Chavez and the rest of the Campus team are facing their greatest challenge ever.Jack Ryan, Sr has made a momentous choice He s running for President of the United States again and thus giving up a peaceful retirement to help his country in its darkest hour But he doesn t anticipate the treachery of his opponent, who uses trumped up charges to attack one of Ryan s closest comrades, John Clark.Now, Clark is in a race against time and must travel the world, staying one step ahead of his adversaries, including a shadowy organization tasked to bring him in, all while trying to find who is behind this.Meanwhile, Jack Ryan, Jr Ding Chavez, Dominick Caruso and other members of the Campus the top secret off the books intelligence agency founded by Jack Ryan during his first term in the White House deal with a question of their own Why is a Pakistani military officer meeting with Dagestani terrorists The answer will ultimately lead to a desperate struggle, with nothing short of the fate of the world at stake.
    Locked On By Tom Clancy Mark Greaney
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    1. Tom Clancy Mark Greaney

      Tom Clancy was an English major at Balti s Loyola College As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October 1984 He since wrote than a dozen novels, which have a blend of realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor sharp suspense Ten of the novels, including The Teeth of the Tiger Berkley, 2004 , feature the character Jack Ryan, former stock broker and CIA employee Clancy s non fiction works include a series of guided tours of America s warfighting assets, Submarine, Ard Cav, Fighter Wing, Marine, and Airborne.He lived in Maryland.The following are the books and approximate time frame in the Jack Ryan UniverseWithout Remorse 1969 73Patriot Games 1981 82Red Rabbit 1982The Hunt for Red October 1984The Cardinal of the Kremlin 1986Clear and Present Danger 1988The Sum of All Fears 1990 91Debt of Honor 1995 96Executive Orders 1996Rainbow Six 1999 2000The Bear and the Dragon 2002The Teeth of the Tiger 2006Dead or Alive 2007Locked On 2007Threat Vector 2009Command Authority 2013Support and Defend 2014Full Force and Effect 2014

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    1. It is really important to put this book into perspective along with the recent Clancy works and understand it is a book written in the style of Tom Clancy and the direction of the publishers.Clancy s last good book was Executive Orders average US score of 4 stars , he dipped slightly with Rainbow Six Average of 3.5 before turning out the turgid Bear And The Dragon average of 2.5 stars and then the final book written by him, the very weak Red Rabbit average of 2 stars Then the outsourcing began w [...]

    2. I went through a phase years ago when I read nearly every Tom Clancy book in quick succession I found them fascinating and of course exciting If you haven t read his books, you may have seen films based on them The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, etc So, having read some of his best work, this book completely fell flat for me It hurts my soul to say this, but this book is so below average that I finished it and actually said, Terrible, and thr [...]

    3. I liked a lot of what Clancy has written over time.I read and reread everything that he wrote up to Rainbow Six.There are several reasons that I think this book is far inferior to his old work other than being probably ghost written.Clancy has always written with a politically conservative slant That isn t a problem to me What is a problem to me is that I think that in this book, the political tangents take me out of the story It s not the political aspect that bothers me, but it is sloppily inc [...]

    4. By far the best Clancy novel since Rainbow Six Against All Enemies was difficult to muddle through in parts, but this was a gripping, can t put it down Clancy original I am really enjoying seeing Jack Ryan, Jr develop as a character For long time readers of Clancy like myself, it s hard to imagine Jack Jr all grown up He s becoming quite the bad ass in his own right The twisting plot leaves you in many different places at once, but it all ties together nicely in the end If you are a liberal, bew [...]

    5. I ve read a great many of Tom Clancy s books and liked most of them I do have to say that the last few weren t quite as good in my opinion of course as his earlier books When I read The Bear and the Dragon it occurred to me that possibly Mr Clancy s sales were so good that editors were doing less and less with the manuscript I don t know But it seemed to me that the book was just wordyan they had been before I think the theme continued through what I read after that one.There s a little of that [...]

    6. Despite my steadfast loyalty to Mr Clancy, I will always buy his books I must admit this book disappointed me I recognize the best days of the Ryan Franchise are probably past, but I was hopeful for I agree the political diatribes were too much sometimes felt as if I had turned on Fox News halfway through one chapter , and could have been utilized in a succinct manner I agree with his position, but to beat down the opposition accomplished little in the book, except to bore me for 20 minutes or [...]

    7. Locked On I personally did not like the book Locked On by Tom Clancy I did not like it for a few reasons One reason is that the book was a bit slow paced at times I am a kind a of reader that likes books to be fast paced and on going For example at the beginning of the book it was all about chasing terrorists, so I thought I was going to like it Then as I got into the book a little it started talking about the presidents kids I thought that that this would tie into the terrorist situation seein [...]

    8. Unlike the other 2 Tom Clancy co authored novels and at 800ish pages each, and 3 of them in a 1 year period when most authors only put out 1 300 or so page novel, how much of this do you think is actually Clancy in the past year, this one seemed less interested in fetishizing pain, torture, interrogation, and up close military action.That was a major improvement.Instead, you can clearly see that Clancy co have clearly swallowed the kool aid, errr, tea, of the Tea Party The conservatives just can [...]

    9. Another great book from Tom Clancy I am glad he has some help now, I missed seeing a new huge novel every year or so I always learn a lot when reading Clancy, here are some things I learned in this book The Russians have a really cool attack helicopter, the KA 50 Black Shark The Super Max prison in Florence, Colorado is Super Secure The tower in Dubai is really, really tall Although I know it already, it is always good to be reminded that the terrorists are not bumbling fools as they are often p [...]

    10. Locked On is the newest book in the Ryanverse For over 25 years Clancy has shared the history of Jack Ryan and company with us In some ways this world is a parallel universe Ryan experiences much of the same history, but he is there in ways that no true historical figure can be.The book starts off a short time after Dead or Alive and continues the story from there Jack Ryan, Jr is now the lead character Along with his cousin Dominick Caruso, and Ryan stalwarts John Clark and Ding Chavez he conti [...]

    11. Locked On by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney picks up where Dead Or Alive left off and continues the tale featuring all of Clancy s popular characters, including Jack Ryan Sr Jack Ryan Jr John Clark, Ding Chavez, and Dominic Caruso Some of the other regulars are also back in minor roles, as well as the new operator to the campus team, Sam Driscoll.I enjoyed the book It was a engaging action yarn with characters I liked reading about again Just as I enjoyed Dead Or Alive There have been many critici [...]

    12. I used to be an avid reader of Tom Clancy s books.Back when they were good that is Then the quality dipped down seriously 12 years ago or so and I stopped reading them.Recently I started reading thrillers again and I wondered to my self what s happened to my buddy Tom Clancy I checked online and it turned out not much He kept writing books that were worse and worse, then he got a ghost to write for him that wasn t much good either and then finally came Mark Greaney And it turned out that this Ma [...]

    13. I ve always thought that with the transition from Jack Ryan himself okay, what good can you do after he got president That s definitely not a hands on job and so most of the elements that made a good jack Ryan novel were no longer possible to include to his son and the duo Clark Chavez as main protagonists the novel series has seriously declined in its appeal.This book is no exemption from that sad rule, while it still is enjoyable and has a lot of action over the 850 pages, there is a lot missi [...]

    14. Locked On by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney, published by G.P Putnam s Sons.Category Mystery ThrillerIf you are looking for action and lots of it , intrigue, conspiracy, double crosses, and political backstabbing, this book was written with you in mind.Although this book can stand alone, it is a great follow up to Against All Enemies It is the continuing story of Jack Ryan who is trying to wrest the Presidency from the disillusioned Ed Kealty The Rainbow Six warriors, John Clark, Ding Chavez, and [...]

    15. This book has all the hallmarks of recent Tom Clancy novels, not as techie as at the beginning of his career but still with the subtle edge afforded him due to his past books having proven that he s willing to not have the typical happy ending see Denver, nuking for an example I was a little thrown out of the novel released in 2011 so most likely written in 2009 2010 by how prescient so much of the book is, very eerie to read about a terror attack at a movie theater, blasting through the emergen [...]

    16. In the past, I have been able to tolerate Clancy s racism and jingoism His pacing and meticulous attention to detail have made his books an entertaining and readable But has he ever been to Cairo His descriptions of the characters in the Khan el Khalili souq bear absolutely no resemblance to reality He describes the bazaar as infested with rabid, devout Muslims nothing could be further from the truth The average vendor that I have met in the souq is generally Christian or nonobservant, an adroit [...]

    17. Tom Clancy is the master of things covert and military, and he covers all those bases in the intricate Locked On, where we find long time protagonist Jack Ryan running for President and his son, Jack Jr assuming the reins he once deftly handled in the world of spooks and spycraft Not one to uncomplicate plots, Clancy weaves a montage of separate storylines into this tapestry, including Jack Jr s antics, Jack Sr s campaign, veteran superspy John Clark s own problems and past and the nefarious whi [...]

    18. It s the next generation of Clancy characters After a brief deviation from his regular set of characters in his last book, Clancy returns to Jack Ryan, John Clark, and their prot g s and progeny While it s mostly by the numbers military espionage techno thriller that Clancy invented, he still manages to turn out a yarn that keeps you glued to each cliffhanging chapter.I was especially amused to see Clancy play out the politics, which were very clearly Clancy s own political being trumpeted and e [...]

    19. This is nearly a return to true Clancy form, fused with a brand of high octane action unlike anything he has been personally involved with Clark s subplot was, by far and large, the best of the bunch, but the others hold their mettle, as well.Near the end, there were errors and a lot of telling of the story as opposed to showing, abd the climax was anti climatic, but overall, a thriller that is hard to put down.

    20. Clancy wrote this book with a co author, and I could tell In fact, I would guess that Clancy mostly wrote the first half of the book, and his co author the second halfe difference in style, wordsmithing, subtelty, technical knowledge and so forth seems obvious to me The deeper I went into the book, the less interesting became crude without reason, less well researched, less technically accurate, less artfully constructed Too bad, because it had the potential to be a good novel.

    21. I hoped for a classic Clancy novel with a riveting story line Instead I got a lot of important sounding details, that didn t move the story The book was not lacking in characters, a new one showed up quite often, but quantity does not equal quality I didn t read the whole thing I survived as long as I could Then I read the end.

    22. I have no problem with a book with a right wing point of view, but the left wing characters in this book are such ridiculous caricatures that the book comes across like a Fox pundit s daydream Fortunately, Clancy and this particular ghost writer leaves the overt politics at home next time out and focus on the action.

    23. I didn t like this Clancy book He normally sets a pretty high bar so this one felt like a let down It felt as though I was watching a movie version where much of the good detail was missing from the dialog.

    24. I always enjoy books by Tom Clancy There are very detailed and have multiple story lines going on that take time for you to see how they are all connected.

    25. I am glad to say that this book is probably one of the better recent books in the Jack Ryan series I really did not expect it to be so good.

    26. The plot was engaging this time than it was in Dead or Alive Both plot streams Ryan s re election and Operation Saker are evenly spaced and move along fairly smoothly There s enough development in each chapter that I could tell what was going on and wanted to read further Operation Saker was a little overly complicated view spoiler what part did Georgi Safronov even play in Rehan s plan if Rehan was going to steal the nukes anyway hide spoiler Rehan and his cohorts ends were very satisfying bec [...]

    27. Well, Tom Clancy s novels have seemingly hit a standard level of meh now There hasn t been too much to write home about They all seem to be essentially the same plot, too terrorists want to blow something up and only the crew at The Campus are able to stop them because everyone at CIA, NSA, and the FBI are all idiots, apparently This has now been the plot of the last three books Clancy has written.Locked On does also have a sub plot about Jack Ryan running for a second term as president, but his [...]

    28. Jack Ryan is again running for president After a term in office, he was replaced by Edward Kealty and the change hasn t charmed the voters They expect to see Ryan return to the Oval Office in a landslide victory in November.Jack Ryan Jr the son of the campaigning candidate, is attached to the Campus, an off the record agency that has its finger in everything, foreign and domestic The Campus was a brainchild of Jack Sr during his first term in office Pakistani fractions, join with Dagestanis and [...]

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