Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht #2020

Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht By Уладзімір Караткевіч Uładzimir Karatkievič Laine Soe Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht T nap eva valgevene kirjaniku Vladzimir Karatkevit i s nd seiklusliku koega romaan viib tegevuse vanasse p rusm isasse mille omanike kohal lasub r nk needus ammustel aegadel sooritatud kuriteo t
  • Title: Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht
  • Author: Уладзімір Караткевіч Uładzimir Karatkievič Laine Soe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht By Уладзімір Караткевіч Uładzimir Karatkievič Laine Soe T nap eva valgevene kirjaniku Vladzimir Karatkevit i s nd 1930 seiklusliku koega romaan viib tegevuse vanasse p rusm isasse, mille omanike kohal lasub r nk needus ammustel aegadel sooritatud kuriteo t ttu k ib neid hvardamas m rvatud kuninga metsik ajujaht Peterburist vanu p rimusi koguma saabunud folklorist p ab leida asjaoludele ratsionaalset seletust.
    Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht By Уладзімір Караткевіч Uładzimir Karatkievič Laine Soe
    • BEST AZW "↠ Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht" || READ (E-Book) ✓
      247 Уладзімір Караткевіч Uładzimir Karatkievič Laine Soe
    • thumbnail Title: BEST AZW "↠ Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht" || READ (E-Book) ✓
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    1. Уладзімір Караткевіч Uładzimir Karatkievič Laine Soe

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    1. Vladimir Korotkevich s Savage Hunt of King Stakh has quite a few things in common with Arthur Conan Doyle s The Hound of the Baskervilles There is a depressing and creepy locale the marshes There is an heiress Nadzeja Janovska the last direct descendant of an old aristocratic family whose father died under mysterious circumstances There is a terrifying family curse, set into motion by a long gone ancestor in his pursuit of power There is a group of guardians and distant relatives, who are not be [...]

    2. I received this one through the First Reads initiative on.One of the best mysteries I ve read in a long time The book goes into the history and the mystery of a particular family One man, the protagonist is looking to solve the mystery, to save the girl he loves He is strong willed and persistent and through his eyes, we learn and see the pieces come together in a journey which keeps us guessing till the very end The engaging and eccentric characters walk you through a path that will make you qu [...]

    3. Young Andrey, lost within the remote swamps of a Belarusian territory, comes upon the grand, forgotten castle of Marsh Firs There, he meets his high born hostess, Lady Nadzeya Yanovsky, the last remaining heir to the Yanovsky line She is deeply frightened of the all too real phantoms that exist inside and outside of the castle walls It was fright, chronic, horrible fright Not the fright that makes one s hair stand on end for a moment, but the fright that finally becomes a habitual state impossib [...]

    4. Andrey Belaretsky gets caught in a rain storm His carriage takes him to the castle of Marsh Firs There Andrey meets Nadzeya Yanovsky It seems that Nadzeya is being stalked by sinister phantoms that go on a hunt at night Andrey decides to stay and help Nadzeya Andrey gets an up close and personal look at the Wild King s Hunt.I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of Uladzimir or that this book was made into a movie This book is not something that I would typically read but I d [...]

    5. Esmamulje oli k ll see, et J lle mingi raamat, kus hakatakse N ukogude Liitu listama Peab vist ikka tolleaegsete raamatute umbropsu laenutamise l petama Aga nneks kuskil paark mmend lehte sai loetud ja siis t mbas raamat ennast korralikult kaasa.Piisavalt m stikat ja piisavalt reaalsust Sellised kirjeldused, mis manasid pildi silme ette ja t id kananaha ihule Igaljuhul oli seda hea lugeda ja hakkasid tegelastele reaalselt kaasa elama, et mis kellega juhtuda v ib ning kes siis k ige l puks see su [...]

    6. Not at all what I expected A great murder mystery Felt like Bram Stoker meets Shelock Holmes A very pleasant suprise.

    7. Ilmselt j i see raamat minu jaoks kaugeks, nii ajaliselt kui ka kultuuriliselt Lugu iseenesest on p nev, meenutades nii mitmestki aspektist Baskerville ide koera Ometi ei olnud see kaugeltki nii k itev, kui A C Doyle meistriteos view spoiler Kuigi l puks saavad k ik saladused lahendatud, on mitmedki neist lahendustest minu maitse jaoks veidi liiga lihtsad V i poolikult v lja m ngitud Saladuse puhul tahaks p ret, llatust, aga miskit j b nagu puudu hide spoiler

    8. This is an eerie tale The whole story creates a creepy, dreary atmosphere and you can feel the oppressive weight hanging over these people and see the effect that constant fear has had on them It s wonderful how it keeps you unsure of what is real or imagined, what is supernatural and what is the conniving of man It is a mystery and a ghost story and you are never sure what is going to happen next There is the quiet, slow horror of noises and apparitions in the hallways and the heart stopping te [...]

    9. King Stakh s wild hunt was an interesting read, not the type of book I would usually select It being such a different read made the selection even worthwhile I found that during the novel there were many words whose meaning I was not familiar with In the case of many of them, the inbuilt Kindle dictionary was also not familiar A quick google of these words often proved to show they were Belarussian in nature This added some difficulty to the read, however, it also added to the reward I would re [...]

    10. King Stakh s Wild Hunt is an enticing mystery that keeps you guessing until the end The reader wonders, along with Belaretsky, whether the Hunt is human or supernatural and the tension is nicely maintained from start to finish.I particularly liked the way the story is woven into Belarusian history and the impact that has on the tale The characters are intriguing and well drawn and all in all the book is a very enjoyable read.

    11. What an interesting book Written in the style of a late 19th century novel, Karatkevich cunningly interweaves gothic themes with a Slavic sensibility The novel s atmosphere is appropriately spooky at the right times and the tension is very high throughout Altogether an enjoyable read, and most likely one that I will come back to again.

    12. Loo teevad eriliseks tema valgevene p ritolu ning kohati veidi labane ideoloogiline klassi temaatikat k sitlev retoorika Kuningas Stahhi ajujaht on midagi kerget ja kaasahaaravat, pinget hoitakse leval viimaste lehek lgedeni.

    13. The book had an excellent mystery and I loved the historical setting It was one of the books one can t put down until completion I m glad I came across this book as a first reads winner.

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