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Eat, Pray, Eat By Michael Booth Eat Pray Eat A memoir that tells the story of how yoga and meditation together with a loving family can bring a cynical militant atheist crack up back from the brink and help him forge a better way of living
  • Title: Eat, Pray, Eat
  • Author: Michael Booth
  • ISBN: 9780224089630
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eat, Pray, Eat By Michael Booth A memoir that tells the story of how yoga and meditation together with a loving family can bring a cynical, militant atheist crack up back from the brink, and help him forge a better way of living.
    Eat, Pray, Eat By Michael Booth
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    About "Michael Booth"

    1. Michael Booth

      Michael Booth is an English food and travel writer and journalist who writes regularly for a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Independent on Sunday, Cond Nast Traveller, Monocle and Time Out, among many other publications at home and abroad He has a wife, Lissen, and two children, Asger and Emil.In June 2010 Michael Booth won the Guild of Food Writers Kate Whiteman Award for work in food and travel.

    767 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Eat”

    1. very funny book I particularly enjoyed his accurate yogi descriptions met a lot of these types in various yoga classes over the years

    2. I enjoy reading books about places I have been as much as the places to which I am yet to travel, especially when author can perfectly captures the essence of experience of a location s character This is exactly what Michael Booth does in Eat Pay Eat which chronicles his trip with wife and two young children to India in attempt to write the definitive book on Indian food As the travel across the country from the pink city of Jaipur with buildings faded to a shade of salmon like a German gam show [...]

    3. Zabawna relacja z podr y po Indiach ewoluuje w stron krytycznej oceny w asnego ycia, filozofii i religii Ciekawe, lekkie, zabawne, momentami daje do my lenia.

    4. Enjoyable, easy read.A rather witty writer, Booth s accidental stumble into the realm of self help literature is a comedic, curious and engaging account of his travels in India Despite the first half feeling a bit muddled between a travel diary and culinary review, the author s tone is cynical in the most humorous way exposing the quirks of a country so far removed from western culture Booth opens a window into another world and I, for one, was intrigued the way through.

    5. Michael Booth is a recent discovery for me I read his delightful The almost nearly perfect people which was his take on the utopian Nordic countries and found it amusing and insightful as well With great hope bought one of his earlier books EAT PRAY EAT which is his discovery of India its cuisine and its people interwoven with his middle age crisis as a not so successful writer.There are actually two books in this book At one level, it is interesting if you read it as the anxieties and angst of [...]

    6. A story of the author s trip to India with his family where his initial preoccupation was with eating Far from being a book on cuisine, he lists the various foods without any detail on ingredients, preparation or culture importance that would add to the reader s knowledge of Indian foods.The second half of the book talks of his involvement with pranayama yoga and transcendental meditation, partially as an intervention with his alcoholism The author does not believe himself to be a spiritual pers [...]

    7. This is a book celebrating life and how you sometimes have to take an unexpected route to help you appreciate it It s also a lot about food so that s always a winner for me I really enjoyed this book despite reading it in an unusual way I went to the library to find a book about Kerala but on not finding one picked this one up instead Started reading it conventionally but couldn t get into it so I skipped to the chapters set in Kerala I then got engrossed in his unwanted experiences of yoga and [...]

    8. Really, really laugh out loud funny His wit and voluminous vocabulary would raise a Vulcan eyebrow or two but it is all in good fun I loved the jam packed descriptiveness Though I missed the side aching bits towards the end, his self deprecation had to culminate in something that we readers could value The yoganic let us keep it a living language, shall we bits were just shy of too in depth to get the point across but I do enjoy yoga If I didn t, it might make me wonder when he was going to summ [...]

    9. I must confess that I picked up this book just by looking at the name of the book What an awesome name But the book didn t quite live up to my expectations I generally find India travelogues by foreigners interesting But this one felt like too much of a rant fest It feels like a book version of the show Idiot Abroad Also, this is less of a travelogue and of a self discovery kinda book, n not an interesting one at that.

    10. Hilarious and all the themes I like reading rolled into one food, travel, yoga, relationships, journey of self discovery His self deprecating humor and well balanced perspective on the contradictions of India keep moving what is a bit of a slow plot I enjoyed it and highly recommend it especially as an antidote to Eat Pray Love Thanks, Michael, for getting me back on course with my morning sun salutations and evening meditation If you can do it, so can I

    11. I took this book with me on holiday to India and it quickly become a wonderfully entertaining travel companion the writing will be all the funnier if you ve visited India yourself The final chapters offer a serious exploration of yoga and meditation, and while most of the humour dries up at this point, the book offers an inspiring exploration of the topics.

    12. Interesting story Really enjoyed some parts wry sense of humour I was looking for personal insights in the first half, and content in the second half which was almost entirely about insights.

    13. This guy is a total loser I think he makes himself out to be even pathetic than he really is in an attempt to be funny but it falls flat I just spent most of the book wanting to punch him I have no clue how his wife endures him Don t waste your time.

    14. I enjoyed a lot reading this book during my commute to work It s so well written and funny Also the last part is interesting in my opinion to learn about how and why yoga and meditation can be really good for your mind and body

    15. Three words LOL laugh out loud Enjoyed it thoroughly a travelogue written in a most witty and hilarious way I Recommend it to everyone who wants to laugh till they cry.

    16. I liked this book a lot and enjoyed armchair travelling with the Booth family in India as well as Michael Booth s experiences with yoga and meditation.

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