Het huilen van de wolf #2020

Het huilen van de wolf By Melvin Burgess Henk van Kerkwijk Het huilen van de wolf Een sluwe jager voert een strijd op leven en dood met de allerlaatste wolf in Engeland
  • Title: Het huilen van de wolf
  • Author: Melvin Burgess Henk van Kerkwijk
  • ISBN: 9789025831684
  • Page: 293
  • Format: None
  • Het huilen van de wolf By Melvin Burgess Henk van Kerkwijk Een sluwe jager voert een strijd op leven en dood met de allerlaatste wolf in Engeland.
    Het huilen van de wolf By Melvin Burgess Henk van Kerkwijk
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      293 Melvin Burgess Henk van Kerkwijk
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    1. Melvin Burgess Henk van Kerkwijk

      Melvin Burgess is a British author of children s fiction His first book, The Cry of the Wolf, was published in 1990 He gained a certain amount of notoriety in 1996 with the publication of Junk, which was published in the shadow of the film of Irvine Welsh s Trainspotting, and dealt with the trendy and controversial idea of heroin addicted teenagers Junk soon became, at least in Britain, one of the best known children s books of the decade.Burgess again courted predictable controversy in 2003, with the publication of Doing It, which dealt with underage sex America created a show based on the book, Life As We Know It In his other books, such as Bloodtide and The Ghost Behind the Wall, Burgess has dealt with less realist and sometimes fantastic themes In 2001 Burgess wrote the novelisation of the film Billy Elliot, based on Lee Hall s screenplay Polyphony is typical for his most famous novelscmillan author melvin

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    1. The Cry of the Wolf was een spannend en mysterieus boek Ik waande me zo een wilde, Engelse wolf in een ondergesneeuwd bos Weg met de akelige hunter, go get him Greycub

    2. I think everyone has that one book they read as a teenager that got them really into reading Cry of the Wolf was mine I decided to read it again as I hadn t read it in over 10 years and I still love it It s a great novella which focuses on the last wolves in England The wolves don t communicate to each other in words like Watership Down but through movement, emotion and scent There s a magic to it and the wolves precious lives feel realistic because of it.The story follows the last wolves in En [...]

    3. First I thought this book will be boring But I really liked it My opinion about wolves changed In this book they are showed as very smart and independent creatures I do not want to spoil, so I can just tell that it was very interesting book I had such feelings reading it I even cried reading some chapters Of course it is a book for young teens, children, but and adults can enjoy it It changed me, I started to love wolves very much after this book They are beautiful animals and when people kill t [...]

    4. At times this is a hard book to read The struggle of the wolves and fury at the Hunter will make you want to clutch your belly and howl yourself That might sound extreme but I think Call of the Wild, Watership Down, even Duncton fans would understand I d urge you to read it though There s a harsh magic to it the terse, plain writing holds a hidden world under its surface The book has a lot of tension and pace and its short An intense afternoon with a wolf at your side

    5. This is a beautiful, moving and shocking book It s about the last wolves in England, and the man who is determined to have the private glory of wiping them out it s also about the boy who betrays them but also saves them It s fairly clear whose side the writer is on, when the wolves have names and the human hunting them is called The Hunter It s short, it s unflinching, it s very focussed, and several of the sudden brutal incidents made me gasp in surprise A very wellwritten and memorable book N [...]

    6. Stunning A must read, Cry is twist and turn all the way, with surprises, shock and real emotion throughout The Hunter is a rarity, an evil human you loathe completely, but at the same time can understand and see his motivational logic The wolves are the star here, no mistake, and their world is revealed in clear, powerful passages that give such an insight into their lives Read this it s not a kid book or a Young Adult novel, just a damned fine read.

    7. Oh, I am so freaking tired But okay, this is not some kind of diary blog, I need to write a review.So here it is.I loved it It s so strange because it s the first book by Burgess I really liked Usually, all of his books feel too weird For example, Sara s Face And, he is one of those writers who write about, well, drugs, obviously cough Heroin cough or problematic teens That s definitely not what I want or like to read But The Cry of the Wolf seemed to be something different than usual Melvin Bur [...]

    8. I was forced to read this at school Me being a 12 year old teen my first thought was groan how stupid is this Who reads Yes, I was that person Nonetheless, if I wanted to pass I had to read this novel At first I was reluctant When I realised that everyone in my class was halfway through the novel, I realised I finally had to start I don t regret it This was a great read It really makes you think about these poor wolves, and other animals out there It s a great book You won t regret it.

    9. I first read this book when I was quite young in school from its library It made such an impression on me that when I could gather enough money together I was determined to have my own copy It s a very moving and sad story, and anyone with a love of wolves as I do will feel an immense hate toward the hunter in this story It s a short story, making the story longer I feel might have spoiled it but I deeply enjoyed it.

    10. If what you are looking for is a read that will crush your soul and ruin your week, then this is the book for you Experience a deep hatred for mankind and fight back the tears as you experience this short novel There is no happy ending There is nothing good in this world Only death and hatred In summary a good read but an awfully sad one.

    11. When I was at school, I remember Melvin Burgess coming along to promote his new book I think it was Junk He was absolutely charming and everyone became rather obsessed with his work This was the first book by him that I read.

    12. The Hunter wants to kill the last wolves in England being first isn t good because other people can duplicate your feat but being last means no one can outdo you But Greycub not only has the instincts of a wolf he also knows humans.

    13. I like the ending, how Greycub got that bastard Hunter without killing personally, because wolves aren t supposed to kill humans Even if they re bastards like Hunter But it s sad that there s only one wolf left in all England He won t be able to continue the line.

    14. this book is old but enteresting I found this book in my school libary and thought Why Not I enjoyed the different perspectives of the charaters i hope you LOVE this book too

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